1886 Henry County Historical Maps 

Maps Contributed By: Ed Hill

Atlas of Henry & Shelby Co., Kentucky, D.J. Lake & Co., 1886

Blackwells Precinct

Campbellsburg Precinct - Pendleton

Bethlehem Precinct

Eminence Precinct

Eminence Precinct - Turner's Station

Franklinton Precinct

Gestville - Campbellsburg Station Precincts

Gestville - Harper's Ferry - Jericho Precincts

Jericho - Smithfield Precincts

Lockport - Bethlehem - Franklinton Precincts

New Castle Precinct

Town of New Castle

Pendleton - Smithfield Precincts

Pleasureville Precinct

Port Royal Precinct

Turner's Station - Port Royal

Sulphur - Old Campbellsburg


Shelby County

List of Patrons for the Atlas of Henry & Shelby counties