Look-Up Resources and Volunteers

Most adults possess the decorum to utilize a volunteer service without being rude or taking unfair advantage. I realize that most of us fall into that category, however, there are those nervy souls who would push the envelope. For that reason, I apologize for having to ask everyone to bear the following in mind when requesting a look up:

Look Up Resources and Volunteers
Mary Bishop Green Co. Cemetery Books 1 - 4
Green Co. Marriages up to 1900
Green Co. Census 1850 - 1920
Green Co. Deaths 1911 - 1991 on Microfishe
Look Ups at Court House (Fee)
Adair Co. Marriages, Bible Records, and Census 1850 -1900
Kate Cook

(inactive until Fall)

Green Co. Ky Abstracts of Circuit Court Records 1-10
Green Co., Ky Abstracts of Deed Book 1-2, 1793-1801
Green Co., Ky Abstracts of Deed Book 3-4, 1801-1806
Green Co., Ky Abstracts of Deed Book 5-6, 1806-1814
Green Co., Ky Abstracts of Deed Book 7, 1814-1817
Green Co., Ky Abstracts of Deed Book 8, 1817-1820
Green Co. Ky Will Book 1, w/inventories (1795-1816)
Green Co. Ky Will Book 2 (1816-1839), w/Invent. (1812-1820)
Green Co. Ky Will Book 3 (1840-1875)
Green Co., Ky Will Book 4, 1875-1913
Green Co. Ky Abstracts of Deed Book 7 (1814-1817)
Cemeteries of Green County Volumes 1-4
Green Co. Processioners' Reports (1796-1830)
Green Co. Marriage Records Volumes 1-4 (1793-1868)
Index of the 1820 Federal Census
Ann Hoskins "Edythe Cowherd Newton's Genealogy" - includes
"Jarnette and Allied Families in America" - includes
Vacancy Marriage Index: IL,IN,KY,OH,TN 1720-1926 (CD#2)
Marriage Index: KY,NC,TN,VA,WV 1728-1850 (CD#229)
Social Security Records: U.S. 1937-1993 (CD#110)
Debbie Raque 1860 Green Co. Census
Green Co. Will Books 3 (1840-1875) & 4 (1873-1913)
Ruth Adkins Robinson 1890 Green County Tax Lists
Bill Smith * Green Co. Old Marriage Certificates Book D (1836-1861)
* Green Co. Marriage Bonds Book D (1842-1853)
* Green Co. Marriages 1854-1868

Most Green County Abstract Books compiled by Barbara WRIGHT

*These resources are available from the Green County Public Library for $10.00. Address:

Green County Public Library
116 South Main St.
Greensburg, KY 42743
(502) 932-7081

Please tell them Green County KyGenWeb referred you!

Green County is in need of more look up volunteers and materials. If you have a genealogical resource in your possession and would like to volunteer as a Green County look-up person, we need your help! If you have authored a genealogical resource related to Green County and would like to grant permission for that resource to be used for look-ups, bless you! Contact me at E-Mail for more information.


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