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Highway, KY School Roll, 1893

Maud Darr
Minnie Bryan
Margaret Welch
Susie McRorey
Nancy McFarland
Maggie Neighbors
Georgia Burchette
Eddie Burchette
Tillie Willis
Georgia Wheeler
Lurta Bryant
Myrtie Norman
Lillie Scott
Trannie Vaughn
Vessie Paul
Mary Smith
Johnny Maxy
John Keen
Marvin Keen
Kirgy Walton
Norman Darr
Henry Faull
Luther Robinson
Joseph Bumpis
R.H. Higgins
Robert Johnson
Lewis Petty
Willis Petty
Tom Ballew
Elzzie Logston
Addie Smith
Calvin Fergerson
Belle Brown
Leva Clark
Verner Blair
Granville Tirey
George Bell
James Waters
Bud Slone
Joseph Kirgin
Porter Garrett
Nannie Mouriun
Virgie Shifflett
Johny Rainey
Lutie Roofe
Datie Roofe
Esther Keeton
Antha Keeton
Xerxes Hunter
Jim Willis
Annie Tuggle
Tom Brown
Pearl Bennett
Sallie Bryan
Leo Hay
Mildred Pulliam
Annie Pulliam
George Guthrie
George Sinkhorn
Johny Shruce
Marvin Wright
Elmer Spruce

Fayette Shelly
Jesse Ewing
Willie Carver
Eddie Gibson
Alexander Gibson
Jim Abston
Luther Abston
Tom Lisemby
Willie Wood
Murray Logston
D.F. Shelley
Milda Shelley
Mary Abston
Austin Brown
Ben Simpson
Claton Wheeler
Willie Craft
Moses Cheek
Willie Fergerson
Herbert Smith
Blanton Jones
Aaron Williams
Betty Logston
Betty Logston
Simon Shelley
Mattie Vaughn
Eddie Holland
Blain Abston
Bob Lucy
Belle Kelley
Minnie Glidewell
Leo Boother
Lula Young
Nannie Houston
Lizzie Houston
Willie Houston
Bob Shelley
Mary Gamblin
Bob Keen
Joe Thrasher
Jim Petty
Ettie McClusky
Henry Higgins
Tom McClusky
Nannie Winfrey
Carl McKean
Samuel Brandon
David Robinson
Francis Norris
Francis Murphey
Hidy Murphey
Emma Murphey
Lucinda Perkins
Ada Johnson
Emma Johnson
Callie Wilson
Palma Murphey
Brother Pangborn
Franky Pangborn
Gertrude Gibson


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