Rev. George W. Samples

The Jubilee History and Biographical Sketches of the [Black] Liberty Association, G. R. Ford. Printed and Published by Times Publishing Company of Smith's Grove, Ky., 1916.
Also taken from Barren's Black Roots, Vol. 3, Michelle B. Gorin, (C) May 1993.
Used by permission.
REV. GEORGE W. SAMPLES was born September 12, 1851 and died Tuesday afternoon, August 15, 1905, in Leslie, Cumberland County, Ky. He was the father of 6 daughters and 3 sons. He began his ministry on Saturday before the third Lord's day in April 1878. He was pastor of churches in Cumberland, Metcalfe and Hart counties and was pastor of Baptist churches 28 years in all. Rev. Samples was born a slave and throughout his entire life was held in high esteem by all classes of people. He was the highest and best respected colored man in all the sections of the country where he lived and held his race as if by magnetic bonds. Three churches now stand as a monument in Cumberland county to his faithful and active life and it was through his effort that a large number of churches in different sections of the country were rebuilt. A very large concourse of sorrowing friends gathered at the Burkesville cemetery and laid his body to rest. It was a pathetic testimony of the one who had been their temporal and spiritual guide for a quarter of a century. Samples = Hart-KY Metcalfe-KY