Marriages 1887-1900

Note: All consents are the father and/or mother of the bride/groom, unless otherwise stated.
Date of Consent Bride Groom Consenting Party
18 Oct 1889 Effie May Chapman W. W. Albritten J[ames] K[nox] P[olk] Chapman
28 Oct 1891 Lizzie B. Hendrick C.N. Ainley T.J. Hendrick
24 Dec 1891 Sophronia D. Allcock Asa Austin J. M. Armistead (uncle of
bride - bride of lawful age)
8 Dec 1891 Charlie Taylor James Anderson A. W. Taylor
9 March 1892 Annie Bennett (col.) Joe Labararrie (col.) Mavis Anderson (mother of bride)
10 March 1892 H.F. Stevens C. Anderson Mary Stevens
15 March 1892 Mary J. Murphy Charles Andrus W. L. Murphy
23 June 1893 Idella Franklin James H. Allbritten M. W. Franklin & S. G. Franklin
29 Oct 1894 Emma J. Holland B. B. Adams ("a minor") C.C. Adams (groom's father)
19 July 1894 M. M. Reeves A. L. Alderice Wiley Reeves & S.E. Reeves
6 Dec 1894 Cora McCain H. A lexander Powers Mary Powers (mother of groom)
20 Feb 1895 M. L. Dupree W.S.Adams M. E. Dupree (mother)
18 Oct 1895 Myrtle M. Daniel Frank V. Alexander Mrs. M. C. Daniel
27 March 1895 Rosa Beaugard (col.) Ransom Andrews(col.) Mattie (X) Beuagard
14 Dec 1896 Clem[entine] Wyatt Carl Adams G[?] T. Wyatt
12 Aug 1896 Lovie Hill (age 16) Thomas Austin William Hill & Rebekker Hill
15 May 1897 Stelly Lourder L[ucien] P. Anderson G.B.Lourder
15 May 1897 [not given] Lucien P. Anderson E. Robertson & M. C. Robertson
[not given] Girdie Byrd Jos[Jas?] Adams J.M.Byrd
[not given] Bertha Watson Tom Arnett Mrs.Mary J. Watson
11 Feb 1895 Nancy E.Blackburn W.W.Dunn J. C. Blackburn & Mrs. A. B. Blackburn
11 Feb 1895 Luella Cash Green Berry Burgess R. G. Burgess & M. A.  Burgess
3 June 1889 Blanche W. Barnett Geo W. Backus W. W. Barnett & Ella B. Barnett
24 April 1889 R. A. Phipps M.B.Ballard T. B. Watters (guardian of R. A. Phipps)
11 Nov 1889 Callie M. Bennett Stanley Thomas G. D. Bennett
19 Sept 1889 Louder Sullivan J.E.Potts David Sullivan
9 Sept 1889 Frances Fellery Wheeler James Blythe J. M. Wheeler
1 Jan 1889 Lucy B. Belote T. D. Boaz J. C. Belote
30 Jan 1889 Mary J[ane] Harper W. T. Bray John M. Harper
2 Dec 1889 Clementine Smith(col.) Henry Beach (col.) J. M. Smith

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