Proof of a Surry County, NC and Cumberland County, KY Connection

A Petition to the NC General Assembly dated October 7, 1807 containing names from Cumberland County, KY

I have copied this directly from a photocopy of the Petition, however, due to difficulty in deciphering the handwriting, some errors may be contained. It appears that many of the signers used titles next to their names, such as Esq. for Esquire, Juner or other close approximations for Junior, Sener for Senior. Two occasions leave me wondering: once under Thompson the word Son follows, which could also mean Senior and once what appears to be the word Quaker appears. First name abbreviations, where possible to read are given as written, but there were some I didn't recognize. In those cases, I have made note next to it.
Where I could make out a partial name, I have included legible letters of that name, where a name was completely undreadable, I have drawn a line.
Spelling is exactly as I have read it on the document, as is punctuation. This list is somewhat extensive, please use your Edit/Find function on your browser.

Oct. 7 1807
To the Honourable the General Assembly of North Carolina the Patition of the Inhabitants of the County of Surry Respectfully Showeth that your Patitioners Knowing that Mr. Peter E Eaton Marchant having purchased partley all the Town of Huntsvill and paid for the same and he and the rest of the Inhabitants of Said Town having Enjoying peaceble possession of the Streets as well as of the Lots without interruption for fourteen year past Therefore your Patitions Humbly pray that your Honourble Body would alter the name of Said Town to the name of Eatons Town [Town crossed through]ville and Establish the said Town and Streets according to the Original Plan as fare as Said Plan Extend Eveey w___ __ and your patitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. JW

Jo.Williams, Clk
Jake? Lester
James Bryson
Jo. Williams Jun
Wm Milsted
Thomas Clanton
John Cornell
Wm Cornell
David Welch Junr
William Sweatt Juner
_____ _____
Wm Thornton J.P.
John Welch Esq.
Ormon Kimbrew
Samuel Branon
Edward Swet Junr(?)
John Shores
John Ball
Solomon Jones
Timothy Coe
William ____
William hill
Abner Greenwood
Dannl Richards Junr(?)
Barrnard Mcinham(?)
Thomas Wiles(?)
Jake Wiles
Geo. Kimbrough
James Cornall
William Phillips
Peter Eaton Juner
John Rupe
Marten Rupe
Benjamin Brown
Jachop Brubacer
William Bi__
Moses Stinson
Robert Clark
James Thornton
John Brinkley
Moses Solomon
Joseph Burkham
Henry Groce
Lenerad Hill
Wm Johnson quaker(?)
John Borin
John S__enur
Saml Johnson
Jachop Brubacer
___ Davis
[could be Wm]
Gabrel Penden
Samuel Jackson
Moses ___
Moses S. K___
James ___
Eduard ___
Saml Hersh(?)
___ Holcombe
L__ _____
_____son Woodruff
G _____
Abner Rose
James ___
John Shin
Aron Stinson
Stephen Loyd
William Bragdon
Samuel Johnson
Wm Hokomb
Bennett Smith
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____
Thos. A. ___ad
John Logan
Sinclare Nemaskele(?)
Thos P Scott
Jn Weisner
Jas Mcraw
Robert C Doskins(?)
Hugh Lagane
Joseph ____
Abraham Skidmore
Conred Wishone
Benjamin Bingham
James Howell Junr
Isaac Uplegrove
John Hutes
Wm MBride
Saml McBride
Hanan Bray
Saml Meeks
Thos Williams Junr
____adger Cook
henry _amrick
Joseph Thompson Son
Eli Clasby
George Holcolmbe
John C_s_tersins
Abner Carver
Shogner Bray
David Blackwell
____ Vestal
Moses Sprinkel
Daniel De_ai__te
Lewis Wiles
Martin Jakne
Thomas Forkner
Matt Bridgman
Johh Gillespie
Absolem Hier
Jas ___
Lororg Holu_ne
Thomas Crulers
Junior Moore
Jonathan Harms
Mat Bohannon
Simmon Harms
Josiah Hutchens
Amos Landon(?)
R Jacks Senr
Washington Elliott
William Thomson
Fradrick Tanner
Henry Chilton
_____ Moor
Georg Long
John Long
Jacob Rupe
____ ____
Shadrak Holcombe
James Vestal
Elijah Cashon
Saml W. Hammons
W _____hill
James Gunstin
Robert Freeman
Davis ___[this is signed Davis and a line]
_____ Satterfield
Peter Sprinkle
Jacob Smith
Samuel Sprinkle
____ ____
Peter Fitchgeral
Moses Brown
____ ____
John Jinkes
R Gerriss
Jesse Johnson
Rickert Cornel
Dimpery Johnson
____ Ba___
C Carter
John Coe
John Hoppors
Thomas Gough
Joseph Rimminger
Joseph Rimminger Junr
Cristosen Wathermon
John S___
John Hutikens
William Hutikens
John Buriham
Meshack Foster
James Gough
John Sisson
J Ashby
Giles Hudspeth
Jas Arnold
Jas Wright
Charles Worth
Benjamin Gilpin
Wm Harkin
Burrel C Martin(?)
John Pierce
Isaiah Stewart
Williams Williams
Simon Groce Sener
Peter Hutes
Loranc Hutes
Peter Tanner
Richert Jacks
Wm Farmstad
Richard Phillips
John ___glemre
GM Carmach
William Cranfill
George Bates
Jacob Garner
Leonard Woshan Juner
George Wilkins
Henry Garmon
Joseph Shugart
Isaac Groce
Jonathan Gaines
William Joyner
Izaiah Humphreys
Samueal Kearby
Jms Thornton Jur
Thomas Stanfield
George Rinninger
Edward Milstead
Henry Hootes
Poll Valle
Jonathan Willerd
Fradreck Taner Jun
Thomas Oliver
John Millar
Abraham Groce
William King
Clemment Hill
Raleigh Chism
James Lash
Ac Hudspeth [this may be abbreviation of a first name]
Benj Hutchey
Henry Hardin