Green County Marriage Book A, 1793-1836

These were originally posted to Sandi Gorin's South-Central-Kentucky email list.  They are posted here with her permission.  This is quite a lengthy list.   You may want to try the <Ctrl> -F key feature in order to do a search.

This was published by the Green County Historical Society, undated, no copyright found - however I will be abstracting only - not giving all the information found. Most entries show bond date, bondsmen, witnesses and minister's name. I will show names and years of marriage only as I do not wish to violate any implied copyright. Dates are marriage dates unless date is not shown - then the bond date is shown.

Shown below are the names of bride and groom and date of marriage only.  Other info is usually available.  If a parent is shown, I'll list.  If different spellings on names are shown, they appear spelled differently on the license, bond or consent form.

Variations on spelling of names indicate that they are spelled one way on one form and another way on a different form. Abbreviations used: Cons=consent, pr=proved; f=father; m=mother; par=parents, d/o=daughter of; s/o=son of, par=parents.


ABBOTT (ABBET), William to HALL, Rebecca 1808
ABELL (ABEL), William W to BUCHANAN, Jane, 1816.
ABNER, Joshua to PHELPS, Patty, 1795.
AKIN, Joseph to DOWNING, Susannah, 1815.
ALLEN, David to PRICE, Betsey 1798.
ALLEN, James to BARRET, Ann, 1806.
AMENT, George to PETTUS, Judith, 1818.
ANDERSON, Reubin t MILLS, Rachel H, 1810.
ANDREWS, John to WELLS, Rebecca, 1805.
ANDREWS, Thomas to JONES, Rutha, 1807.
ATKINSON, John E to WILLIAMS, Parthuna W, 1816.
ATKINSON (ATKINSON), Thomas W to CARLILE, Betsy, 1810.


BALE, Jacob to DAVIS, Elizabeth, 1816.
BALL, Benjamin to MOURNING, Peggy, 1805.
BALL, Reuben to HARDIN(G), Mary, 1801.
BALL, William to EMBRY, Martha, 1811.
BANDY, Elihue to THOMPSON, Elizabeth, 1809.
BARRET, James W to ALLEN, Maria, 1813.
BARRET, James to BARRET, Mary L, 1817.
BARRET, Robert (Parrot) to BROWNLEE, Margaret L, 1809.
BARRINGER, Joshua to BATES, Elizabeth, 1809.
BARTLETT, Solomon to McMURTRY, Rosey, 1797.
BASS, Henry to RAFFERTY, Nancy, 1802.
BASS, John to EDWARDS, Polly, 1805.
BASS, Josiah to MOODY, Amy, 1799.
BASS, Mosely (Mosaly) to BASS, Judith, 1811.
BASS, Nathan to LEONARD/LENARD, Rowena, 1796.
BASS, Norrel to STEARMAN, Polly, 1809
BASS, William to HERNDON, Judith, 1808.
BATES, James to GIBSON, Nancy, 1802
BATES, Robert to ROUNTREE, Margaret 1802
BEAMS, Fielding to SOUTHERN, Hannah, 1814
BEAUCHAMP, Joseph P to BARTLETT, Lydia, 1814.
BELCHER/BELIKER, Isham to McDANIEL, Betsy, 1808.
BELL, John to WATT, Elizabeth, 1798
BELL, Thomas to CARTER, Sally 1812.
BENNETT, Samuel to SHORT/STOUT, Sarah W, 1810.
BENNING, James to TANDY, Maria, 1809.
BENNINGFIELD, Reuben to CAULK, Lydia, 1816.
BERRY, Samuel to TAYLOR, Eleanor, 1813.
BIGGS, Simeon to ATKINS, Leannah, 1806.
BINGHAM, Henry to WOODARD, Matilda, 1813.
BLACK, John to POINTER, Mary, bond 18 Apr 1798.
BLACK, Moses to WOODARD, Mary, bond 23 Jan 1801.
BLAKEMAN, Aaron to LACEFIELD, Nancy, bond 25 Mar 1799.
BLAKEMAN, Adam to McKINNEY, Catirine, md 22 Mar 1797.
BLAKEMAN, Adam to WILCOX, Patsy (Taby), 17Dec 1807.
BLAKEMAN, Daniel to WORKMAN, Ibby R, bond 15 Mar 1819.
BLAKEMAN, John to McNABB, Catherine/Katherine, 28 June 1816.
BLEVINS, Charle to ROARKS, Sally, 3 May 1816
BLEVINS, Nathan to PEPPERS, Lyda, 1802.
BLOYD, Eli to GRAYHAM, Polly, 27 Apr 1806
BLOYD, Tubby to GOLDSBY, Nancy, 30 May 1805
BOND, Will Thomas to WALKER, Martha Tolbert, bond 19 Dec 1795.
BONNER, Moses to SMITH, Nancy, 1 Apr 1807
BOTTOM, Abner, to CHANDLER, Betsy, 10 Mar 1810
BOTTOM, Merry S (Henry) to DYE, Polly, 26 Nov 1811
BRADLEY, George to CABANIS, Susanah,, 4 June 1812
BRENTS, Samuel to MARSHALL, Elizabeth, Oct 1804
BRIENT (BRIENTT, BRENTS) Thomas A to BATES, Fanney, 12 July 1808.
BROWN, Elijah to RICE, Patsy, 28 Feb 1814
BROWN, Isaac to STAATON, Betsy, 27 Oct 1818
BROWN, John to MORAN, Jamima, 26 Feb 1813.
BROWN, John to CARTER, Amy,13 Aug 1816.
BROWN, Samuel to SALLY, Betsey, 26 May 1814.
BROWNFIELD, Charles to BIRD, James, 20 Jan 1814.
BROWNFIELD, Tharon/Theron to MURRY, Susannah (Murray/Money), 11 Jan 1808.
BROWNLEE, Alexander to THORNTON, Jane, 2 Feb 1807.
BROWNLEE, Andrew C to WOODARD, Charlotte, 2 Nov 1816.
BROWNLEE, Charles to ALLEN, Betsy,8 Sept 1809.
BRUNK, Jese to JONES, Neoma, 13 June 1808
BRUSTER, Cumfret to McCORKLE, Jane, 29 Oct 1814.
BRYANT, Richard to RICE, Nancy, 3 Feb 1813.
BYRANT, William P to CAVE, Nancy, 6 May 1816.
BUCKNER, James to WEST, Levina/Susanah,, Nov 1804.
BUCKNER, Thornton to BUCKNER, Matilda 4 Mar 1806
BULY, William to JONES, Hannah, 3 Oct 1811
BUNNEL, Peter to ERWIN, Susannah, 19 June 1810
BURNS, James to WEBB, Theodica C, 5 July 1814
BURNS, William to LYNK (LYNCH), Dorothy, 15 Mar 1797
BURTON, JOhn to PRICE, Nancy, bond 17 Sept 1793
BURTON, William (BRATTON) to CLIPTON, Susannah, widow, 2 Aug 1811
BUTLER, Elkanah to HARDIN, Elizabeth, bond 26 May 1801.
BUTLER, Isaac to MILLIKIN, Nancy, 11 Mar 1797.
BUTLER, Nathan to HARDIN/HARDING, Polly, 21 Mar 1816.
BUTLER, William to McCAFFERTY/McCOFFREE, Polly, 6 Apr 1795.
BUTTERFIELD, Elijah to TUCKER, Mary Ann, 15 Feb 1808.


CABEL/CABELL, Joseph to MANN, Rachel, bond 11 Nov 1801
CABBEL/CABELL, Samuel to MAN/MANN, Sarah 15 May 1810
CALDWELL, Beverly to HATCHER, Phebe, 1802 (bond taken 21 Dec 1801).
CALDWELL, David to CABINESS, Lucy, bond 17 --- 1799.
CALDWELL, David to WILCOXSON, Paatsy, 21 Feb 1810.
CALDWELL, William to TRABUE, Nancy, bond 20 Sept 1808.
CALDWELL, Willis to CALDWELL, Dicey M, 18 Feb 1813.
CAMPBELL, David to NELSON, Polly, 4 Jan 1816.
CAMPBELL, James to SPEARS, Rachel, 27 Jan 1809.
CANNON, John to JARVIS, Elizabth, bond 1 Mar 1799.
CANTRELL, Cable (Caleb) to McCUBBIN, Susanah/Susannah, 14 Sept 1817
CARLILE, John to HARDING, Sarah, Dec 1814 (bond taken 22 Dec)
CARLILE, Richard to CANDLER, Rhoda, 1799 (bond taken 14 Aug 1798).
CARLILE, Thomas to DUDLEY, Beetsy 1 June 1803.
CARLILE, Wm to McCOLGAN, Grizza, 23 Mar 1813
CARNAHAN, Will T (William Thompson) to QUIGLEY, Fanny, 27 Aug 1795.
CARPENTER, Nathaniel to MANN, Rachel, 1 Mar 1802.
CARTER, Gibson to DAVIS, Nancy, 29 Jan 1812.
CARTER, Thomas to BASS, Judith, 24 Feb 1810.
CATES, John to CROUCH, Nancy, 21 Jan 1808
CAVE, James to HARDING, Rebecca, 30 Sept 1812.
CAVIN, John to CHISM, Polly, 11 Sept 1796.
CHANDLER, David (CHANCELLOR) to PHELPS, Margaret, 4 Nov 1793
CHANDLER, Sidy C (Scady) to SHREVE, Elzabeth (SHREEVE, SHRIEVE), 22 Nov 1816
CHANEY, Elisha/Elijah to DUTTON, Polly, 1807 (bond was 2 Dec)
CHAPMAN, Philemon To HOLOBY/MOLOBY, Fanny, 8 Dec 1811.
CHAUDOIN, Benj to GUPTON, Henritta,, 1 Mar 1818.
CHAUDOIN, John M to CAAUDOIN/CHAUDIN, Sally, 14 Jan 1808.
CHENAULT, Stephen to RODGERS, Polly E, bond 14 July 1803.
CHISHOLM, Gabriel to DEAN, Jane, 9 Sept 1807.
CHISM, John to LYNN, Esther, 27 Sept 1798.
CHRISHAM, Benjamin to SMITH, Susanah, 14 May 1816.
CIRBOW, Samuel (CERBO) to RILEY, Sally, 14 Aug 1795.
CLARK, John to VAUGHN, Sally, 24 June 1811.
CLARK, Moss to BARTLETT, Nancy, 5 Mar 1793.
CLAYTON, Thomas P to MONTGOMERY, Jane, 29 Dec 1817.
CLEMMENS, Andrew to SKAGGS, Sarah, 18 June 1793.
CLIFTON, Burdett to SUBLETT, Susannah, Feb 1807.
COBBS, David to DUDGEON, Nancy, 22 Nov 1816.
COFFEE, Anonias to HINEMAN/HERDSMAN, Jane, 24 Aug 1809.
COLE, John to DUKE, Susanah, 5 Aug 1816.
COLE, Jesse/Jerre to CHISM, Sally, 26 Nov 1806.
COMBS, Samuel to GRAYHAM, Rachel, bond 5 Jan 1801.
COMPTON/CUMPTON, Richard to PATTON, Martha, 3 Nov 1816.
CONOVER, Robt to SPEARS, Polly, Oct 1811.
COPPAGE, Alexander to MALONE/MELONE, Sarah, 17 Dec 1808.
CORVAT/CRAVAT, Levi to SOLSMAN, Sarah/Saray, bond 20 Nov 1810, marriage date unreadable.
COURTS, Charles to RICE, Nancy, 9 May 1814.
COWHERD, Colby to BUCKNER, Sary R, 19 Oct 1814.
COWHERD, Simeon to SMITH, Sally, 11 Nov 1806.
COWHERD, Yelverton to ELMOE, Elizabeth, she d/o Thomas, 12 Aug 1814.
COX, Gambril to BARTLETT, Franky, 6 Feb 1796 or 1797.
COYLE, James to TRUE, Pheby, d/o John, 3 Jan 1811.
CREEL, Elijah to EMBRY, Ermine, 18 Dec 1811.
CREEL, Silas to COOK, Elizabeth S, 13 Dec 1814.
CRENSHAW, Waller to MITCHELL, Jane, d/o James, 7 Apr 1814.
CROCKETT, John W to BULLOCK, Louisa, 9 July 1811.
CROWDER, Phillip to CHANDLER, Sally, d/o John, July 1797
CRUMPTON, Samuel (COMPTON) to McCORKLE, Martha, d/o Martha, 18 Oct 1810.
CURRY, Chaarles to JEFFREYS, Francis, d/o John 2 May 1816.
CURRY, Samuel to HARRIS, Easter, 24 Nov 1818.


DAMON (DAMRON), George to MOURNING, Polly, bond 23 Feb 1809.
DAVENPORT, Jack S to WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth, he s/o Presley, bond 29 Mar 1811.
DAVIS, Charles to CUMMINS, Sarah, she d/o of Thos & Susannah, 29 June 1797.
DAVIS, Edward to COURTNEY, Sarah, consent of Sarah, 13 Dec 1798.
DAVIS, Ezekiel to STOUT, Aby, 25 July 1810.
DAVIS, George Jr to GOFF (GOFFIN,GRIFFIN), Amy, consent George Davis, 10 Aug 1803.
DAVIS, Jarrit (Garret) to PEPPER, Susannah, her own consent, 4 Dec 1797.
DAVIS, Norton to WILLIAMSON, Sarah, her own consent, bond date 7 May 1799.
DAVIS, Thomas to GRAHAM (GRAYHAM), Delilia, d/o Edward and Elizabeth, 1 July 1803.
DAWSON, James to HARDIN, Hannah, 2 Feb 1804.
DAY, John to BOTTOM, Nancy, d/o Benj., 8 Aug 1816.
DENNISON, Benjamin to MATTHEWS (MATHEWS), Mary, d/o Benjamin, Oct 1814
DENNISON, Richard to MATHEWS (MATHERS), Jane, d/o Wm, 23 Oct 1814.
DeSPAIN, John to DANIEL, Charlotte, Wm & Lucinda Daniel her parents, June 1801.
DeSPAIN, Marshall to LYNN, Rachel, bond 8 Jan 1799.
D SPAIN (DeSPAIN), Solomon to BELL, Nancy, d/o Zephania, 4 July 1807.
DeSPAIN, Solman to GRAYHAM, Levicy, d/o Sary, 25 Sept 1805.
DEVERS, Nathan to PEACE, Betsy, d/o Priscilla, 1803 (bond taken 20 Oct)
DICKSON, John to CRANE, Sarah, d/o Wm, 17 May 1797.
DILLIS, Thomas to NORTH, Mary M, 4 May 1818.
DOBBS, William to RILEY, Betsy, bond 18 Oct 1809.
DOBSON, Joseph to DAVIS, Mary, 5 Apr 1804
DOBSON, Joseph to PERKINS, Zilly, 28 Nov 1816.
DOBSON, Wm to DeSPAIN, Rebecca, d/o James Scott DeSPAIN 5 Jan 1813.
DOUGLAS, Charles to SMITH, Polly, 22 Jan 1814.
DOWING, Captain William to RICE, Susannah, d/o David, 7 Jan 1808.
DUCKWORTH, Isaac to CANTRALL, Polly, he s/o Wm; she sister of Thomas CANTRALL, Sept 1806. (bond taken 1 Sept).
DURRETT (DURRET), John to GADDIE, Susanah, 27 Aug 1818.
DUTTON, Aaron to POWEL, Margaret, d/o Thomas, Mar 1804 (bond taken 5 Mar)
DYE, James to WILLIAMS, Nancy, s/o Marting DYE, 14 Feb 1813.
DYE, Fontleroy to DURHAM, Jincy (Judy), her consent by Samuel DURHAM Sr, her uncle; 30 July 1812.
DYER, Charles to CAMPBELL, Polly, bond 17 July 1798.


EASTERS/ESTES, John to BELL, Jane, 6 Feb 1806
EDRINGTON, James to FORBIS, Mary, 24 Oct 1813
EDRINGTON, John to TALIAFERRO, Nancy F, d/o Francis, 27 Oct 1817
EDWARDS, Cuphbert/Cuthbort to CHAPMAN, Ann R, 7 Mar 1816.
ELISON, Corneulious/Cornelious to KINNEY, Betsy, 1 Mar 1814.
ELKINS, Abel to SKAGGS, Polly, d/o William,, 1803 (bond was taken 12 Jan.
ELLISON, Amos to ARNETT, Susannah, d/o Joseph, 16 Aug 1816
ELMORE, Zachariah to SHOEMAKER, Betsy, 15 Aug 1816
EMBRY, Samuel to TOWLER, Mary, bond 20 Jan 1810.
ERWIN, Robert to GREER/GREEN, Sally, 25 Mar 1814.
ERWIN, Wm to FORBIS, Sally, d/o James, 13 July 1812.
ESTES/ESTON/EASTES, Thomas to PRICE, Obediance/Obedience 1 Jan 1812.
EWING, David to TODD, Hannah, 26 Dec 1809


FERGUSON, Will to McMAHAN, Patsy, cons Patsy McMAAHAN, bond date 9 Jan 1799.
FINLEY, Reuben to CHISM, Elizabeth, d/o Benjamin, bond 19 May 1795.
FISHER, John to LATHOM, Sally, d/o Johnathan, bond 26 Sept 1799.
FISHER, John to THOMPSON, Polly, d/o Wm, 5 Mar 1814.
FISHER, John to FORBIS/FORBES, Juliet, cons by mother of bride, Mary EDRINGTON, 17 Apr 1817
FLETCHER, James to HASH, Nancy, d/o Thos, 1809 (bond taken 6 Nov).
FORREST, Jekiel to McCANLISS, d/o Mary, 17 Aug 1807.
FOSSETT, Robert to CHANDLER, Fanny, d/o John, 2 Oct 1806
FRAZIER, John to FRAZIER, Susannah, bond 26 Oct 1799.


GADDY/GADDIE, James to NASH/HASH, Betsey, d/o Thos, 11 Oct 1798
GADDY, George to KERR/KEEN, Suzanna/Susanah, 20 Sept 1809
GALLOWAY, Isom to SLINKER, Dicy/Dicey/Lucy, d/o Frederick, 29 Mar 1811.
GALLOWAY, James to McCURDY, Ruth, bond 2 Dec 1797, md 1797.
GARROTT/GARRETT, Hercules to WHITLOCK, Polly, 25 Dec 1816.
GEORGE, Daniel to SHWEEWLL, Susannah, 23 Mar 1813.
GIBBONS, Isaac to BUCKNER, Elizabeth A, 24 Dec 1807.
GIBSON, James to BEATS, Catharine, bond 5 July 1796.
GIBSON, Turner to CAVE, Polly, d/o Wm Sr, 23 Nov 1813.
GIMLIN, David to MOORE, Polly, d/o Thomas, bond 18 Nov 1802.
GIMLIN, Samuel to MOORE, Betsey, 9 Mar 1808.
GOALDER, Cristopher to SANDIDGE, Henrietta, 2 Apr 1811.
GOBLE, John to BLAKEMAN, Elizabeth, 15 June 1810.
GOFF, Elijah to ROGERS, Unity, 7 June 1804.
GOFF, Wm to TRENT, Sally, he s/o William, she d/o Williamson, 30 June 1813
GOLDSBY, Junior James (James Junior?) to BINGLEY, Elizabeth, he stepson of Zachariah Nance, 26 Dec 1812
GOLDSBY, Stephen to AKIN, Deborah, d/o James, 24 July 1812.
GOLDSBY, William to McMURTRY, Nancy, d/o WIlliam and Alice, 1801 (bond 3 Feb 1801).
GOOD, Fleming to MOURNING/MOURING, Jane 20 Aug 1812
GRAVES, Francis to COWHERD, Frusilla, d/o James, 21 Nov 1806.
GRAYHAM, Freeborn to GRAYHAM, Sall, d/o Peter, 21 July 1801.
GRAYHAM, John to CUMMINS, Margaret, 2 Dec 1808.
GRAYHAM, Johnson to STONE, Casey, 14 Nov 1797.
GRAYHAM, Will to BOYD, Leah, 24 Feb 1807.
GREEN, David/Davis to SUBLETT, Polly, 29 Dec 1816
GREEN, John to McKY/McKee, Rachel (Becky) cons William & Molly McKY [sic], 4 Dec 1796
GREEN, Will to GRAYHAM, Elizabeth, consent father, William GRAYHAM, 27 Sept.
GREENSTREET, John to GIBSON, Mary, cons her father, John, bond 19 June 1798.
GRIGGS, Joseph to WILSON, Sarah, cons her father, William, 23 Jan 1794.
GRIGGS, Squire to BATES, MaryAnn, cons by herself, bond 5 Dec 1795.
GUDE/GOOD, Robert to BALL, Margaret, cons her father, Benjamin, 1801 (bond taken 16 Oct 1801).
GUMM, Elijah to BRUNER/BURNS, Suzy/Luzy/Lizy, 25 Feb 1807.
GUMM, Jehue to JONES, Mary, 1804 (bond taken 25 July)


HAIL/HAILE, Durham to SYMPSON, Peggy, cons her father, William, 17 Sept 1801 (should be 1810).
HALL, Benjamin to WARREN, Eady, cons James WARREN, 1802 (bond 25 Sept).
HALL, John to ABBOT, Dolly, con her step-father, C Bryant Trent, md 3 Jan? 1807.
HALL, William to McDANIEL, Mary, cons John McDANNEL, 15 Mar 1809.
HANDY, Jesse to HALL, Elizabeth, 29 June 1797.
HARDIN/HARDING, Abel to COLVIN, Elizabeth B, cons her father, James CARLILE [so shown), 5 Feb 1807.
HARDIN, John to HAYES, Nancy,cons of her father, Robert 23 Aug 1796.
HARDIN/HARDING, Samuel to WHITLOCK, Lucy, cons Lucy WHITLOCK, 23 Aug 1796.
HARDING, Asa to TAYLOR, ELizabeth 29 Jan 1813.
HARDING, John to TAYLOR, Susannah, cons her father, Samuel,Feb 1801 (bondtaken 2 Feb).
HARDING, Noah to RODGERS, cons her father, John, 8 Apr 1819.
HARDING, Samuel to GREENWOOD, Mary, cons Mary HARDING, Nov 1814 (no bond date shown).
HARLAN, John to HUFMAN, Fanny, cons her father, Ambrose, no date, he gave permission 22 Feb 1799.
HARRIS, Rich to NEVILE, Rebeckah, cons her parents, HWm NEVELL and Winninfard, bond 20 Nov 1798.
HARRIS, Will to HIGHSMITH, Nany, cons her father, Thomas, 6 Oct 1797.
HARROD, James to BURKS, Nancy, c her f, John, no date but he gave consent 16 Apr 1799.
HART, Moses to SCOT/SCOTT, Rhoda, cons her f, Alex, bond 4 Aug 1802.
HASH, James to MARTIN, Sally, 27 Nov 1807.
HATCHER, Kaskins to ATKERSON/ATKINSON, Elizabeth H, 16 Dec 1813.
HAWKS, Frederick to WRIGHT, Sally, cons her f, Thomas, 26 Jan 1809.
HAWKS, G(eorge) to DOBSON, Joannia/Jemimah, 28 Feb 1806.
HAY, Dimack to CHANDLER, Sarah, c fathers - Robert Hay and Isaac Chandler, bond 18 Feb 1807
HAY, Robert to MOORE, Nancy, 20 Mar 1806.
HAYS/HAYES, Andrew E to BALE, Caty (she born 24 Aug 1789) cons by her f, Jacob, 5 Dec 1811.
HAZLE, Jedson to GRAYHAM, Nancy, 7 Oct 1806.
HAZEL, John M to HAZEL, Mary, 5 June 1818.
HAZEL, Richard to JONES, Sarah, bond 28 Jan 1807.
HELMS, William to GIBSON, Caty, cons her par, John & Mary, bond 9 June 1806.
HENRY, Benjamin to JONES, Martha, 2 Mar 1809.
HENRY, Daniel to CAYCE, Nancy, 19 May 1807.
HERNDON, Caddis to BENNET, Betsy, 3 July 1809.
HERNDON, Nathaniel to GADDY, Betsy, 22 May 1806.
HERNDON, Thomas to KEEN, Nancy, 31 May 1810.
HEROD/HERRARD/HEARAD, John to PEACE, Nancy, cons her f, Simon, bond 31 May 1798.
HIGGASON, Supry/Supra to SANDIDGE, Lucy, md 8 Apr 1817.
HOBSON, Wm to KIRTLEY, Lucy Ann, 25 Mar 1814.
HOGAN, James to TAYLOR, Mabel, 27 Apr 1817.
HOLLAND, Benjamin to FORBIS, Peggy, 29 Jan 1804.
HOLLAND, William to BELCHER, Patty/Eliza, consent her father, John, bond date 12 Jan 1799.
HOLLAND, William to PRINCE, Betsy/EEliza, bond 8 Aug 1807.
HOLMES, Isaiah L to EASTLAND, Elizabeth D, 16 Apr 1816.
HOOD, George to MOORE, Rebecca, 15 Feb 1809.
HORD, Richard to CHISHAM, Nncy, her bro was C B, 27 Dec 1808.
HOWE, Robert F to ALLEN, Levenia F, 8 Oct 1817.
HOWELL, Charles to COMPTON, Peggy, 17 Mar 1813.
HUDSON, Drury to VANCE, Elizabeth, 9 Jan 1812.
HUDSON, Henry to VANCE, Jane, 23 Jan 1810.
HUDSON, Lodowick to MURKUM/MARCUM, Elizabeth, 21 Mar 1814.
HUDSON, Pleasant to VANCE, Margaret, c her f, William, 17 Dec 1810.
HUGHES, Thomas to MOORE, Susannah, 25 Oct 1810.
HUMPHREY/UMPHREY, James to CARLILE, Nancy, her grandfather was C C HARDIN, 17 Sept 19807.
HUMPHREY, Abijah to EMERSON, Katy/Catherine, c John EMERSON, no relationship shown, bond 5 Jan 180-, md 1801.
HUNT, Simeon to RIVERS, Betsy, c her f, JOhn, 17 Oct 1797.
HUTCHESON, Hutty B to LEE, Elizabeth H, cons Joshua LEE, no relationship shown, 22 Mar 1810. Note: Witnesses were John B Lee and Unity Stockton - Unity was the d/o Rev. Robert Stockton.
HUTCHESON, Joseph to MASON, Nancy, cons Nancy Mason, no relationship show, 11 Oct 1794.
HUTCHESON, Matthew to PHILLIPS, Comfort, bond 2 Mar 1803
HUTCHESON, Thomas to PHILLIPS, Catherine, 22 June 1809.
HUTCHESON, William to HUTCHESON, Nancy, 25 Oct 1803.


INGRAM, Wm to TRABUE, Rebecca, c her father, Stephen, 28 May 1812.
INYARD, Silas to DUCKWORTH, Martha, cons her f, William, 6 Nov 1806.
IRVIN, Alex to SIDEBOTTOM, Susanna, 14 Feb 1809.
IRVIN, John to BELL, Mary, cons her f, Zfeniah, 2 Sept 1793.
ISBELL, Livingston to CALVIN, Jean, c her f, James, 1 Apr 1813.


JACK, Robert to FLEMIN, Nancy, Sept 1804 (bond date was 5 Sept).
JACKSON, John to STACY, Winny, cons her par Ping? & Ann, 27 Feb 1801.
JANES/JONES, Will to HOLLAND/NOLAND, cons her f, William, bond date 20 Aug 1799.
JARBOE, John to CROUCH, Elender, 1909 (bond 13 Sept).
JARBOE/JARBEE/YARBOE, Robert to RICHESON/ RICHASON, Sally, cons her f, Thomas, bond 21 Jan 1801.
JARVIS, Jabiz to CANNON, Bets, bond 22 Mar 1802.
JOHNSON, Daniel to WILLIAMS, Jane,, 1802-1803 (bond 28 Feb 1803)
JOHNSON, Isaiah to HILBERT/HEBBON, Sarah, cons Esse? Johnson, cons William HILBERN, bond 21 Feb 1810.
JOLLIFF, Richard to HOOVER, Rebeccah, bond 27 Feb 1810.
JONES, Enoch to RATLIFF, Sally, cons f, James HEDGSPETH (assumed to be her father?), bond 22 Aug 1809.
JONES, Henry to HENRY, Sally, 1 Sept 1814.
JONES, Morgan to LEWIS, Nancy, cons her f, Thomas L., bond 10 July 1809.
JONES, Robert to SHEEERILL, Lidia/Ledia, 21 Jan 1817.
JONES, Robert to HENRY, Franky, 3 Oct 1809.
JONES, Watkins to CARSON, Nancy, bond 8 June 1811.
JONES, William to SCOTT, Lyddy, cons her f, Eleck, 26 Mar 1801.
JONES, William to STUDDARD/STUDART, Nancy, cons her f, Samuel, 11 Nov 1795.
JOURDON, John to BODKIN, Polly, 13 July 1812.


KELLY, Andrew to DONAN, Betsy Clinch, cons Amy DONAN, 20 Aug 1795.
KELLY, Matthew to DURHAM, Sency/Lucy, 2 Mar 1801.
KINNEY/KENNY, John to JEFFREYS, Ann, cons her f, John, 14 Dec 1809.
KIRKPTRICK, Amos to ELLIS, Sarah, cons his f, Robert, cons her f, Ephraim ELES, 27 Nov 1798.
KIRTLEY, Elijah to COOK, 7 Feb 1811.
KNIFLY, Phillip to MOURNING, Sarah, cons her f, Roger, 12 Mar 1799.


LACEFIELD/LASFIELD, Daniel to BALEY/BAYLESS, May (Amy), 27 Sept 1813.
LANCASTER, William to SAUNDERS, Anna, 1803 (bond date was 17 Sept 1803.
LANDERS, John to RIVERS, Lucy, cons her father, John, 6 Feb 1806.
LARIMORE, James to BENNINGTON, Patsy, cons Patsy BENNINGFIELD, 28 Feb 1811.
LARIMORE, Robert to MORGAN, Nancy, 20 Sept 1813.
LASLEY, James to SMITH, Susannah, cons her f, John, no marriage date shown bond was 12 Jan 1803.
LASLEY, Manoah Jr to SANDIDGE, Sally, cons her f John SMITH, no marriage date shown, bond 12 Jan 1803.
LATIMER/LATIMORE, Jacob to POORE, Jane, con Jane POORE, md 16 Feb 1809.
LAWSON, Moses to THOMAS, Amy/Anna, c her f, Henry, 5 June 1798.
LAXTON, Thomas to ELKINS, Hannah, 12 Dec 1799.
LEAMONS, Isaac to MOORE, Eliza/Betsy, 28 Nov 1806.
LEE, Charles to WARREN, Elizabeth, 9 Aug 1810.
LEE, Thomas to BARTLETT, Patsy, 1807. Bond 14 Nov 1807.
LEGG, Samuel to BLUNT, Mary, 19 Feb 1810.
LESSWELL, Andrew to WRIGHT, Nancy, cons her f, Thomas, no marriage date shown, bond 16 May 1803.
LILE, Jacob to TENNISON, Mary Ann, 28 July 1812.
LILE, Vencent to LANTON/SCOTON/SEXTON, cons her f, George, 23 May 1813.
LILE, Will to SLINKER, Sally, c her f, Fadrac, 16 Sept 1797.
LILES/LILE, Pete to SEXTON, Sally, 25 Aug 1807.
LINVILL, Moses to LEE, Peggy, cons her f, Wmm, 7 Jan 1809
LISLE, Daniel to MILLER, Dolly, cons her f, Thomas, 16 Aug 1804.
LOBB, Reubin to WHITMON, Sally, 3 July 1807
LONG, James to WOOLDRIDGE, Sarah, cons her f, Richard, 3 May 1797.
LUCAS, Robert to MARSHALL, Sally, 18 Feb 1808.
LUDINGTON, Esau to HUGHES, Nancy, 1802. Bond 29 May 1803?
LYON/LIAN, John to DAWSON, Nancy H (Harriet), cons her f, William, 1 Sept 1809.


MALONE, Simon to DUTTON, Deborah, consent Deborah, 9 July 1800.
MANN, John to BRYANT, Sally, cons C RADE/RODE and (Thoda) BRAYANT, mother, 29 May 1814.
MAHAN/MAHON, William to BRUMFIELD, Elizabeth, cons her f, Samuel, 18 July 1804.
MANN/MAN, Joseph to HILL, Betsy, cons her par, James & Mary, 29 Dec 1799.
MANN, William to WILCOXEN/WILLCOCKSON/WILLCOCKSON, Nancy, cons her father, William, 4 Apr 1808.
MARKUM/MARCUM, John to VANCE, Mary, 4 Feb 1814.
MARSHAL, John to BRUNTS, Becky, cons her f, John, no date shown, bond was 14 Jan 1801.
MARSHALL, Joseph to RICHESON, Franky, cons her f, Thomas, 29 Jan 1807.
MARSHALL, Robert to RICHESON, Ann, cons her f, Thos., 16 Dec 1802.
MARSHALL, Samuel to BARTLETT, Margaret, con her m, Priscilla, 7 June 1804.
MARTIN, Joseph to WILCOX, Diana S, 28 May 1818.
MARTIN, Joseph to WILCOX, Diana S, 17 Oct 1807 - so shown.
MASON, John to HUTCHESON, Hannah, cons David HUTCHESON, 1797. Bond taken 15 Mar 1797.
MATHEWS/MATHIS, John to GRIGGS, Jeremiah, cons Cateran McKENY and Jemima GRIGGS, 12 Feb 1794.
MATHIS, Will to PHILPOT, Hepsy, cons mother, Mary PHILPOT, 11 Nov 1799.
MATTINGLY/MATTINGLAY, William To MURRY, Nancy, 1 Nov 1813.
MAUPIN, Joel to COLVIN, Esther, cons her f, James, 28 June 1811.
MAXWELL, Thomas to WILLIAMSON, Clarkey, 3 Feb 1809.
MAYES, John to GRIGGS, Elizabeth, cons her f, John, 23 Mar 1797.
MAYES, Mathew to GALLOWAY, Polly, cons her par, Robert & Martha,31 Mar 1797.
MEERS, James to PARRISH, Rutha, 11 Feb 1805
MERCER, Jacob to WEST, Jane, c her m, Nancy, 23 Nov 1813
MEREDITH, Charles to WELLS, Sarah, Mar 1801 (bond was taken 25 Mar).
MEREDITH, Frederick to BROOKS, Polly, 30 May 1811
MEREDITH, Thomas to BALE, Rhoda, con Jacob BALE, 15 Mar 1811
MILBY, James to BENNINGFIELD, Rhody, 13 Aug 1811
MILIKAN/MELIKAN/MELICAN, Julius A to HART/HEART, Catarina, cons her f, David D, bond 1 June 1798.
MILLER, John to LILE, Dorcas, cons her m, Elizabeth, 10 June 1807
MILLER, John to STAPP, Dicey, cons her f, Thos., bond 5 June 1798
MILLER, Joseph to HAWKS, Elizabeth, con parents David & Mary MILLER and Rebecah Hawks, mother/widow, 10 Mar 1814.
MILLER, Wm L to PURYEAR, Nancy, cons her f, Jesse, 13 Aug 1813
MINOR/MINNER, Larkin to GIMBLIN, Ann, 30 Apr 1807
MITCHELL, Adam to MARSHALL, Nancy, cons his f, Thomas, bond 1799 cons was given on 14 Aug 1799.
MITCHEL/MITCHELL, John to BASS, Juda Mills, cons her f, Josiah, 1796-97. Bond was taken 25 Jan 1798 so uncertaina as to why the ?? marriage date preceded this.
MOMANCANDLER, Zachariah to PELHAM/POLHAMO, Rhoda, con her par, Francis and Nancy, 11 Apr 1793.
MONDAY, Minitree to ROBIN, Jane, 18 Mar 1819.
MONTGOMERY, Allen to VAUGHn, Rutha/Betsy, 19 Oct 1809.
MONTGOMERY, Simpson to SKAGGS, Sally, bond 29 May 1795.
MOODY, George to WALKER, Elizabeth, bond 20 July 1803.
MOORE, Archibald to SYMPSON, Martha, 5 Oct 1807.
MOORE, Henry to SHIPP, Sally, 15 Nov 1810.
MOOR/MOORE, John to CARLILE, Nancy, cons her f, James, 30 Nov 1803.
MOORE, Robert to SMITH, patsy, 13 Mar 1806.
MOORE, Samuel to McDANIEL, Elizabeth, 10 Oct 1812.
MOORE, Travis to MITCHELL, Sally, 21 July 1803.
MOORE, William to HAY, Catherine, cons her f, Robert, 8 Dec 1813.
MORAN, Uriah to DUNN, Elizabeth, cons Elizabeth DUNN, 4 Mar 1794
MORROW, Richard to JONES, Nancy, cons Nancy, 23 Nov 1842.
MOSS, Benj. T to DUKE, Elizabeth C, 9 Mar 1813.
MOSS, Josiah to SPILMAN, Mariah, cons James SPILLMAN, 2 July 1811.
MOSS, Wm. P to PRICE, ELizabeth A, 25 Mar 1817.
MUNFORD, Richard to CARTER, Elizabeth, her f, Robert gave cons, 9 Dec 1810.
MUNFORD, Richad I (also shown MONTFORD) to EMBRY, Elizabeth, 9 Dec 1810.
MUNFORD, Thomas to WINLOCK, Elizabeth, her f, Wm gave cons, 28 Jan 1808.
MURRAY/MURRY, Eli to GOOCH, Anne, cons by her par, Thos and Tabbitha, 31 Mar 1808.
McCANN, Neal to DUGGINS, Delitha/Delila, her par gave cons - Wm & Mary, 10 Feb 1807.
McCARTY, William to BELCHER, Margaret, cons of her f, John, no date but bond taken 5 Mar 1796
McCONNALL/McCARRELL, Francis to LOVE, Margaret, cons by John LOVE, Don SMATHERS and Thos. SHIP, 14 Sept 1804.
McCOWN, James to CALDWELL, Mary, cons her f, John, no date, bond taken 14 July 1801.
McCUBBIN, James to COOK, May/Mary, cons of her f, William, 4 Nov 1813.
McDONALD/DONALD, Neil to WOODWARD, Rachel, bond 27 Apr 1799, no marriage date filled in.
McKINNEY, Wm to STRADDER, Margaret, 17 Mar 1813.
McINTIRE, Robert to GRAYHAM, Susannah, 9 Mar 1819.
McMAHON, Samuel to WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth, 4 Mar 1819.
McMURTRY, Joseph to PEACE, Mary, cons her mother, Priscilla, no marriage date, bond taken 13 Sept 1802.


NAYLOR, James to SELBY, Sarah, cons her f, James, 5 Feb 1798.
NANCY, James to MONEY, Hepzibah, her cons by James MONEY, 28 Dec 1810.
NICKOLAS, Jeremiah to WHITE, Agnis, cons her f, John, 21 Mar 1814.
NICHOLAS, Walker to RENFRO, Polly, her cons by Polly RENFRO and her f, Edward DAY, 30 Oct 1817.


OVERSTREET, John to DAVIS, Betsy, 3 Feb 1813.
OWENS, Nathaniel to GRAYHAM, Nancy, her cons by f, Wm, 6 Dec 1795.
OWENS, Robert to DAMEWOOD, Nancy, her cons by f, Boston, 10 Aug 1802.
OWENS, William to AMBET?, Betsy, 4 Nov 1807.
OWENS, Wm G to COWHERD, Lucinda, cons by her f, James, Dec 1817 (bond 10 Dec).
OWLEY, David to HOGAN, Betsy, cons her f, Prosen, 23 July 1817.
OWLEY, Thomas to MANN, Alsa/Alse, cons her f, Thomas, 5 May 1817.


PARKER, Edmond to SOUTHERN, Lucy, 31 Oct 1814
PARROTT, Richard to COMPTON, Jane, her cons by f, Meredith, his cons by f, Rodham, 13 Dec 1804.
PATTERSON/PATTESON, Samuel to CARDEN, Polly, 27 Sept 1814
PATTESON/PATTERSON, Ccharles to CARLILE, Polly, 30 Apr 1811
PAYTON, Daniel to BURKS, Betty, con her f, John, 9 Nov 1796
PEACE, Simon to AKIN, Polly, cons her f, James, 1810 (bond taken 15 Jan)
PELS, Joseph to WARREN, Polly, cons hr f, WIlliam, 1799-1801 (bond taken 4 Dec 1799)
PEMBERTON, Lewis to SMITH, Catey, 1802-3 (bond tdaken 12 Apr 1802)
PEPPER, Daniel to PRUIT/PRIEST, Polly, 1802 (bond 31 Dec 1801)
PEPPER, James to VAUN/VAUGHN, Lyddie, cons by her f, Thomas VAUN, no date but bond taken 10 June 1799.
PEPPER, Robert to CAREL, Nancy, c Starling and Patiions CAREL, 25 Oct 1808.
PERRY, Ebenezer to PRIECE/PREECS, Priscilla, 25 Oct 1804.
PERRY, John to LOWRY, Virginia/Winny, 30 Aug 1808.
PERRY, Richard to PIERCE, Rebeka, cons her par, William and Ann, Nov 1803 (bond taken 4 Nov).
PHELPS, Nicholas to BIGGERSTAFF/BICKERSTAFF, Mary, her cons by Mary BIGGERSTAFF, 7 Apr 1793.
PHILLIPS, Francis to DUDGEON, Margaret, cons her mother, Mary, 19 Aug 1809.
PHILLIPS, JOhn to GALLOWAY, Sally, 3 Nov 1818.
PHILLIPS, Lot/Lott to EMERSON, Patsy, 21 Aug 1809.
PHILLIPS, Solomon to DAVIS, Delia 25 Feb 1804.
PHILIPS/PHILLIPS, William to WALKER, Sarah, 23 Apr 1803.
PHILPOT, Joseph to BARTLETT, Catharine, her cons by parent, Priscar? Bartlett, 22 Mar 1802.
PITMAN, John to PHELPS, Nancy, c by her f, WIlliam, 4 Mar 1794.
POGUE, James to DUTTON, Mariam, con her par, Samuel & Deborah, 1 Apr (1803 assumed, bond taken that 29 Apr of that year?)
POINTER, George to BUTTON, Delphias, cons by Delphias BUTTON, no marriage date, bond taken 24 Aug 1798.
PORE/POAR/POORE, Abraham to BERRY, Sally, 11 Jan 1810.
PRATHER/PRATER, Arch to CAMPBELL, Hannah, 17 Sept 1809.
PREECS, Jonas to SANDERS/SAUNDERS, Lucy, cons her f, Jonathan, 27 May 1802.
PRICE, Gidion H to WRIGHT, Rachel, 9 Aug 1810
PRICE, Will to GRAVES, Polly, c her par, Mary & Benj., no date, they gave consent 8 Feb 1800.
PRICE, Will to WRIGHT, Mary, no date, bond 6 July 1799.
PRIDE, William to HOWEL, Ruthy, cons her f, John, 15 Mar 1807.
PRIER/PRAYER/PRYOR, Thomas to HICKS, Polly, 27 Aug 1808.
PRIGMORE, Benjamin to DOWNING, Mary, no date, bond 7 May 1802.
PRINGLE, William to SHOFNER, Elizabeth, c by his f, Thomas; her cons by f, Henry Shofner, 29 Dec 1803.
PRYER/PURYEAR/PRIER, Samuel to HARDING, Levinah, con her f, Abraham, 19 Jan 1806.
PURYEAR/PUYEAR,PREYER, Hezekiah to HARDIN, Rebecca, c her f, John HARDING, 15 June 1811


QUEARY/QUERY, William to SKAGGS, Susannah, cons her f, John, no date, bond 2 Nov 1799.


RACHFORD/ROCKFORD, Robert to SHOFNER, Katy, 5 Nov 1808.
RAFFERTY, William to STEARMAN, Peggy, 1802; bond taken 4 Apr 1803 - so shown.
RAFFETY, James to KEEN, Elizabeth Morris, 9 June 1812.
RAFFETY, Thomas to COWHERD, Elizabeth, con her f, Jonathan, 13 Mar 1809.
RANDALL, Daniel to BAYLISS, Rebecca, 1811, bond 14 May 1811.
RATLIFF, Archer/Archibald to HEDGESPETH, Lydia, his cons by f, Wm.., her cons by f, Samuel, 6 May 1813.
RATLIFF, Moses to ROSS, Celia, her cons by m, Delily, 1 June 1803.
RAY, Elisha to MURRAY, Patsy, his cons by f, James; 10 Mar 1813.
RAY, Thomas to SKAGGS, Rachel, her cons by f, Henry, 29 Jan 1794.
READ, Wm to BIRD, Ann, her cons by f, Reuben, 15 July 1816.
REDMAN, James to BOWMAN, Polly, 14 Jan 1818
REED, Berry/Barry to PREWETT/PREWITT, Edy, cons Edy PREWETT, 20 Mar 1813.
REED, Eli to SHERILL, Polly, 17 Aug 1813.
REAVES/REVES, John to PERREY, Caty, cons m, Elizabeth PERRY[sic], 5 Sept 1805.
RHEA, Alexander to ALLEN, Polly, 25 Mar 1813.
RHEA, Robert to RHEA, Elizabeth, con m, Elizabeth (didn't indicate whose mother], no marriage date, bond 25 Dec 1798.
RICE, John to HARDIN, Ruhannah, 1801, bond date 18 May 1801.
RICE, Solomon to STOTTS, Sarah, cons James VAUGHN, 3 Nov 1796 [ didn't indicate cons for whom].
RICHESON, John to COWHERD, Sarah, c her f, Jonathan, 7 Oct 1802.
RICHESON, Joseph to WHITLOCK, Polly, no date, bond 23 Sept 1802.
RICHESON, Joseph to WILSON, Betsy/Elizabeth, c her f, Isaac,1 Jan 1804.
RICHESON, Thomas to CAMPBELL, Permealy, cons her f, C L, 21 Sept 1806.
RIDGWAY/RIDGEWAY, Henry to DAVIS/DAVIES, Lanah/Sarah, 20 Dec 1808.
RIGGS, Thomas to HUNT, Leah, c of his f, Timo; cons her f, Ambrose, 24 Mar 1808.
RILEY, James to JONES, Polly, 3 Feb 1814.
RIVERS, William to HUNT, Rebecca/Rebeccah, her cons by f, Ambrose, 26 Oct 1797.
ROBERTSON, Francis to SKAGGS, Mary, her cons by m, Manny, 1806 (bond 11 Oct 1806).
ROBINSON, Joseph to RICE Polly, her cons by f, Randolph, 7 July 1806.
ROCHELLE, John to McGOIN, Betsy, 7 Aug 1813.
RODGERS, James to DOUGLAS, Polly, 1809 = bond 5 Apr 1809.
RODGERS, James A to SMITH, Kitty, 22 Dec 1818.
RUTHERFORD, John to TAYLOR, Prudence, 7 Oct 1804.
RUTLEDGE, Isaac to ARMSTRONG, Ann, her cons by Ann Armstrong, 11 Oct 1797.


SADDLER, John to POWELL, Nelly, her cons by Nely POWELL, 1797 (bond taken 15 Sept 1797)
SALLEY, Allen to WEST, Agnes, cons her m, Mary, 27 May 1808.
SAMPLES/SAMPLER, JOhn to WHITE, Fanny, cons Fanny WHITE and John SAMPLES, 24 Dec 1798
SANDERS, Daniel to WILTON, Nancy, cons Jos DOBSON (didn't show for which one), 5 Mar 1793
SANDERS/SAUNDERS, Henry to DURHAM, Elizabeth, c her f, Samuel, no marriage date, bond taken 18 Apr 1798.
SANDIFER/SANDEFUR, Wm. to SHIP, Thoda, 15 July 1812.
SANDEFUUR/SANDEFER, Samuel to SHIPP, Elizabeth, cons her f, RIchard, 1 Aug 1814.
SAUNDERS, Edward to BELL, Margaret, cons John SHIELDS, 8 Nov 1812.
SAUNDERS, James to HARDWICK, Polly, cons her f, Thomas, no marriage date, bond taken 16 Mar 1803.
SAUNDERS, William to STONE, Elizabeth, c her f, Nimrod, 22 Mar 1811.
SAXTON/LAXTON, George to BURKS, Sally, no marriage date, bond taken 16 May 1798.
SCOTT, John to MOORE, Nancy, cons her f, John, 25 Aug 1814.
SCOTT, William to BARTLETT, Saah, 1806, bond taken24 Nov 1806.
SELBY, Jeremiah to LEVANS/LEVENS, Anne, cons by Thomas SELBY 21 Sept 1797.
SHASTED, William to GREEN, Elizabeth, cons her m, Sarah, 30 July 1794.
SHERILL/SHERREL, Wm. to HESTON, Susan, 23 June 1814.
SHIP/SHIPP, John to SANDERS, Nelly, cons her f, Elisha, 30 Jan 1798.
SHIPP, Thomas to WRIGHT, Elizabeth, cons Thomas WRIGHT, 10 Nov 1814.
SHIP/SHIPP, Thomas to SANDERS, Ruth, cons her f, Henry, 21 Sept 1797.
SHIVELY, Jacob to DAVIS, Sophia, cons her f, Rezin, 12 Mar 1799.
SHOEMAKER/SHEWMAKER, Tandy to DOBSON, Polly, 10 Mar 1814.
SHOFNER, David to GADDY, Polly, 11 July 1809.
SHORT, Horatio to WILCOXSON, Sally, 5 Feb 1814.
SHORT, James to STONE, Polly, cons her f, Thomas, 26 Nov 1812.
SHORT, Joseph to McCARREL, Elizabeth, 14 Feb 1805.
SHORT, Will to CAMPBLE, Polly, cons James CAMPBELL, 4 Mar 1806.
SHORT, Wm to MINOR, Tabitha 10 Oct 1817.
SIDEBOTTOM, John to TRUEE, 26 May 1812.
SIDEBOTTOM, Peter to SRYGLEY, Sarah 18 Dec 1803.
SIMPSON, Michael to GOLDSBY, Martha T, con of James & Nancy GOLDSBY, 8 Sept 1803.
SKAGGS, Abednego to HOBACK, Catherine, cons Catherine HOBACK, 11 Aug 1793.
SKAGGS, Archibald to LEMMONS, Barbara, no date, bond 24 Aug 1801.
SKAGGS, Charles to GREVAT, Sarah, cons Chas SKAGGS and Sarah GREVAT, 6 Feb 1786.
SKAGGS, Henry to BESS/BASS, Anna, cons Anna BESS, 1 Jan 1797.
SKAGGS, Jacob to BUTCHER, Lear, 31 May 1808.
SKAGGS, James to BEALOR, Fanny, cons Fany BEALOR, 26 Feb 1808
SKAGGS, James to McCOLGAN/McCOLGIN/McCOLGEN, Anna, cons Edard McCOLGEN, 14 Feb 1795.
SKAGGS, Jeremiah to ADAIR, Nancy, cons Moses ADEAREE [sic] 1806 - bond taken 13 Nov 1806
SKAGGS, William to HOOVER, Margaret, 1803, bond 27 Apr 1803.
SLINKER, Christopher to SLINKER, Pheby, 5 Mar 1808.
SLINKER, Henry to BIGGS, Susannah, cons her f, Stephen, 1804 [bond 18 Dec].
SLINKER, John to SLINKER, Nancy, 3 Sept 1807.
SLINKER, Lewis to SLINKER, Leeny/Cenia, 6 Apr 1811.
SLOAN, Alxander to LEE, Ruthy, cons her f, Josua [sic], 26 Oct 1798.
SMITH, Augustin to SMITH, Patsy, c his f, John and her cons by f, Thomas, 25 Feb 1810.
SMITH, Charles to JONES, Olive/Levi 24 Sept 1804.
SMITH, Charles to PEMBERTON, Mary, cons her m, Mary, no date, bond taken 26 Jan 1808.
SMITH, Isaac to WEATHERFORD, Patty, cons his f, Isaac, 5 Jan 1809.
SMITH, Jacob to PEMBERTON, Milly, cons her f, Geo, no date, bond 19 July 1796.
SMITH, Jacob to PEPPER, Jennet, 23 May 1805.
SMITH, John to SMITH, Milly, cons her f, John, 4 Nov 1804.
SMITH, John B to SMITH, Elizabeth, cons her? m, Elizabeth, 8 Sept 1811.
SMITH, John B to SMITH, Sylvia, cons her f, John; cons his f, John B, 1802 [bond 5 July].
SMITH, Jonathan to BURKS, Fanny, con Saml. BURKS, 9 Oct 1793.
SMITH, Joanthan to SUBLETT, Sarah, no date, bond 2 May 1803.
SMITH, Saneul (Samuel?) to BAILEY, Betsy, 26 Apr 1810.
SMITH, William to McFARRAN, Barbary, 28 June 1806-7?
SNEED, John to GRAYHAM, Micky, cons Peter GRAHAM and Travis ELMORE, no date, bond 8 Sept 1798.
SNEED, William to GRAYHAM, Kisziah, c her f, Peter, 27 Dec 1798.
SOUTHERN/SOUTHAN, Isaah to SMITH, Caroline Matilda, 1802. Bond 4 Jan.
SPEARS, Thomas to BAIRD, Sarah, 22 May 1803.
SPEARS, William to MOORE, Jane, his cons by f, John, no date, bond 1 Sept 1809.
SPILLMAN, Benj to MOSS, Elizabeth E, 14 June 1813.
SPILLMAN, Robert to HILLARD/HILLIAND/HILLIARD, Sally O, her cons by Bartlett HILLILAND, 16 Mar 1813.
SPROWL, Alexander to HELMS, Lettie, Mar 1808, bond 26 Mar.
SPROWL, Alex to MIERS/MEERS, Mary, her cons by Moses MEERS, her f, 3 Jan 1809.
SRYGLEY, Joseph to SIDEBOTTOM, Sally/Sarah, her cons by Peter & Jane SIDEBOTTOM, 2 Mar 1813.
STEPHENSON, Robert to BAITS, Ginney, cons her f, James, no date, bond 14 Oct 1795.
STRADER, Richard to WRIGHT, Patsy/Polly, 30 Jan 1812.
STREET, John to WILCOX, Rachel, cons her f, James, no date, bond 17 July 1802.
SUBLETT, Fields to BRATDON/BRATTON/BRALDON, Elinor, 26 Sept 1810.
SUBLETT, Littlebery to CROUCH, Polly, cons her f, John, 16 Jan 1814.
SULLIVAN, Price to BLACK, Jane, 20 Apr 1813.
SULLIVAN, William to OWLEY, Barbary (Barbary West), 21 Dec 1807.
SUMMERS, William to LARRIMORE, Nancy, 18 Aug 1808.
SUTTON, John to RORAX/ROAK, Rachel, 23 Feb 1809.


TANDY, Smith to WILLIAMS, Susanah, cons herself, 7 June 1809.
TAYLOR, James to McMURRY, Sally, cons her par, James & Peggy, 11 Feb 1813.
TAYLOR, Matthew to HARDING, Prudence, cons her f, Stephen, Feb 1801 (bond 20 --- 1801.
THOMPSON, Ratliff to COMPTON, Caty, cons his? ff, Wm ACTON (more likely her father), 18 Feb 1797.
THOMPSON/THOMSON, Robert to KEEN, ELizabeth (LEE), 1 Feb 1811.
TIBBE (TIFFY), Charles to OOLEY (OWLEY), Sally, 31 Jan 1810
TIBBS, Daniel to EDRINGTON (EDERINGTON), Lydia, cons her father, James, 1 Apr 1811
TIBBS, William (Waltham) to BRUNTS (BRENTS), Polly, 1 Nov 1804
TIMBERLICK (TIMBERLAKE), John to MOPPIN (MAUPIN), Susan (Jenny), 21 Nov 1813
TODD, Robert to YEATES, Jane, her cons father, Richard, 5 Dec 1796
TOMPSON, Hennary to RAY, Mary, cons herself, 5 Mar 1798
TREANER, Isaac to HECKLIN, Elizabeth, cons her f, Thomas, no date, bond taken 16 Feb 1796
TRENT, Bryant to ABBOT, Ruth, cons her f, Alexander, 10 Jun 1793
TRUAX, John to STREET, Janet, cons herself, 23 Jan 1801
TUCKER, Nathaniel to HOOVER, Caty, cons her f, Jacob, 12 Jul 1810
TUNGATE, Achilles to MELONE, Nancy, cons her f, John, 4 Apr 1814
TUPMAN, William to TANNER, Macy, 18 Apr 1813
TWYMAN, Elijah to BELL, Polly (Kyle), 21 Feb 1812


UPTON, Daniel to BLACK, Mary, cons her f, Robert, bond taken 12 Mar 1799


VANCE, Alexander to HUDSON, Fanny, 1810, bond taken 23 Oct
VANCE, JOSEPH to EDGAR, Jenny, cons herself, 25 Nov 1808
VANCE, Richard to MILBY, Mary, cons her f, John, 28 Dec. 1814
VAUGHN, Henry to BELL, Jane, 30 Jun 1805
VAUGHN (VAUGHAN), John to EDRINGTON, Margaret, 16 Dec 1817
VAUGHN, Phillip W. to LEE, Polly, 17 Oct 1813
VAUGHN, Thomas to McCOMAS, Margaret, 6 Dec 1804
VAUGHN, Will to SKAGGS, Nelly, 11 Mar 1812
VAUN (VAUGHN), John to KING, Saly, cons her f, Baker, 4 Dec 1797
VOTAW, Henry to LINK, Eby, cons her m, Dolly, 15 Dec. 1796
VOTAW, John to INCKS, -Jane, cons Catthron Jump, 11 Apr. 1793


WAGGONER, Herbert G. to CARLILE, Elizabeth, cons his f, Herbert G. Sr., cons her f,James, 7 Nov. 1811
WAGNAM (WAGGNAM,WAGHAN), William to HOLEBROOK (HOLDBROOKS/HALBROOKS), Mary, Cons her f, Jeorge, 3 Jan. 1797
WAGSTAFF, John to MITCEHLL, Nancy, 1809, bond 23 April 1810?
WALKER, John I. to HARPER, Elizabeth, cons her f, James, 30 Nov. 1811
WALKER, John I., SMITH, Elizabeth, 20 Dec. 1804
WALKER, Willis to ISBELL, Nelly, 2 Apr. 1807
WARD, John to MATHEWS, Minnie, 26 Sep 1807
WARREN, Andrew to ETHERTON, Ruth (Jerusha), cons her f, Moses, 22 Sep 1813
WARREN, Will to ELKINS, Betsy (Patsy), cons her f, Jesse, no marriage date, bond date, 8 Aug. 1799
WATKINS, John to HOPKINS, Rachel, cons her f, Henry, 4 Nov. 1804
WATT, Joseph to CURRY/MURRY, Peggy, cons Thomas Vaughn, 3 Jan. 1808
WEBB, Aaron to PEMBERTON, Rutha (Rietha), 2 Dec. 1813
WEBB, Moses to WELTON, Polly, cons herself, 10 May 1805
WEDLOCK, William to RANDOLPH, Patience, cons her f, Josiah, 5 May 1809
WELLS, William to RHEA, Agnes, cons her f, William, no marriage date, bond date 7 Apr. 1799
WEST, Roger P. to WILSON, Nancy, cons her f, Isaac, 23 Dec. 1813
WHITE, Andrew to DUVALL, Rachel, cons John McNeer & Mathew Taylor, 1802, bond date, 6? Apr 1802
WHITE, James to SPEARS, Hannah (Hanah Spers), cons herself, Sep 1804, bond date, 12 Jul 1804
WHITE, James to HARDING, Nancy, cons his f, Andrew, 23 Feb. 1810
WHITE, John to BLACK, Isbel, cons her f, Robt, 5 Feb. 1798
WHITE, Robert to MCNABB, Esther, 17 Jul 1806
WHITE, Samuel to BERRY, Elizabeth, cons his f, Andrew, 30 Mar 1806
WHITE, Samuel to DUKE, Jane R., 13 Sep 1808
WHITE, William to MONTGOMERY, Alsey, 2 Sep 1808?, bond date, 29 Sep 1810
WHITE, Wm P. to TAYLOR, Judy, cons her f, John Y., 29 Jul 1812
WHITLEY, Reuben to EADS, Elizabeth, cons her parents, William & Rebekah, 9 Jan. 1806
WHITLOCK, John to DURHAM, Nancy, cons her f, Smith, 1 Apr. 1813
WHITMON, Richard to JONES, Martha, 3 Oct. 1804
WHITWORTH, Willis to MOORE, Nancy, 5 Aug. 1812
WILCOCKSON, George (WILCOX) to HALL, Rachel, cons her f, Thomas, 4 Apr 1808
WILCOX, Jacob to HALL, Nancy, cons her f, Thomas, no marriage date, bond date, 23 July 1799
WILCOXSON, Ephraim A. (WILLCOX) to MARTIN, Elinor, cons her f, John, 16 Aug. 1810
WILCOXSON, Wm. to GALLOWAY, Milley, 27 Apr. 1814
WILLIAMS, Daniel to MURRY, Jane, no marriage date, bond date, 30 Sep. 1799
WILLIAMS, Isaac to MCKNIGHT, Becky, May 1796, bond date, 7 May 1796
WILLIAMS, Samuel to BERRY, Jemimah, 13 Jul 1808
WILLIAMS, William to LITTLEJOHN, Nancy (SINGLETON/SETTLEJOHN), cons her m, Nancy, 23 Jun 1809
WILLIAMSON, Jacob to LOBB, Sally, 1802, bond date, 10 Feb. 1802
WILLIAMSON, John to JOHNSON, Nellie, 18 Jul 1805
WILLIAMSON, John S. to WHITE, Rebeccah, 27 Dec. 1809
WILLIAMSON, John S. to ELMORE, Patsy D., cons her f, Thomas, 1812, bond date 8 Sep 1812
WILLIAMSON, Thomas to JUDD, Betsy, 7 May 1802
WILLOCKE, Robert to CROUCH, Elizabeth, cons her f, John, cons his f, David, 1813, bond date 18 May 1813
WILSON, Edward to EDRINGTON, Miram, 1809, bond date, 7 Apr 1809
WILSON, Elijah to COLVIN, Nancy, 8 Oct 1812
WILSON (WILLSON), George to KIRTLEY, Judith, cons her f Thomas, 2 Mar 1813
WILSON, James to DANEWOOD, Peggy, cons her f Boston DANEWOOD, 1 Nov 1796
WILSON, Samuel to CHISHAM, Jane, 5 Aug 1818
WINLOCK, Geo to BUCKNER, Mary M., cons her f, Will, 28 Apr 1812
WINN, Thomas to DOBSON, Jeminah, 20 Jun 1811
WISE, Kalip to DAVIS, Peggy, no marriage date, bond date, 27 Apr 1803
WODLARD, Will to PRICE, Rosanah, cons her par, Wm & Anne, no marriage date, bond date 10 Sep 1798
WOODARD, Abraham, to PATTERSON, Nancy, 1 Mar 1814
WOODARD, Joel to CARTER, Sarah, 29 Dec. 1818
WOODARD, Julias to CURRY, Elizabeth, 30 Dec. 1811
WOODFORK, Wm. to MUMFORD, Martha W., cons herself, 3 Mar 1813
WOOLARD (WODLARD), William to STOUT, Polly, 11 Oct 1810
WOOLDRIDGE, William to LIONS (LYONE) Suckey/Susy, cons m Sarah SKAGGS (doesn't mention whose mother), 29 July 1794
WORKMAN, Archibald to BLAKEMAN, Elizabeth, con her f, Aaron, 17 Mar 1819
WORKMAN, William to LUTTLES (SUTTLES), Polly, 28 Feb. 1811
WRIGHT, John to STRADER, Margaret, 5 Oct 1809
WRIGHT, Josiah to MCCOMAS, Elizabeth, no marriage date, bond date 23 Nov 1803
WRIGHT, Richard to BREWER, Margaret, 15 Sep 1813
WRIGHT, Richard to JACKSON, Anny, cons herself, 7 Jun 1810
WRIGHT, Sampson to CHANDLER, Lucinda, cons her f, John, 21 Jan 1808
WYATT, John to RICHESON, Lucy, cons her f, Joseph, no marriage date, bond date 9 Sep 1799
YOUNG, Robert to MCFARLIN, Anne (Catherine), cons her f, Robert MCFARLANE, 6 Mar 1796

This ends this book.

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