Clinton County Officials, 1936-1986

From THE ALBANY-CLINTON COUNTY SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION, 1836-1986, published in the Mountain Echo and transcribed and submitted by Lisa Haug.

Clinton County Election Nov. 3, 1937
Took office Jan. 3, 1938

Judge–Everett Jones
Sheriff--J.A. Allen
Jailer--W.P. Craig
County Attorney--J.G. Smith
County court Clerk--Logan Frost
Tax Commissioner--N.L. Cross
Surveyor--W.H. Gibson
Coroner--J.M. Crabtree
District 1--Ben Dalton
District 2--J.G. Davidson
District 3--Porter Guffey
District 4--W.L. Agee
District 5--W.R. Honeycutt
1936 Circuit Court Clerk--J.O. Dicken(served six years)
Circuit Judge--J.S. Sandusky
Albany Board of Trustees:
J.F. Pierce, J.H. Dyer, J.B. Wade, E.A. Barnes, R.V. Higginbottom
Police Judge--Leonard Bernard

1941 Election-Nov. 4, 1941

Judge--Perry Smith
Sheriff--Bruce Sloan
Jailer--Porter L. Guinn
County Attorney--J.G. Smith
County Court Clerk--Odell Cummings
Tax Commissioner--Noah Cross
Surveyor--R.H. Gibson
Coroner--J.M. Crabtree
District 1--B.H. Dalton; District 2--Richard Rednour; District 3– O.W. Marcum; District 4--E.V. Albertson; District 5--C.H. Pittman
Albany Board of Trustees:
E. A. Barnes, R. V. Higginbottom, J. B. Wade

County Judge:
1945-R.S. Edwards; 1949--Jesse Pierce; 1953--C.M. (Clarence) Beaty; 1955-W.P. (Bill) Craig; 1957--W.P. (Bill) Craig; 1961--Earl Huddleston; 1965--Edward Taylor; 1969--Joe Cerrato; 1973--Delmer Marcum; 1977--Donnie McWhorter; 1981--Donnie Poore; 1985--Donnie McWhorter.

1945--Jessie Pierce, C.C. Braswell, Porter Coffey, Travis Groce, Guy Cross.
1949--Ed Witham, C.C. Braswell, C.B. Davis, Travis Groce, Guy Cross.
1953--Luther Harlan, George Bandy, D. C. Huddleston, Travis Groce, Royce Scott.
1957--Luther Harlan, Bill Byers, G.G. McWhorter, O.J. Craft, Royce Scott.
1961--James K. Wisdom, Leo Edwards, Thomas J. Davis, Eugene Piercy, Baker Wood.
1965--Ivan Sloan, Leo Edwards, Charlie Tallent, Eugene Piercy, Guy Cross.
1969--John Sloan, Leo Edwards, Charlie Tallent, Eugene Piercy, Guy Cross.
1973--John Sloan, Bill Byers, Charlie Tallent, Eugene Piercy, Billy Wallace.
1977–John Sloan, Bill Byers, A. V. Conner, Marvin Hay, Guy Cross.
1981--John Sloan, Donnie Massengale, Danny McFall, Marvin Hay, Homer Lowhorn.
1985--Jay Stockton, Howard Marcum, Gary Tallent, Ralph Albertson, Homer Lowhorn.

1945--James B. Smith; 1948--W.P. “Bill” Craig; 1949--John Sawyers; 1953– Charlie Long; 1957--Earl Huddleston; 1961--Johnny Cummings; 1965--Joe Cerrato; 1969--Gordon Speck; 1973--Johnny Cummings; 1977--Raymond Shelton; 1981--Gordon Speck; 1985--Gordon Speck.

County Attorney:
1945--James A. Hicks; 1949--James A. Hicks; 1953– John A. Sloan; 1957--John A. Sloan; 1961--John A. Sloan; 1965--Eddie Lovelace; 1969--John Sloan; 1970--Luther C. Conner Jr.; 1973–Luther C. Conner Jr.; 1977--David R. Choate; 1981--David R. Choate; 1985--James M. (Mike) Lawson..

County Court Clerk:
1945--Odell Cummings; 1949--Odell Cummings: 1953--Robert Reneau; 1957--Robert Reneau; 1961--Robert Reneau; 1965--Robert Reneau; 1969--Robert Reneau; 1973--Robert Reneau; 1977--Robert Reneau; 1981--Lloyd Stockton; 1985--Lloyd Stockton.

Circuit Court Clerk:
1945--John Omer Dicken; 1951--J.O. Dicken; 1957--O.C. Delk; 1961--Debbie Delk; 1963--Debbie Delk; 1969--Edwin Campbell; 1975--Edwin Campbell; 1980--Clement Shelley; 1981--Ralph Groce.

Tax Commissioner:
1945--George H. Ferguson; 1947--Horace Hay; 1949--N.L. Cross; 1953--Otis Jarvis; 1957--Otis Jarvis; 1961--Otis Jarvis; 1965--Otis Jarvis; 1969--Otis Jarvis; 1973–Walton R. Haddix.

Changed to Property Valuation Administrator:
1977--Billy Joe Coop; 1981--Billy Joe Coop; 1985--Billy Joe Coop.

1945--Willie Branham; 1946--Cord Cummings; 1947--Howard Boles; 1949--Howard Boles; 1953--John B. Smith; 1957--Charles Huff; 1961--Kendrick Riddle; 1965--Kendrick Riddle; 1969--Lee Wallace; 1973--Gene Ferrill; 1977--Theda Riddle; 1981--Theda Riddle; 1985--J.D. Cooksey.

1945--W.W. Rector; 1948--Hansford Sloan; 1949--Hansford Sloan; 1953--Dr. S. W. Bristow; 1954--Sherman Appleby; 1957--James L. Lawson; 1961--Hulen Smith; 1969--Darrell Speck; 1973--Darrell Speck; 1977--Darrell Speck; 1981--Donald R. Shelton: 1985--Weldon Haddix.

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