William D. Sewell

A History of Kentucky Baptists, From 1769 to 1885, by J. H. Spencer, 1886,
Reprinted by Church History and Archives, 1976, Lafayette, TN.
Clinton County.
WILLIAM D. SEWELL has been one of the most highly esteemed and useful preachers ever raised up in this old fraternity. In his recent death, the body has sustained a great loss. He was not only a good precher, but was, also, a wise and prudent counselor. Mr. Sewell was born in East Tennessee, July 14, 1797. Moving westward in youth, he located, for a time, in what is now Clinton county, Kentucky. Here he professed conversion, and united with Clear Fork church, of which Isaac Denton was pastor, in 1820. Moving his membership to Sulphur church, in Cumberland county, he was licensed to preach, in 1830, and ordained, in 1835. About this time he took membership in Mt. Zion church in Overton county, Tennessee, of which he was chosen pastor. To this church he ministered 46 years. He was a messenger to Stocktons Valley Association, almost every year, from 1828, to 1879, and was Moderator of the body, with the exception of a few years, from 1838 to 1871, when he asked to be excused, on account of declining health. He died, June 30, 1881. Sewell Denton = Overton-TN Cumberland-KY