1869 Elliott County, Kentucky Tax List

This is the first tax list for Elliott Co. and is unique amoung tax list which I have seen in that it is divided into 3 parts, one for each of the parent counties, Carter, Lawrence and Morgan. With the tax list being divided in this manner it makes finding the county a person lived (or owned property) before Elliott Co. was formed. Keep in mind because a person is on a tax list for a county does NOT mean they lived in that county. A person was taxed for real estate in the county the land was in. Personal property was taxed in the county of their residence. I have cross indexed those entries where two people were listed for one property. These were added at the end of that initial. The order and the spelling of the names are as they appear on the taxlist. To put them in alphabetical order would have separated families that may appear together.

"Assessors Book for that portion of Carter County as was included in Elliott County for the year 1869"

Adams, William
Adams, John
Ash, Andrew, Jr

Barker, Henderson
Barker, John
Burnett, Morgan
Bare, Reuben
Binion, Lincoln
Birchfield, John
Burton, Ronson
Bare, Martin
Bare, Peter
Bare, Lazarius
Brown, Leo
Brown, Samuel H.
Brown, Fleming
Bumgard, James
Bumgard, Martha
Bare, Elias
Binion, William
Binion, Covy
Binion, Isaac
Bogus, Bryant
Branham, Johnathan
Branham, Richard
Bare, Ambros
Bare, Francis M.
Bare, George W.
Bare, Phebe
Barker, William O.
Barker, William
Bond, Charles

Carson & Co.
Cain, John
Cox, Jordan R.
Casty, Mary
Cotten, John S.
Collins, John
Cox, Isom
Cox, Elijah
Clark, Joseph
Conn, Sarah
Cox, Mark P.
Catrin, William
Craft, David
Creech, Joseph P.
Collins, Henry
Cox, John
Crisp, Joel D.
Cline, Samuel
Cline, Levi W.
Cline, William
Creech, John S.
Carson see Fulton & Carson

Debord, Jephthah
Debord, Ira
Debord, Solomon
Debord, Amos
Day, David
Debord, Isaac

Eldridge, William
Eldridge, Milly
Evans, William W.
Eversole, Wilson
Evans, William F.
Elliott, Ephraim B.
Elliott, L. H. & Brothers
Elliott, John L., deceased
Elliott, Jane
Elliott, Samuel
Elliott, James H.
Elliott, John M.

Fulton & Carson
Fraley, Brittiain
Fraley, George W.
Fraley, John T.
Fults, John
Fields, John
Fraley, William B.
Fraley, Gustavus
Fraley, Barbra
Fraley, Stephen
Frazier, Squire
Fraley, John J.
Flanery, William R.
Flanery, Henderson

Griffith, Robert
Gillum, John
Gillum, Chestly
Gillum, Charity
Green, William W.
Green, James
Green, William
Greathouse, William H.
Gearhart, William
Gilbert, James
Gearhart, Harrisson

Holbrook, Robert
Holbrook, Amis
Holbrook, William B.
Holbrook, William, Sr.
Holbrook, Pleasant
Holbrook, Larkin
Hamilton, David
Hillman, Robert
Howerton, James
Hood, John
Hood, Erastus M.
Haney, William T.
Horton, Travis
Horton, Rebecca
Horton, John T., Jr.
Horton, Rees D., Sr.
Horton, James K. P.
Horton, William L.
Horton, Flanery
Harris, William
Harris, Littleton T.
Harris, Rachel
Harris, Henry C.
Harper, James
Harper, John
Harper, Elizabeth
Holbrook, Randolph
Holbrook, Hiram

Ison, Joshua
Ison, Robert
Ison, Charles
Ison, Ison
Ison, Archibald
Ison, Nancy
Ison, William
Ison, Martin

Johnson, Francis M.
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James
Johnson, Ellington
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Jesse
Johnson, Willis
Johnson, Hugh
Johnson, John M.
Johnson, Henry J.
Johnson, Jesse
Johnson, Jesse, Sr.
Jones, Hezakiah
Johnson, Adam
Johnson, John

Kenser, Jackson
King, Vanburin
King, Houston
Kegley, Alfred
Kegley, James L.
Kegley, John J.
Kenser, Jacob
Kegley, Austin
Kegley, Abraham
Kegley, Gustavus
Kegley, William
Kegley, Henry
Kegley, John
Kegley, Samuel
Kegley, Joel
Kelley, John
Kenser, James L.

Lyon, Jesse
Lyon, Jared C.
Lyon, William H.
Lewis, Elisha
Lewis, Juder
Lewis, Abijah
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Andrew
Leddingham, William
Lewis, Jeremiah
Lyon, John
Leedy, Samuel
Leedy, James H.
Lambert, Eli
Lambert, Julain
Lauson, John
Leddingham, Jesse
Leddingham, Walter L.
Leddingham, Turman S.

Mauk, David
Mauk, Henry J.
Mullins, Plesant
Mobley, Thomas T.
Moore, James
Maggard, James
Mullen, Johnson
Mullen, Sampson
Mauk, Joseph
Mauk, Samuel
Mauk, William
Mauk, Peter
Mobley, William T.
McCoy, William
Mullen, John
Maggard, Samuel
Maggard, Moses
Middleton, Isaac
Middleton, James
Mauk, Frederick
Mitchel, Alexander
Mauk, Peter P.
McDavid, Daniel

Nickle, Shelby
Nickle, John
Nickle, Ary

Osborn, Arena
Oney, Richard, Jr.
Oney, Richard, Sr.
Oney, Hannah
Oney, William

Porter, John, Sr.
Peters, Thomas
Porter, James
Porter, Barnett
Porter, Francis
Porter, Larkin M.
Porter, John C.
Porter, Sampson
Parsons, John
Parsons, Robert S.
Parsons, Squire O.
Parsons, Clarinda
Porter, Jacob
Porter, William
Porter, Gabriel
Porter, James
Porter, Daniel
Porter, Eber
Parish, Madisson
Porter, John H.
Porter, Andrew
Porter, Levi

Robison, Jacob
Robison, John
Robison, Elihu
Robison, Alfred
Rose, William
Rath, John C.
Rose, Robert L.
Rose, John P.
Rose, Robert, Sr.
Reynolds, Plesant C.
Reynolds, John H.
Reynolds, John B.
Rose, Henderson
Rose, Jesse
Roe, John
Roe, Isam M.

Sparks, Nelson
Sparks, John E.
Sparks, Peter P.
Salyers, James, Sr.
Sloas, Mary
Sloas, John
Sloas, Jesse
Sloas, Noah
Stapleton, Clinton
Salyers, Nancy
Stephens, John
Sparks, Isaac
Skaggs, Moses
Smith, Abraham
Smith, Wiley L.
Smith, William S.
Smith, Thomas H.
Stephens, William L.
Sparks, Jesse
Sparks, Solomon
Sparks, Thomas
Sparks, Eli
Sparks, Daniel
Sparks, John
Sparks, John W.
Sparks, George W.
Sparks, Levi H.
Sparks, William H.
Sparks, Thomas, Jr.
Sturgill, Mathias
Short, Alexander
Short, David
Skaggs, Tobitha
Skaggs, Ananius
Skaggs, Joseph
Skaggs, Harvy
Skaggs, Peter
Stidham, John W.

Tackett, James W.
Tackett, Jesse
Tackett, Robert
Tackett, Elizabeth
Tharp, Robert
Thompson, Thomas T., Sr.
Thompson, William A.
Tabor, Sarah
Tabor, Allen
Tabor, James M.

Waugh, John, Jr.
Waugh, Lafayett
Waddle, Alfred
Waddle, Jesse
Waggoner, Isom
Waggoner, David
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Basil
Williams, Thomas
Whitt, Richard P.
Whitt, Mary
Whitt, Henry C. T.
Whisman, David
Whisman, Henderson
Whisman, Richard
Whitt, James G.
Whitt, John B.
Whitt, Edward
Waddle, Jordan
Waddle, Able
Walters, George W.
Warren, Hue B.

"The following is a copy of Assessors Book for that portion of Lawrence County as was included in Elliott County for the year 1869."

Adkins, George

Boothe, James
Burton, Barnett W.
Barker, Harvey
Barker, John
Brickey, Parish H.
Barker, John
Barker, Preston
Barker, Jason
Barker, Harvey
Boggs, John R.
Barker, Gordon

Clark, Robert
Creech, Henry
Cox, Jacob
Carson, Enoch T.
Creech, John S.
Creech, Malissa
Creech, William
Creech, Mariah
Creech, David
Clark, Joseph

Frazier, James
Fields, Hiram
Fields, Jason

Green, James M.
Green, David
Griffith, Archabald
Green, Martin W.

Holbrook, William
Hamilton, Isaac
Hamilton, Benjamin
Hillman, R. A.
Hudgin, T. W.
Hicks, Alexander
Halls, Allen P.

Ison, Archabald

Johnson, John M.

Kisee, Elias
Kitchen, William R. & Shears

Lemons, Anderson
Lyon, Jesse
Lyon, Lewis

Marshall, James
Marshall, William
McDavid, James

Penington, Able
Penington, William
Penington, John K.
Penington, Solomon
Porter, John
Penington, James
Penington, William H.
Prince, Isaac

Stapleton, Stephen
Sparks, Alfred
Sparks, Rubin
Sparks, Joel
Sparks, Nelson
Slone, Ira
Sparks, Wesley
Sparks, Richmond
Sparks, Martin
Stephens, David
Stephens, George
Salyer, Thomas
Shears see Kitchen, William R. & Shears

Triplett, Jesse
Triplett, Calvin

Wells, Lewis
Wells, Zachariah
Wells, Ezekial
Wells, William
Wellman, Elisha
White, Nelson
Whitly, Isom

"The following is a copy of the Assessors Book for that portion of Morgan County as was included in Elliott County for the year 1869.

Adkins, Archibald
Adkins, Samuel S.
Adkins, Howard H.
Adkins, Jesse
Adkins, Eli
Adkins, Hiram
Adkins, Sylvester D.
Adkins, Elender
Adkins, Isaac
Adkins, Owen
Adkins, Howard, Jr.
Adkins, William A.
Adkins, Mitchel B.
Adkins, John W.
Adkins, Minerva J.
Adkins, James _.
Adkins, Mary
Adkins, Braxton W.
Adkins, Christain
Adkins, Wiatt
Adkins, Frederick
Adkins, Rufus
Adkins, Charles
Adkins, Green G.
Adkins, Frederick
Adkins, Mandy
Adkins, Wiatt, Sr.
Adkins, Joel
Adkins, Elisha
Adkins, John W.
Adkins, Hulda
Adkins, William C.
Adkins, Mathew
Adkins, Gilbert
Adkins, James W.
Adkins, Clow
Adkins, Hezekiah, Sr.
Adkins, Hezekiah, Jr.
Adkins, James H.
Adkins, Pricy
Adkins, Corilda
Adkins, Anna
Adkins, William S.
Adkins, Lewis
Adkins, Samuel
Adkins, William T.
Amyx, Joseph H.
Amyx, Mathew G.

Bumgardner, Sarah
Brown, Thomas
Bledgett, Charles M.
Barker, William
Barker, Westeny
Barker, Phillip
Barker, Allen
Barker, John
Barker, George W.
Banner, James M.
Brown, William A.
Brown, Samuel N.
Black, William
Blair, Lyddia
Blair, William T.
Blair, David C.
Baily, Peter
Baily, Wallas
Baily, Stephen
Baily, Samuel
Baily, Joseph
Brown, Malinda
Bishop, William H.
Barnett, James R.
Bryant, Calvin
Barnett, George C.
Brown, Wiley J.
Brown, John
Brown, Stephen
Bowling, Rus M.
Berry, Milton _.
Bowling, James L.
Brinet, Isaac H.
Burton, Sarah
Burton, Jesse
Burton, John, Jr.
Brown, M. D.
Bowling, Jared W.
Bowling, Harvey M.
Bowling, Wilburn H.
Bumgardner, Granvill
Barker, Jeremiah
Botts, J. R. & J. M. Elliott
Brown, Andrew
Bishop, Absolum

Crabtree, Wesley A.
Crabtree, Hiram
Crockett, John W.
Cox, Braxton Jacont
Caudall, James A.
Crisp, George W.
Crisp, Elizabeth
Carter, Greenville P.
Carter, Milton L.
Carter, James W.
Carter, Morgan G.
Cock, Tobias
Cock, Gordan H.
Caudall, Elijah
Caudall, Lectius G.
Caudall, Isaac D.
Conoley, David H., Sr.
Conoley, William S. K.
Conoley, David K.
Caity, Edmund W.
Crisp, Marion
Caity, Isaac E.
Caisty, Mary
Caisty, David W.
Casity, John
Clevinger, Jesse N.
Clevinger, Plesant
Clevinger, Elexander
Click, John W.
Carter, Henry
Crisp, Sylvester D.
Cock, Mastin S.
Cock, Peter
Conn, William M.
Click, William H.
Click, Merdith
Click, Green
Colvin, Vincent
Conn, Jackson
Crisp, Andrew J.
Conn, Jesse W.
Carter, George W.
Carter, George
Carter, Jesse
Conn, Rubin H.
Conn, Freeling H.
Conn, Josiah R.
Carter, Charles W.
Caloway, Rachel
Caloway, William H.
Carter, Charles W., Sr.
Cocke, Hiram S.
Cold, Iron Hiram S.
Conaley, James F.
Crockett, Montgomery
Crum, Sarah
Cline, Eyah
Cline, Nicholas
Cline, John
Conn, Margret

Dehart, Thomas
Day, Robert C.
Dehart, James
Dickinson, Bevirally R.
Dehart, John
Dehart, John R.
Dehart, Hazle Green
Dehart, James W.
Dehart, Daniel C.
Davis, Levi
Davis, Henry
Davis, Hiram
Davis, Hardin
Davis, John A.

Elgin, G. A.
Elum, William S.
Elliott, George M.
Elliott, Richard, Jr.
Evins, Drury
Eldridge, Joshua, Sr.
Eldridge, James
Eldridge, Jesse
Eldridge, James, Sr.
Eldridge, Isaac
Eldridge, Joshua
Elum, Wilson
Elliott, Richard
Elliott, George M., Sr.
Elliott, William H.
Elliott, Cornelious
Elliott, Jackson
Elliott, J. M. see Botts, J. R. & J. M. Elliott

Flanery, Hiram
Fults, John
Fults, James
Ferguson, John W.
Fanin, Anderson
Fanin, Bryant
Flanery, David
Flanery, Isaac
Flanery, Tillman
Fanin, Peter M.
Foster, William C.
Foster, James S.
Foster, Hampton
Foster, Andrew S.
Foster, Benjamin
Fraley, Isaac S.
Fraley, Markus G.
Flanery, Wade H.
Flanery, Singleton, Sr.
Fraley, Daniel
Flanery, William
Flanery, Tandy
Flanery, Martha A.
Flanery, Morgan
Flanery, Albert
Flanery, Singleton
Fraley, George W.
Fraley, Adam C.
Fraley, James
Fraley, Elexander F.
Fanin, Thomas H.
Fraley, Phillip
Flanery, William S.
Fields, Agnes
Flanery, John H.
Fields, Jonas

Gray, Duren C. A.
Gillum, Martha
Gillum, Pleasant
Gillum, Chestley
Gillum, Isaah
Gillum, Owen
Gillum, Howard
Gillum, Jesse
Ganey, Susan
Gray, Samuel Y.
Gillum, William
Gillum, Charles
Gray, William
Gray, Stephen H.
Greenwood, Elizabeth
Goodman, Calvin
Goodman, Lewis
Goodman, Santifee
Gray, James S.
Gray, James M.
Gipson, James
Greenwood, James

Hunter, James K.
Howard, William
Howard, John A.
Hamilton, Anna
Hargiss, Jacob
Henson, James, Sr.
Henson, John
Henson, James, Jr.
Holbrook, Pleasant
Holbrook, Doctor
Hunter, William T.
Hunter, Sylvester G.
Horton, Richard L.
Howard, Montgomery
Howard, Dyer
Howard, Caswell
Horton, Jacob
Horton, Rhoda
Horton, James B.
Holbrook, Robert
Howard, Elisha
Howard, Jesse K.
Holbrook, Braddock
Holbrook, William
Holbrook, James
Howerton, Elender
Howerton, Ambros
Hay, Henry
Hay, William A.
Hunter, Francis
Hunter, Kenas P.
Hunter, Ward
Hunter, Sylvester G.
Hargiss, James
Hacker, Stephen
Haney, James M.
Hargiss, James H.
Howard, Phillip
Howard, Cornelious

Ison, David
Ison, Martin
Ison, Doctor
Ison, Ison
Ison, Eburezer
Ison, Argalus
Ison, Bird
Ison, Arch
Ison, Ira
Ison, John C.
Ison, Ira, Jr.
Ison, Doctor

Jarel, Russel
Jarel, Mary
Jenings, David
Jenings, John
Jenkins, William J.
Jenkins, John L.
Jarel, Amos D.
Jarel, George W.
Jarel, Parks
Jarel, William R.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Chamley M.

Kegley, William
Kendall, John W.
Kenngton, John
Kendall, Jacob T.
Kendall, Lewis

Lewis, George W.
Lawhorn, Daniel W.
Lewis, Howard
Lewis, John L.
Lewis, Stephen
Lewis, William
Lewis, John
Lewis, Solomon
Lewis, Daniel
Lewis, John
Lewis, William
Lewis, Thompson
Lewis, Gideon
Lewis, John
Lewis, Rachel
Lewis, Mary
Livingston, Peter J.
Livingston, John H.
Lewis, Richard
Lee, Hiram
Lovless, Elexander
Lewis, Watandius
Lewis, Francis H.
Lewis, Margret
Lewis, Marilia
Livingston, Peter & Whitt
Litteral, Marion
Lewis, Isaac

Mynhier, William
Mays, William
Mays, Linsy M.
Mays, James R.
Middleton, John
Mayson, William F.
McSweny, John
McDaniel, William H.
Mahan, Joiner
McDowel, John
Murray, Addisson W.
Murray, Augustus W.
Murray, William P.
McMillion, Robert
Mayberry, Levi
Mays, William B.
Mays, John B.
Mays, James
Muck, William C.
Mayberry, Calvin
Muckmillion, Allen
Muckmillion, Susannah
Mayberry, Andrew J.
McDowel, Archibald
McDowel, William
McDowel, Milton
Mays, Nathan
Mays, Sarah

Nickle, John J.

Orsburn, Sarah
Orsburn, Hannah
Orsburn, Lewis
Orsburn, Solomon
Orsburn, James L.
Oliver, Daniel
Offil, Johnson

Pruett, Moses
Pruett, James P.
Pruett, William M. H.
Pruett, John W.
Porter, Henry D.
Porter, James W. S.
Prince, Nicolas
Prince, Thomas J.
Perry, George M.
Prince, Maoma
Penington, Nelson
Penington, James H.
Penington, Able
Penington, Elijah, Sr.
Penington, Elijah, Jr.
Penington, Eli
Perry, Lynch
Perry, Daniel
Perry, Allen K.
Perry, Francis

Roe, Timothy
Roe, Elisha
Roe, James
Roe, Lorenzy
Roe, David
Roe, Jesse
Robison, Nathaniel J.
Riggsby, Thomas
Ramsey, James R.
Rudd, Thomas
Roseberry, Calvin
Reed, Wiley
Roseberry, Sarah
Redwine, Joshua R.
Redwine, Albert
Roe, James, Sr.

Sparks, David L.
Sublett, James G.
Stamper, George W.
Stamper, John W.
Stamper, Isaac F.
Stephens, Nancy
Stephens, Solomon
Stephens, John
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Andrew J.
Stephens, Mary
Stephens, Isaac
Stegall, Jesse
Stegall, Gabriel
Stephens, Susannah
Stephens, William T.
Skaggs, Miles
Stegall, Martin
Sturgeon, Elexander
Stephen, Stephens
Stephens, Daniel, Sr.
Stephens, Daniel, Jr.
Stephens, Gabriel
Skaggs, Amos
Skaggs, Peter
Skaggs, Mary
Stephens, Zachariah T.
Simmons, Cristopher
Skaggs, William
Stafford, James
Stafford, Jesse
Stafford, John
Sulser, James P.
Stegall, Joshua
Stephens, Nancy

Tackett, Leander C.
Turner, Samuel B.
Thornberry, James, Jr.
Thornberry, James, Sr.
Thornberry, Isaac
Terry, Miles
Terry, Jesse
Terry, Isaac

Vansant, W. H.
Vansant, James M.
Vansant, Lewis T.
Vincent, Cristopher H.
Vincell, Sarah W.

Whitt, George W.
Wedington, William
Wedington, Jacob
Whitt, James
Whitt, Meridith
Whitt, Lavisa
Whitt, William
Waggoner, Jacob
Waggoner, James H.
Wells, John W.
Waggoner, Martin
Watson, Rolly
Wells, Richard F.
White, Nathan
Whitt, Martin
Whitt, Allen
Wilson, Plesant
Wheeler, Thomas C.
Waggoner, Daniel W.
Whitt, Washington
Whitt, William
Whitt, Moses
Whitt, Mitchel
Whitt, Cornelious
Whitt, Alfred
Whitt, Richard
Wilson, John
Wilson, Alfred
Wilson, Edmund
Whitt see Livingston, Peter & Whitt

The following people are listed as "Black males over 21".

(Note: Collins is a common name amoung the Melungeons, a group of people who were probably of Portuguese descent. These people often appeared as "free person of color" in early records. These Collins families could be of this group instead of African descent. James Howard and Richard Watson were former slaves. [cb])

Collins, Elijah, Sr.
Collins, John
Collins, Jackson
Collins, Elijah

Howard, James

Watson, Richard

The following persons were shown with the following conditions:

Adkins, Frederick Deaf & Dumb
Adkins, Pricy Deaf & Dumb
Adkins, Corilda Deaf & Dumb
Adkins, Anna Deaf & Dumb
Davis, Davidson Blind
Evans, Hugh Deaf & Dumb
Mays, Ehud Blind
Roe, Timothy Blind
McMillon, William Blind

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