Gallatin County Deaths


NEW  1918 - 1919 & 1920  Gallatin County Deaths During the Influenza Outbreak

Gallatin Co. 1918



Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Ungle, Florian 27 21-Oct-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Brown, Robert Harold 31 28-Oct-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Warner, Roy 22 2-Nov-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Anderson, Mrs. Maggie 35 4-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Hunt, Emma Dora 16 8-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Payne, Ella Olds 55 11-Nov-18 Influenza Intestinal Hemmorage
Jackson, William 2 1-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza





Gallatin Co. 1919



Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Beach, Bessie 23 20-Jan-19 Influenza Childbirth
Beach, Carrie 10 days 24-Jan-19 Influenza
Henry, William Albert 5 24-Jan-19 Pneumonia following Influenza
Wagoner, W. M. 70 14-Feb-19 Influenza
Webber, Callie Jane 43 4-Apr-19 Inflamatory (indecipherable) Influenza
Wheeler, Oliver Oevereus 18 Jan 16, 1819 Pneumonia Influenza
O'Connor, Blanchie P. 25 Jan 26, 1819 Influenza
Roberts, Ann Mary 80 Jan 28, 1819 Mycardial Insufficiency Influenza





Gallatin Co. 1920



Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Edwards, Andrew Louis 67 10-Feb-20 Tuberculosis of the Lungs Influenza
O'Connor, Corneilius 33 19-Feb-20 Double Pneumonia Influenza
Walker, Robert 34 25-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Winters, Mabel 26 2-Mar-20 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza
Carver, Harry 31 2-Mar-20 Chronic Internal Nephritis Influenza
Carver, Mrs. Bessie 29 3-Mar-20 Pneumonia following Influenza
Roberts, Jessie 33 3-Mar-20 Pneumonia following Influenza
Beach, John 80 4-Mar-20 Influenza Senility
Groves, James Conner 48 5-Mar-20 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza
French, Lucratis I. 32 7-Mar-20 Spanish Influenza Bronchitis
Williamson, Badge
8-Mar-20 Influenza (had no Doctor)
Stephens, William L. 5 mth 20-Mar-20 Pneumonia (Tuberculosis) Influenza
Hite, Venon 1 25-Mar-20 Pneumonia following Influenza
Furnish, Linnie 19 3-Apr-20 Calonhall Pneumonia Measles & Influenza
Griffith, Florence May 20 days 28-Apr-20 Pneumonia following Influenza
Martin, Nancy E. 69 13-May-20 Angina Pectoris Influenza


1874 Death Records Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

1921 Death Records "Partial List" Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

William Harrison Chapman William David Rice John T. Wheeler
Martha Jane Jackson John Morgan Wheeler Ralph Wheeler
Hazel May (Miller) Wheeler


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