1833 and 1849 Cholera Deaths at Eastern State Hospital
Lexington, Kentucky

2006 by Pam Brinegar


1833 - Deaths at Lunatic Asylum

By Cholera, in the CITY OF LEXINGTON, from the 1st of June to the 1st of August, as reported to the City Council by a committee appointed for that purpose, consisting of Messrs. Leavy, Layton, M'Kinney & Gough. Persons whose names are preceded by a star, died of other diseases.

Source: The Kentucky Reporter [Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky], 22 August 1833, p. 1. Microfilm held by the Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library, Lexington.


Edward Kindred, Madison co.

Wm. Davenport, Mercer co.

R. Randolph, Greensburg, Ala.

Nelson P. Wilcox, Caldwell co.

Philip Sumery, Logan co, Ky.

Jacob Cooper, Breckinridge co.

Susan Dougherty, Mason co.

Madonna Miller, Spencer co.

Abigail Bateman, same

Richard Pope, Logan county

Jesse Holtzclaw, Fayette co.

Charles Jackson, Shelby co.

Frederick Jones, same

John Mason, Casey co.

Jane Holmes. Jefferson co.

Mary O'Connell, Bardstown, Ky.

Eliz'th Plummer, Scott co.

Alfred Lain, Fayette co.

Susan Browning, Logan co.

Mary Haburn, Breckinridge Co.

Jonathan Polk, Simpson co.

John Armstrong, Scott county

Dow Halfacre, Pendleton co.

Mary Iredell, Barren co.

Elizabeth Hunter, Logan co.

Courtney Knapp, Bourbon co,

David Snow, Nashville, Tenn.

John Haberry, Mercer county

Darius Jackson, Fleming co. Ky.

Mary Lemon, Harrison county

Robinson Coward, Jefferson co.

Joseph Erwin, Miss.

William Henson, Nelson co.


1849 - Deaths at Lunatic Asylum

By Cholera, in the CITY OF LEXINGTON, from the 11th of June to the present date, August 20, 1849.

The number of deaths at the asylum is not so great as we had supposed, nor as we had been informed by the treasurer of the institution, Mr. W.E. Milton, but as the list was made out by Dr. Allen, general superintendent of the asylum, for the editor of the Observer and Reporter, we presume it is correct...

Those marked thus * died of the consecutive effects of the disease, having lingered a week or two.

Source: The Kentucky Atlas of August 24, 1849, as reprinted in the Lexington Leader, Lexington, Kentucky, 25 August 1901, p. 10 cols. 1-4.   Microfilm held by the Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library, Lexington, Kentucky.


May 24

John McLoney, Harrison county

May 25

Thomas Pleasants, Alabama

May 27

Ira Heath, Livingston


Jas. W. Caldwell, Bullitt


Elizabeth Robinson, Hart


Susan Wigginton


William Cobb, Taylor


Wm. N. Grinter, Logan

May 28

Mary Goodwin, Campbell


John O. Dillard, Rockcastle


John H. Davis, Daviess

May 29

Nancy Ballinger, Lincoln


Peter SKinner, Clarke


*Josiah Cross, Allen


Alcy Richardson, Boone

May 30

Nancy Ruckett, Union


Lucinda Brindley, Bourbon


A.B. Clark, Warren


Elizabeth Grant, Louisville


Betsy Habourne, Bracken


Polly Thomas, Pulaski


Mary J. Yates, Hopkins

June 1

Zack Kendall, Louisville


Mrs. Woolridge


*John Parker, Caldwell


Sarah Williams


William Rogers

June 3

Jemima Woods, Clarke


Ann Weller, Nelson


Joseph Prather, Mercer


Margaret Rumley, Boyle

June 4

M.S.D. Hunter, Daviess


John Bullock, Louisville


Margaret Museley, Morgan


Milton Reese, Harrison

June 8

Mildred Chrisman, Jessamine

June 9

*Eliza Nabours, Warren

June 10

Elijah Bradford, Scott

June 11

*Thomas Quick, Bullitt


Julia Williamson, Campbell


Mrs. McPherson, Union


Matilda O'Bannon, Logan

June 12

Patience (black), Henry

June 14

Isaac Jackson, Morgan


Stanley G. Tibbs, Mason


John Hibbick, Louisville

June 16

*John J. Morton, Shelby

June 17

Eliza Barkley, Trimble

June 18

Sin Sharp, North Carolina


Nathan Hison, Mason

June 21

Mary Johnson, Louisville


Charnel Biggs, Trigg

June 22

*Susan Schyler, Garrard


*Sally Murphy, Allen


J.V. Settle, Barren


James Mahoney, Eliza Carter and Alonzo Weaver, attendants, also died.




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