Lewis Ellison

A History of Kentucky Baptists, From 1769 to 1885, by J. H. Spencer, 1886,
Reprinted by Church History and Archives, 1976, Lafayette, TN. Cumberland County.
LEWIS ELLISON was in the constitution of Stocktons Valley Association, and was, for many years, one of the leading preachers in that fraternity. He was a member of Caseys Fork church in Cumberland county, for some years; but on Renox creek's being constituted, near Burksville, he went into that church, about 1809. Of this famous old church, which is now called Salem, he continued a member, and the pastor, nearly thirty years. The time of his death has not been ascertained, but is supposed to have occurred, about 1840. Mr. Ellison was chosen moderator of the Association, and continued to fill that position with the exception of one year, till 1833. After this, the venerable and honored servant of Jesus Christ was complimented with the same office, in 1837. His popularity is evinced in that, notwithstanding he filled the moderator's chair so long, he was chosen to preach the introductory sermon before the body, at least nine times. Ellison = none