Gallatin County Photo Album

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Gallatin County School Yearbooks

Contributed By: David Webb

Penny Postcards from Kentucky from the USGW Archives

Many of these wonderful photos are posted with permission of Bernie Spencer at Northern Kentucky Views - Gallatin County. Be sure and visit his site and "thank" him!
Page 1: Gallatin County Courthouse
Page 2: Unknown members of the Courtney & Arnold families
Page 3: Unknown members of the Courtney & Arnold families
Page 4: Unknown members of the Courtney & Arnold families
Page 5: Unknown members of the Courtney & Arnold families & Claude K. Callas
Page 6: Unknown members of the Courtney & Arnold families
Page 7: Grace Ada (Courtney) and husband, Frank Gerald Sinclair
Page 8: 1951 Gallatin Co. school, 1952 Gallatin Co. school (Names updated 8/15)
Page 9: Lottie May Webb & John Rice, and a Bird's Eye View of Warsaw and the Ohio river PHOTOS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING
Page 10: The Class of 1961, Gallatin County High School PHOTOS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING
Page 11: GHS Class of 1962, "Florence Marmet" in 1918 and the Ghent Power plant PHOTOS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING
Page 12: Edward Gregory and Emma Jean Smith Gregory; Lottie May, son, John Rice Webb, & Rice Webb; Webb - Furnish Families - 1940s
Page 13:  Warsaw Fire Department about 1928-1930
Page 14: The Senior Classes of 1946 - 1947; 1947 - 1948 & 1948 - 1949
Page 15: Glencoe Basketball Team (date unknown), Glencoe School 1918 & 1920
Page 16: Gallatin County High School Classes of 1952 - 1953
Page 17: Gallatin County High School Classes of 1953 - 1954
Page 18: Gallatin County High School Class of 1961
Page 19: Gallatin County High School Class of 1962
Page 20: Steeles Creek School, Students and Student List
Page 21: Dora Belle Sisson photos
Page 22: James P. Webber & Steeles Creek School & Pupil list.
Page 23: Front and Back of the Gallatin Co. Courthouse before 1939; Big Bend of the Ohio River; Warsaw Christian Church - 1936; Delta Queen at Markland locks; Falls City Packet Boat; First Warsaw High School & 1926 Gallatin Co. Band Boosters
Page 24: Big Bend at Sugar Creek; Sugar Creek Bridge; Concord Baptist Church, Oakland Baptist Church, Sugar Creek Church; Dan's Restaurant & docks; Haarman's Motel & Warsaw Cemetery.
Page 25: Glencoe School; Glencoe Baptist Church; Glencoe Berkshire Southfork Church; Glencoe Basketball Team; Eagle Valley; Morgan Lumber Yard; Tobacco Warehouse; Mr. Bailey-Peak Corkran House; Island Queen during the 1913 flood; Napoleon School & School List - 1918 & Old Log Cabin
Page 26: L&N Depot and Section Gang in Sparta; Sparta Christian Church; Sparta Baptist Church; Eagle Valley; Main St., Sparta & The Steamboats: "City of Vevay, Louisville, Cincinnati, Carrollton & Princiss, Kentucky, Indians".
Page 27: Steamers "Kentucky - 1911 & Cincinnati"; 4 WPA Projects; Steele Bottom Rd, Licking Creek, Sewer and Watermain - 1938; Warsaw Basketball Team - 1905, Warsaw Christian Church - 1905, Warsaw Methodist Church - 1906 & the Warsaw Courthouse.
Page 28: Bun Boy Drive-In Restaurant; Warsaw's 1st & 2nd High School; Warsaw Christian Church Members, 1926 & 1936; Baily Pharmacy; Warsaw Baptist Church; Brown Hotel & Warsaw Christian Church.
Page 29: Warsaw Courthouse before 1939 and after the WPA; Crown Flour Mill; Farmer's State Bank; Warsaw 1st Christian Church & McDanell Furniture Mfg.
Page 30: Views of Warsaw; Opera House; Warsaw Methodist Church; Warsaw Theater; St. Joseph's Church & Warsaw during the 1937 flood.
Page 31: Rod Perry Home; Moon River Club; Weldon Grocery; Jack Howe; Warsaw Boat Landing & A view of Warsaw from Indiana.
Page 32: Webb Family Portrait, circa 1915
Page 33: Thomas Risten Wiley Family; Geneva Webb, Sarah "Saddie" Wiley Webb And Elmer Webb; Otto Wiley Webb and Elmer Webb
Page 34: Otto Wiley Webb; Elmer and Otto Wiley Webb; Warsaw Furniture Factory Employees - 1934 / 35
Page 35: Clarence, Ethel & Charles Gregory, Gregory & Grubbs Gentlemen & Cincinnati River Boat Poster
Page 36: Madison Webb and wife, Naomi Johnson; C. N. “Newt” Black, Marvin L. Black, & Charles “Cecil” Black; Lee Gregory
Page 37: Clover Farm Store in Glencoe, Kentucky
Page 38: Charles Cecil Black; Jacob Crouch; Mary Evaline Howard Crouch NEW!
Page 39: Marjorie Crouch Baker; Evalyn, Clifford, and Joy Crouch; William Pryor Crouch & Carrie Chapman Crouch NEW!