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World War 1 Draft Registrations

Surnames Beginning with "P"


Last Name First Name Permanent Address Age DOB Birth place Race Occupation Marital Status Nearest Relative Registration Date Notes
Palmer Russell A. Savage, KY 40 1/24/1878   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Paris James Mathew Albany, KY 42 2/8/1876   N Laborer   Serena Prior 9/12/1918 Employed by F.M. Ballinger, Albany, KY
Parrigin Able J. Albany, KY 28 3/26/1889 Albany, KY Q Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Parrigin Charlie Highway, KY 28 10/10/1887 Albany, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Parrigin Daniel Walter Albany, KY 33 5/3/1885   W Farmer   Sarah C. Parigin 9/12/2928  
Parrigin Dewey Schley Albany, KY 20 2/10/1898   W Farm Laborer   Frank Wallford Parrigin 9/12/1918 Employed by Fred Clark, Nora Springs, IA
Parrigin Ephriam Morton Albany, KY 26 8/7/1890 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Parrigin Frank Wolford Ida, KY 20 2/1/1898   W Farmer   Vie York (sister) 9/12/1918  
Parrigin Ivan Frank Albany, KY 21 4/19/1896 Albany, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Parrigin Jake Stafferfield Albany, KY 21 1/1896 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Parrigin James Eddie Albany, KY 41 2/3/1877   W Farmer Married Ada M. Parrigin (wife) 9/12/1918  
Parrigin James O. Ida, KY 22 3/1/1895 Ida, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Parrigin James W. Albany, KY 24 6/23/1893 Albany, KY W Farm Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by F.M. Griffith, Mansou, IA
Parrigin James William Albany, KY 39 8/9/1879   W Laborer K.E. Huddleston, Albany, KY Employed by K.E. Huddleston, Albany, KY 9/12/1918  
Parrigin Roy Booker Albany, KY 18 4/19/1900   W Farmer   F.W. Parrigin 9/12/1918  
Parrigin Sam Ida, KY 32 11/21/1885   W Farmer Married Nancy Parrigin (wife) 9/12/1918  
Patrick Frank Aaron, KY 24 12/7/1892 Aaron, KY W Farm Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by R.J. Luttrell, Clinton Co., KY
Patrick James Rolan, KY 29 12/18/1888 Roland, KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917 Employed by Will Edwards, Roland, KY
Patrick Richard Edward Aaron, KY 33 10/1/1884   W Farming   Sallie Patrick 9/12/1918  
Patton Thomas Grant Savage, KY 27 10/17/1890 Savage, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Pemberton As Burl Huntersville, KY 38 9/4/1880   W Farmer   Jefferson Pemberton (father) 9/12/1918  
Pemberton Church Odis Huntersville, KY 19 5/13/1899   W Farmer   Jefferson Pemberton (father) 9/12/1918  
Pennycuff Clayton Rosco Marlow, KY 21 1/27/1897 Marlow, KY   M.B. Pennycuff   M.B. Pennycuff (father) 6/5/1918 Employed by M.B. Pennycuff, Marlow, KY
Pennycuff Eddie Albany, KY 19 9/21/1898   W Farmer   William Pennycuff 9/12/1918  
Pennycuff Harve Mathew Nora, KY 35 3/1/1883   W Farmer   Tesna Pennycuff 9/12/1918  
Pennycuff Herschel Ray Forest College, KY 18 11/22/1899   W Farming   J.H. Pennycuff (father) 9/12/1918 Employed by J.H. Pennycuff, Forest Cottage, KY
Pennycuff John Henry Snow, KY 25   Moodyville, TN W Farming Married   6/5/1917 Employed by R.E. Huddleston, Albany, KY
Pennycuff Lonzo Cartwright, KY 18 7/8/1900   W Finisher   Esley Pennycuff 9/7/1918 Employed by Hoosier Mfg. Co., New Castle, IN
Pennycuff Mathew Barnet Cartwright, KY 41 7/9/1877   W Farming   Ella Pennycuff 9/12/1918 Employed by C.S. Long, Cartwright,KY
Pennycuff Paul McKinley Highway, KY 21 2/23/1897 Bakerton, KY       John Pennycuff 6/5/1918 Employed by John Pennycuff, Highway, KY
Penticuff Dennis Bertram Snow, KY 33 4/4/1885   W Farmer Married Rosettie Penticuff (wife) 9/12/1918  
Penticuff James Edward Albany, KY 37 1881   W Common Laborer Married Bertha Penticuff (wife) 9/12/1918  
Penticuff Jasper Bertram Marlow, KY 36 2/5/1882   W Farming   Stella Penticuff 9/12/1918 Employed by M.B. Penticuff, Marlow, KY
Penticuff MacMillen Marlow, KY 34 8/13/1884   W Farmer   Ellen Penticuff 9/12/1918  
Penticuff Porter Albany, KY 33 5/10/1885   W Day Laborer Married Mallie Penticuff (wife) 9/12/1918 Employed by Plato Hancock, Albany, KY
Penticuff William Isaac Snow, KY 35 11/2/1882   W Farmer Married Martha Penticuff (wife) 9/12/1918  
Perdue Joe Frank Albany, KY 37 1/16/181   W Barber   Nora Perdue 9/12/1918  
Perdue John William Browns Crossroads, Ky 36 6/26//1882     Farmer   Mary Perdue 9/12/1918  
Perdue Leo A. Nora, KY 23 3/29/1894 Gap Creek, KY W Merchant Single   6/5/1917  
Perdue Marion Narvel, KY 19 11/1/1898   W Farming   Mary C. Pedue 9/12/1918 Employed by Mary C. Perdue, Narvel,KY
Perdue Marion A. Alpha, KY 19 11/19/1899   W Foreman   Anneta Perdue 9/12/1918 Employed by Firestone Tire & Rubber Co, Akron, OH
Perdue Perry Alfred Browns Crossroads, Ky 30 11/6/1886 Brown's Crossroads, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1914 Employed by F.M. Wood, Brown's Crossroads, KY
Perdue Robert Henry Alpha, KY 34 1/26/1884   W Farm Labor   W.E. Perdue 9/12/1918 Employed by John F. Perdue, Gap Creek, KY
Perdue Robert Loren Gap Creek, KY 21 8/20/1897 Gap Creek, KY   Self employed   Winifred Perdue 8/24/1918  
Perdue Walter F. Shipley, KY 28 1/26/1889 Shipley, KY W Farm Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by William P. Huff, Clinton Co., KY
Perdue William Ephriam Alpha, KY 43 6/20/1875   W Farming   Annetta Perdue 9/12/1918  
Perdue William Everett Alpha, KY 18 4/11/1900   W Farming   W.E. Perdue 9/12/1918 Employed by W.E. Perdue, Alpha,KY
Perkins John Porter Albany, KY 40 12/36/1877   W Farmer Married Sue Perkins (wife) 9/12/1918  
Perkins Oliver Perry Albany, KY 45 7/26/1873   W Farmer   Juliet Perkins 9/12/1918  
Perkins William Kendrick Albany, KY 20 2/20/1898   W Clerk   W.L. Perkins 9/12/1918 Employed by W.L. Perkins, Albany, KY
Perkins William Lewis Albany, KY 43 6/10/1875   W Merchant   Lena Perkins 9/12/1918  
Phillips Albert O. Illwill, KY 26 10/15/1890 Pickett Co., TN W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Phillips Walter Anslum Seventy Six, KY 33 5/15/1885   W Farmerr Married Ona Phillips (wife) 9/12/1918  
Pierce Aaron Aaron, KY 33 4/9/1885   W Farmer   Ida Pierce 9/12/1918  
Pierce Beldon Peyton Albany, KY 29 8/5/1887 Albany, KY W Day Laborer Single   6/5/1887 Employed by Harris & Myers, Albany, KY
Pierce Elihu Griffin Albany, KY 42 10/19/1875   W Furace Tender   Susan E. Pierce 9/7/1918 Employed by Maxwell Motor Co., New Castle, IN
Pierce George Boolin Browns Crossroads, Ky 43 11/25/1874   W Farmer Married Leona Pierce (wife) 9/12/1918  
Pierce Guy Albany, KY 36 3/20/1882   W Farm Laborer   Etta Pierce 9/12/1918  
Pierce James E. Hobart, KY 21 8/16/1895 Hobart, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Pierce Jesse Scott Hobart, KY 21 3/8/1897 Hobart, KY       J.H. Pierce 6/5/1918 Employed by J.H. Pierce, Hobart, KY
Pierce Joe Alexander Albany, KY 41 10/21/1877   W Common Laborer   Elizabeth Pierce 9/12/1918 Employed by self & others, Albany, KY
Pierce John Aaron, KY 26 8/18/1890 Aaron, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Pierce John F. Hobart, KY 23 4/1/1894 Hobart, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Pierce John Henry Albany, KY 21 5/25/1897 Albany, KY   Self employed Married Jenie Pierce (wife) 6/5/1918  
Pierce Sherlie Peyton   38 7/13/1880   W None   Ambros Pierce 9/12/1918  
Pierce Sherod P. Alpha, KY 45 9/15/1873   W Farmer   Margaret Pierce 9/12/1918  
Pierce Willie Marlow, KY 20 2/1/1887 Marlow, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Piercey Edward S. Osco, KY 22 11/6/1895 Osco, KY W Farmer Single   11/6/1895  
Piercey Elec Ida, KY 40 6/9/1878 Matilda Piercey W Farming Married   9/3/2018 From part of Grandmas & Grandpas house.
Piercey Henry Clay Snow, KY 37 6/29/1880   W Farming Married Mary Piercey 9/12/1918  
Piercey John Barnes Albany, KY 42 11/1/1877   W Carpenter Married Lee Piercey (wife) 9/12/1918  
Piercey John V. Snow, KY 26 5/27/1891              
Piercey John W. Ida, KY 25 10/14/1891 Albany, KY W Farming Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Ross McCormick, Elvin, IL
Piercey Marvin Lee Osco, KY 20 8/14/1898   W Laborer   Mrs. Ona Piercey 9/12/1918 Employed by Illinois Canning Co., Hoopeston, IL
Piercey Sam Ida, KY 20 10/22/1897   W Farming   Matilda Piecey 9/12/1918  
Piercey Sheradon Leo Ida, KY 42 8/29/1876   W Farmer Married Sarah Piercey (wife) 9/12/1918  
Piercey Vennes Wesley Snow, KY 41 3/30/1887   W Merchant   Martha Piercey (sister) 9/12/1918  
Piercey Wiley B. Osco, KY 18 8/22/1900   W Belt Lacer   Ona Piercey 9/7/1918  
Piercy Alvin Leslie Upchurch, KY 37 8/23/1881   W County Tax Commissioner   Maggie Piercy 9/12/1918  
Piercy Ira Claudus Albany, KY 32 4/21/1886   W Tool Dresser     6/5/1917 Employed by Wilten Wire, Foster, Lee Co., KY
Piercy James William Osco, KY 44 4/24/1874   W Farming   Lee Essa Pierceu in Osco, KY    
Piercy Mones Savage, KY 23 12/22/1894 Monticello, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Pitman Corbert Hombert Albany, KY 23 11/3/1893 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Pitman Herbert Delmer Albany, KY 21 10/2/1895 Albany, KY W Farming Single   6/5/1917  
Pitman Joshua Daniel Albany, KY 40 12/9/1877   W Clerk   Maverva E. Pitman 9/12/1918 Employed by W.L. Perkins, Albany, KY
Pitman Lewis Goodley Albany, KY 27 5/3/1890 Benton, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Pittman Hulbert Waiverly Albany, KY 27 4/5/1898 Huntersville, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Pittman Virgil Cain Albany, KY 21 7/17/1896 Summerset, Pulaski Co., KY   Machinist Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Associated Maufactor & Co., Waterloo, IA
Polson Albert Hays Desda, KY 44 10/13/1874 Desda, KY W Farming   Anna Polson 9/1/1918  
Polson Otis W. Aaron, KY 26 10/14/1890 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Polson Robert S. Albany, KY 40 5/30/1878   W Farmer   Cora Polson 9/8/1918  
Polston General L. Savage, KY 39 8/1/1879   W Teacher & Farmer   Mattie L. Polston 9/12/1918  
Polston James Ed Albany, KY 33 5/9/1885   W Farmer Married Martha ell Polston (wife) 9/12/1918  
Polston Jesse Albany, KY 37 9/5/1881   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Polston Solomon Albany, KY 42     W Farm Laborer Married   9/12/1918 Employed by G.A. Gwinn, Albany, KY
Prince Charles A. Seventy Six, KY 23 7/24/1893 Creelsboro, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  



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