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World War 1 Draft Registrations

Surnames Beginning with "K"


Last Name First Name Permanent Address Age DOB Birth place Race Occupation Marital Status Nearest Relative Registration Date Notes
Keen Jack Simpson Hobart, KY 30 6/14/1886 Hobart, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Kelsey Joshua Bell Browns Crossroads, Ky 40 9/8/1878   W Farming   Maude Kelsey 9/12/1918  
Kemplin George F. Narvel, KY 25 10/9/1891 Robins Station, TN W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Kempton Floyd Henry Shipley, KY 45 11/5/1873   W Farmer   Mary E. Kempton 9/12/1918 Employed by W.P. Shipley, Shipley, KY
Kennedy James Clinton Shipley, KY 20 5/18/1878   W Farmer   Rachel Kennedy 9/12/1918  
Kennedy John Henry Albany, KY 24 8/1/1892 Albany, KY W Farming Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Lee Hickman, Albany, KY
Kennedy William Porter Albany, KY 18 6/12/1900   W Laborer   Flem Kennedy 9/12/1918 Employed by C.B. Burchett, Albany, KY
Key Eli Illwill, KY 33 4/16/1885   W Farmer   Martha E. Key 9/12/1918  
King David Delain Marlow, KY 38 5/16/1880   W Farming   Esther King 9/12/1918  
King Spencer L. Illwill, KY 28 8/7/1888 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Koger Elijah Francis Chaunte, TN 45 12/17/1872   W Farmer   Emma Koger 9/12/1918  
Koger Elmer Lee Savage, KY 21 6/29/1897 Parmoleyville, KY   Self employed   Elige Koger 8/24/1918  
Koger Jesse Bryant Chaunte, TN 18 6/22/1900   W Farmer Married Pearl Koger (wife) 9/12/1918  
Koger Thomas C. Rolan, KY 37 1/8/1881   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  



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