Post Offices

Burkesville is the oldest post office in Cumberland. It was used as a deposit of mail in 1800 and was called Cumberland Court House or Burkesville, but the first postmaster was appointed by the Government and rendered his first account as of January 01, 1807. This was Christopher Brooks.

The first route was from Greensburg, by Adams Court House; Cumberland Court House, and Jackson Court House, to Blackburn's Springs. This was October 01, 1809 until September 30, 1811, and was know as Route # 193. Burkesvile received mail bi-weekly.

The following is a list of early post masters with the dates of the appointments.

Milton King, 5-24-1813
Hiram Emmerson, 3-13-1820
Muhlenberg Emmerson, 10-10-1821
Peter Zimmerman, 8-16-1823
Granville Bowman, 3-03-1828
John M. Alexander, Jr., 5-06-1828
Matthew C. Boles, 02-02-1835
Joseph S. Bledsoe, 1-30-1836
Jesse Ewing, 3-05-1842
Robert Reid, 6-16-1848
Fayette W. Alexander, 11-19-1849
Wake W. Samuels, 2-24-1851
James M. Boles, 12-10-1851
John B. Ryan, 11-05-1853
Martin L. Alenander, 11-15-1854
Hiram R. Hayes, 1-04-1856
William J. Dixon, 2-28-1859
W. Godfrey Hunter, 5-03-1869
Abner J. Phelps, 10-10-1870
James Bruton, 2-20-1874
Abner J. Phelps, 06-01-1874
Jacob S. Bruton, 1-20-1876
Elias Emmons, 01-07-1879
Willie F. Alexander, 1-23-1883
James L. Grissom, 4-13-1893
John E. Allen, 9-7-1893
Willie F. Alexander, 1-29-1893