Henry County Historical Footnotes 

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Contributed By: Thomas S. Fiske (Great Grandson of Justice Pryor)


A letter written by A. Lincoln with a postscript by Sec. of War Stanton. Executive Mansion (imprint), Washington: 9 January 1863, regarding William S. Pryor of New Castle. Pryor was on the KY Supreme Court longer than anyone before or after, some 26 years, and he was chief justice during ten of those years. He died in 1914.

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“It is said that William S. Pryor, of New-Castle, Henry Co. Ky. and J. O’Hara, of Covington , Ky. , were imprisoned for a while, at Camp Chase, and are now at Cincinnati, on parole, without permission to leave the State of Ohio. Let their parole stand, but allow them to go at large generally. When you shall have done this, notify me of it.”

Stanton writes below, “Will execute the foregoing order / E M Stanton.”

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