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Alice (Hunt) Kaut

Spelled Cout by ESH

January 1, 1851, Oldtown, Greenup County, Kentucky

George Allen Kaut, Greenup, Greenup County, Kentucky,
02 Nov 1871; ceremony performed by Rev. Jeremiah Farmer, Greenup, Greenup County, Kentucky

Neva Ann Kaut

DEATH: 08 Jul 1907, Eastern State Hospital, 627 West Fourth, Street, Lexington, Kentucky; buried July 10, 1907 at Eastern State Hospital

Alice Kaut's remains were removed from the Eastern State Hospital grounds and reintered next to her daughter, Neva Ann Boyle (Kaut), at the Boyle Cemetery in Greenup, Greenup County, Kentucky, on November 8, 1984


Children of ALICE HUNT KAUT and GEORGE KAUT are:

NEVA ANN KAUT, b. 15 Nov 1872, Greenup, Kentucky; d. 27 Jul 1960, Greenup, Kentucky.

JOHN ALLEN KAUT, b. 22 Oct 1874, Greenup, Kentucky; d. 07 Jan 1935, Greenup, Kentucky.

BENJAMIN WATSON KAUT, b. 05 Feb 1877, Greenup, Kentucky; d. 14 Jul 1961, St. Cloud, Florida.

WILLIAM HENRY KAUT, b. 22 Jan 1879, Greenup, Kentucky; d. 18 Mar 1895, Greenup, Kentucky.


Writ of de Lunatico Inquirendo

Alice Hunt Kaut was given a trial (writ of de lunatico inquirendo) in Greenup County, Kentucky, declared insane, and taken to Eastern State Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky on 19 April 1880.


Transcript follows:

The Commonwealth of Kentucky - The County of Greenup

The Commonwealth of Kentucky - Plaintiff against Alice Kout - Defendant

Writ of de lunatico inquirenium:

As visiting Judge of the Greenup County Court, Alice Kout was brought before me in a writ of lunatico inquirenium, whereupon a jury was impanelled and being duly sworn, and after hearing the evidence, and had the said Alice Kout before them rendered the following verdict, viz., We the jury find Alice Kout to be of unsound mind, that she is a lunatic, that she lost her mind about June 1879, and has been growing worse since that time, but we cannot locate the cause from the evidence, that Alice Kout was born in this county and now resides in it, that she has not been brought into the State for the purpose of becoming a charge upon the Commonwealth, that she has no estate either in possession, or remainder, that her parents are alive; that they reside in Greenup County, Kentucky, and have no estate to support it - person under trial; that she is not capable of laboring in part for her support.

[Signatures of Henry Baker, Agnes Van Bibber, James Bryan, J.W. Hammond, M.F. McD...., E.E. Brooks, E.E. Reid, E. Patrick, Eli Jenkins, A.B. Martin, T.E. Myers, A.L. Thompson]

...and the court being satisfied with the verdict of the jury adjudges that Alice Kout to be of unsound mind, and that she be immediately conveyed to the Asylum at Lexington, Kentucky by the sheriff of Greenup County; and that M. Kouns sheriff of Greenup County be appointed a committee for that purpose and is allowed one guard to assist him in conveying said Alice Kout to the Asylum.

G.B. Trissell, a regular practicing attorney of the bar was appointed by the court to defend for the said Alice Kout.

April 19, 1880.

Note: Alice was conveyed to Lexington, April 20, 1880 per N.J. Worthington, Jury, G.C.C. (Greenup County Court)


1880 Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky: (T9-0413, Page 308D):

Alice Kout, female, White, 29, Kentucky

1900 Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky (Enumeration District 87, Magisterial District 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, East Fourth Street, Page 75:

Alice Kout, 49, Born in the United States, resides in Eastern Kentucky Asylum for the Insane - Patient, Remarks = supplied from occupation



June 1907 Greenup, Greenup County, Kentucky

The sad news received here last week of the death of Mrs. Alice Kaut at Lexington, Kentucky, on June 10th. It will be sadly remembered that many years ago her mind became affected to such an extent that it became necessary to send her to the insane asylum at Lexington. She was a good, kind noble and respected lady and her many friends will be sad to learn of her death. She was born January 1, 1851, and at the time of death was 50 years 5 months and 7 days old. She leaves besides a host of relatives and friends, three children to mourn her loss. John and Ben Kaut, 2 prominent business men of this county and Mrs. Neva Boyle of Hood. Her remains were laid to rest at Lexington, June 10th. [Note: Alice Kaut's remains were removed from the Eastern State Hospital grounds and reintered next to her daughter, Neva Ann Boyle (Kaut), at the Boyle Cemetery in Greenup, Greenup County, Kentucky, on November 8, 1984].


b. 20 Jun 1859, South Portsmouth, Greenup County, Kentucky

d. 20 Dec 1932, Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky




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