Catherine Travis Beaty~
Widow of Alexander Beaty
Last Will & Testament

Submitted by Nel Rocklein to the Clinton County website.

Transcribed from microfilm 76-27-7 in Kentucky History Center, Frankfort, KY
which contains Clinton County, KY Wills 1863-1943


I Catharine Beaty of Clinton County and state of Kentucky feeling the infirmity of old age and my accountability to God to whom I owe my Kindest Regard for his kind protection, to whom I will and bequeath my wasted body and never dying soul to him in his kind providence and as I have done all in my power to do amongst my several bodily heirs my mind being good in my intentions and my bodily strength failing secondly will and bequeath to my son Miles Beaty after my burrial expences are paid and other just debts if there be any all of my Effects at the time of my death Consisting of my beds, bed clothing and bed steds, all other effects that may belong to me at the time of my death and money if there should be any.

This being my last will and testament and wish it to stand and to be made of record this 19th day of January 1866 in presents of these two witnessess




Thos. Travis
J. H. Wood


Kentucky Clinton County Lct. (?)

I J. M. Bristow Clerk of the Clinton Court certify that on the 7th day of January 1867 the foregoing testiment of writing proporting to be the last will & testament of Catharine Beaty Dec'd was at the January Term 1867 of said court proven by the oaths of J. H. Wood and Thos. Travis to be the will and testament of said Catharine Beaty Dec'd they being the subscribing witnesses thereto and the same was on the same day ordered to record whereupon I have duly recorded the same together with this certificate in my office. Given under my hand this 10th day of January 1867.

J. M. Bristow Clk
By B. M. Gates, D.C.

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