Beckham County Boundries

AN ACT creating the county of Beckham.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

1. That the county of Beckham be, and the same is hereby, created, and the boundary lines thereof are established as follows:

Beginning on three black oaks by the county, or old State road, the corner of John Reid's and Wilburn Hall's and Marion Oldfield's lands, being ten and one-half miles by survey from Grayson, the present county seat of Carter county, Kentucky; thence south 12 degrees 6' east 36,740 feet to a small locust; thence south 56 degrees west 2,871 feet to a black oak near the open fork of Big Gimlet, thence north 4 degrees 30' west 19,860 feet to a white oak on Mauck Branch so as to exclude William Binion's house; thence with the act of 1869, approved January 26, 1869, making Elliott county; thence with Mauck Ridge to the corner of Rowan, Elliott and Beckham counties; thence north 70 degrees 6' west 14,465 feet; thence north 26 degrees 16' west 70,157 to the point near Briery Creek; thence due north 31,480 feet; thence north 9 degrees 15' east 65,297 feet; thence due south 12,238 feet to a small hickory and oak on top of Three Prong ridge; thence south 5 degrees 19' west 52,528 feet to the point of the beginning.

Acts of Assembly 1904 page 27

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