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World War 1 Draft Registrations

Surnames Beginning with "M"


Last Name First Name Permanent Address Age DOB Birth place Race Occupation Marital Status Nearest Relative Registration Date Notes
Mackey Alexander Benjamin Highway, KY 21 4/16/1897 Highway, KY   Self employed   Mrs. M.A. Mackey (mother) 6/5/1918  
Mackey Dardanus Highway, KY 32 12/10/1885   W Mayor & furnature store Married Mary Shelley (wife) 9/12/1918  
Mackey Godfrey Hunter Ida, KY 28 9/10/1888 Ida, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Mackey Ilus Highway, KY 30 12/11/1886 Forest Cottage, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Madison John J. Hobart, KY 25 6/16/1891 Hobart, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Madison John M. Hobart, KY 27 8/14/1889 Hobart, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Madison Perry A. Lillydale, TN 28 1/11/1889 Hobart, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Malone Able J. Isaac Aaron, KY 33 5/20/1885   W Labor   Joe Malone 9/12/1918  
Malone Christopher Columbus Marlow, KY 35 5/30/1883   W Farming   Lizzie Malone 9/12/1918 Employed by W.T. Ballinger, Narvel, KY
Malone Eldady Watauga, KY 41 12/16/1877   W Farming   Nancy Malone 9/12/1918 Employed by A.W. Conner, Osco, KY
Malone Joseph Anderson Cartwright, KY 39 9/10/1879   W Farming Married Julia Malone (wife) 9/12/1918  
Malone Joseph William Seventy Six, KY 26 5/5/1893 Seventy Six, KY W Farm Labor Single   6/5/1917 Employed by W.A. Phillips, Seventy Six, KY
Marcum Charley Eugene Albany, KY 18 5/20/1900   W Belt Lacer   Ambrose Marcum 9/12/1918 Employed by Maxwell Motor Co., New Castle, IN
Marcum Clay C. Narvel, KY 27 12/15/1890 Narvel, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Marcum Ermon Narvel, KY 21 8/31/1897   W Farming   W.W. Marcum 9/15/1918 Employed by W.W. Marcum, Narvel, KY
Marcum Herbert Seventy Six, KY 20 3/26/1898   W Laborer   Darius Hopkins 9/12/1918 Employed by American Can Co., Hoopeston, IL
Marcum James G. Alpha, KY 30 2/18/1887 Alpha, KY W Farmer Married   6/15/1917  
Marcum Joe William Narvel, KY 33 9/11/1885   W Farming   Edna Marcum 9/12/1918 Employed by W.W. Marcum, Narvel, KY
Marcum Marcus Wolford Narvel, KY 39 9/17/1898   W Farming   Lottie Marcum 9/12/1918 Employed by John Choate, Alpha, KY
Marcum Otha W. Narvel, KY 29 1/1/1888 Greenwood, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Marcum Theodore B. Nora, KY 26 3/1/1891 Nora, KY W Farmer Single   615/1917  
Marcum Tommie Linsay Nora, KY 19 1/8/1899   W Farming   W.S. Marcum 9/12/1918 Employed by M.H. Davis, Nora, KY
Marcum Walter Edgar Narvel, KY 35 7/31/1883   W Farmer   W.W. Marcum 9/12/1918  
Markham Ames Aaron, KY 30 2/28/1887 Aaron, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Marlow Dennis Marlow, KY 42 6/19/1876   W Farmer Married Mary Marlow (wife) 9/12/1918  
Marlow Joe E. Watauga, KY 24 7/27/1893 Watauga, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Marlow William Roscoe Watauga, KY 18 5/2/1900   W Farming   Margaret Marlow 9/12/1918 Employed by Sherman, Wataga, KY
Marsh Garlan Lee Albany, KY 21 7/1895 Albany, KY W Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by J.G. Huff, Albany, KY
Marsh James Riley Albany, KY 26 9/9/1890 Albany, KY W Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by J.G. Huff, Albany,KY
Martin John Smith Shipley, KY 38 3/26/1880   W Farmer   Eula M. Martin 9/12/1918  
Masengale Denton Deuran Gap Creek, KY 37 8/6/1881   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Masengale Henry Jackson Kele Savage, KY 30 3/2/1888 Jowrs Bug, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Masengale John Wesley Albany, KY 38 9/4/1880   W Farmer   Bertie Masengale 9/12/1918  
Masengale Taylor Savage, KY 25 unk   W Coal Miner Married   9/12/1918 Employed by J.G. Huff, Albany, KY
Masingill William Claborn Albany, KY 40 11/11/1877   W Farmer   Elizabeth Masingill 9/12/19187  
Mason Robert Cartwright, KY 43 9/25/1874   W Farmer   Lottie Mason 9/12/1918  
Mason Wiley Howard Narvel, KY 21 9/7/1898   W Farming   Zora Mason 9/12/1918 Employed by John Mason, Narvel, KY
Mason William Mannon Narvel, KY 44 1/27/1874   W Farming   Ethel Mason 9/12/1918 Employed by B.E. Guffey, Narvel, KY
Mason Zola Ernest Narvel, KY 19 4/13/1899   W Farming   Ethel Mason 9/12/1918 Employed by B.E. Guffey, Narvel, KY
Mathews Will Shipley, KY 24 4/10/1893 Lillydale, TN W Farming Single   6/5/1917  
Matthews James R. Shipley, KY 29 5/28/1888 Lillydale, TN W Farming Married   6/5/1917  
Maupin Clyde Irvin Savage, KY 21 12/15/1896 Savage, KY       Fames P. Maupin 6/5/1918 Employed by James P. Maupin, Savage, KY
Maupin Wendell Lafayette Albany, KY 20 5/28/1898   W Farmer   M.A. Maupin 9/12/1918  
McClure Carlie Vernon Albany, KY 36 11/14/1881   W Farmer Married Viola McClure (wife) 9/12/1918  
McDonald Ewing Savage, KY 24 11/21/1892 Byrdstown, TN W Farming Married   6/5/1917 Employed by A.H. Bertram, Savage, KY
McFalls Willie Osco, KY 30 9/26/1886 Fairland, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
McGill Charles Travis Albany, KY 20 2/19/1898   W Farmer   Rhoda McGill 9/12/1918  
McGill Freddie Baker Albany, KY 25 6/13/1891 Hegira, Cumberland Co., KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
McGill Henry Clarence Albany, KY 28 7/3/1894 Hegira, Cumberland Co., KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917 Employed by Charley Burchett, Albany, KY
McGill James Isaac Shipley, KY 35 6/12/1883   W Farmer   Helen A. McGill 9/12/1918  
McGill Luther Leander Browns Crossroads, Ky 30 7/22/1886 Brown's Crossroads, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
McGill William Harrison Browns Crossroads, Ky 29 8/5/1888 Hegira, Cumberland Co., KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
McGill William Henry Highway, KY 37 3/1/1881   W Farmer Married Alice McGill (wife) 9/12/1918  
McGinnis Drew Albany, KY 45 6/20/1873   W Farmer   Lottie McGinnis 9/12/1918  
McGinnis Joe McKinley Albany, KY 21 9/17/1896 TN   Self employed   Drew McGinnis 6/5/1918  
McGinnis Willie Ed Albany, KY 21 7/12/1895 Gap Creek, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
McIver Chester Arthur Huntersville, KY 35 6/25/1883   W Farmer Married Montie McIver (wife) 9/12/1918  
McIver James Perry Huntersville, KY 40 10/13/1877   W Farmer   Myrtie McIver 9/12/1918  
McIver Prentis H. Rolan, KY 34 9/5/1884   W Farm Laborer   Henry G. McIver (father) 9/12/1918 Employed by Sylvester Davis, Nora Springs, IA
McIver Willed Rolan, KY 36 9/17/1881   W Farm laborer   Henry McIver (father) 9/12/1918  
McKiney Martin Albany, KY 21 12/8/1895 Albany, KY W Day Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by J.G. Huff, Albany, KY
McKinley Charles Tilford Snow, KY 19 10/8/1898   W Farming   C.E. McKinley (farm) 9/12/1918  
McKinley George Anderson Cartwright, KY 40 2/17/1878   W Farmer   Ermon McKinley 9/12/1918  
McKinley John Lewis Cartwright, KY 20 9/7/1898   W Oil Field Worker   George McKinley (father) 9/12/1918 Employed by Magnolia Petroleum Co., Shamrock Creek, OK
McKinley Willie Porter Cartwright, KY 20 6/27/1898   W Oil Field Worker   Viola McKinley (mother) 9/12/1918  
McKinney James Albany, KY 19 9/5/1898   W Laborer   Eugene McKinney 9/9/1918 Employed by Hoopeston Canning Co., Hoopeston , IL
McWhorter Arthur Lawrence Osco, KY 36 6/11/1882   W Farmer   Mattie McWhorter 9/12/1918  
McWhorter Grover Cleveland Albany, KY 33 9/10/1885   W Farmer   Dora McWhorter 9/12/1918  
McWhorter James Osco, KY 20 3/23/1898   W Laborer   Paton McWhorter 9/12/1918  
McWhorter James P. Aaron, KY 26 9/19/1890 Osco, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
McWhorter Jesse Foster Albany, KY 29 9/19/1887 Ucum, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by F.M. Ballinger, Albany, KY
McWhorter John C. Osco, KY 23 8/25/1893 Osco, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
McWhorter Prentis Edgar Albany, KY 23 6/25/1883 Albany, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
McWhorter Stanley Osco, KY 21 4/24/1896 Seventy Six, KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917  
McWhorter Thomas Marshal Albany, KY 41 6/12/1877   W Farmer   Fannie McWhorter 9/12/1918  
McWhorter Virgil Fairland, KY 27 1/27/1890 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Means Azle Edra Albany, KY 38 1/17/1880   W Farmer   Eva May Means 9/12/1918  
Means James Eddy Albany, KY 36 8/7/1882   W Internal Revenue   Daisy Means 9/12/1918 Employed by United States, Owensboro, KY
Means Joseph Henry Shipley, KY 39 12/11/1878   W Farmer   Effie T. Means 9/12/1918  
Means William Edgar Shipley, KY 38 8/17/1880   W Farming   Allan Wallace Means 9/5/1918 Employed by Barney McDermott, Darlington, WI
Means William Ezra Albany, KY 38 1/17/1883   W Farmer   Della Means 9/12/1918  
Meek Henry Richard Chaunte, TN 39 10/1879   W Farmer Married Alta Meek (wife) 9/12/1918  
Melton Gilium Hegira, KY 19 6/6/1899   W Farming   Shade Melton 9/12/1918 Employed by father
Melton James T. Shipley, KY 21 1/29/1896 Shipley, KY W None Single   6/5/1917  
Melton John Crit Tearcoat, KY 18 10/20/1899   W Laborer   Dora Dicken   Employed by Rufus Chote, Tearcoat, KY
Melton Porter Harrison Green Grove, KY 24 3/20/1892 Hobart, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Melton Richard Lewis Wago, KY 35 11/25/1882   W Farmer Married Nannie Belle Melton 9/12/1918  
Melton William Isaac Shipley, KY 41 2/6/1877   W Farmer   Arminda E. Melton 9/12/1918  
Melton William Martin Albany, KY 29 8/9/1888 Shipley, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917 Employed by D.L. Cook, Albany, KY
Mercer Samuel Bradford Highway, KY 20 3/12/1898   W Farmer   Richard Mercer ( father) 9/12/1918  
Mercer Willie Benton Illwill, KY 33 1/10/1885   W Farmer   Zura Mercer 9/12/1918  
Mikel Selby M. Narvel, KY 28 9/28/1881 Stop, Ky W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Miller John Albert Albany, KY 25 4/17/1892 Albany, KY N Farm Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by A.F. Burchett, Wago, KY
Miller Martin Jason Albany, KY 39 9/22/1878   W Mechanic   Lockie A. Miller 9/12/1918  
Mills Benton McMillen Seventy Six, KY 33 1/29/1885   W Farmer Married Fannie Mills (mother 9/12/1918  
Mogg Jasper E. Fairland, KY 25 11/19/1891 Seventy Six, KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917  
Moles James Forest College, KY 23 3/2/1894 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Moles Jesse A. Seventy Six, KY 22 5/8/1895 Caldwell Co., MO W Farmer Single   6/5/12917  
Moles John Lewis Albany, KY 42 11/22/185   W Farm Laborer   Emma Moles 9/12/1918 Employed by O.O. Cowen, Albany, KY
Monk Finis Albany, KY 34 3/24/1884   W Laborer   Coroline Monk (mother) 9/12/1918 Employed by Hedge Boles, Albany, KY
Morrison Edward Chilton Aaron, KY 40 2/3/1878   W Carpenter   Mattie Morrison 9/12/1918 Employed by Dupont Engineering Co., Jacksonville, TN
Morrison Thomas Edgar Ida, KY 32 1/14/1886   W Farmer   Mary B. Morrison 9/12/1918  
Morrison William Clinton Aaron, KY 38 7/21/1880   W Merchant, Farmer & Post Man   Nannie Morrison 9/12/1918  
Murray Martin Luther Frogue, KY 41 9/13/1877   W Farmer Married Alabama Murray (wife) 9/12/1918  



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