Henry County Marriages

1798 - 1851

Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns - 1932

Transcribed, Formatted and Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

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Records of Marriages in Henry County, Kentucky for the period of years 1798 - 1851 Inclusive.                
Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns
210 West Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky
January 1932
Key Abbreviations on document: [f] father  [m] mother  {bdsm] bondsman  [decd] deceased  [gdn] guardian  [wdo] widow
NOTE: We have made corrections from the original bonds that are on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake; other corrections are from family records and other sources
Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondman or Parent
Gray, Lee Smith, Mary f. Nicholas 1821, Sep 3  
Gray, Margaret Jr George, Isaac 1820, Jun 14 mo Margaret Gray Sr. b. William Jones
Gray, Morgan Dugan, Sarah 1832, Aug 24 f. James Dugan
Gray, Sally Scott, Robert 1840, Feb 25  
Gray, Simeon Ringo, Lean 1823, Nov 8 gf Con. Ringo
Gray, Wm. Word, Annoy f. Wm. 1812, Dec 14 William Ford
Green Abraham f. Abraham Allen, Rebecca f. Turner G 1847, Nov 20  
Green, Abraham Baxter, Patsy 1825, Mar 24 f. James Baxter
Green, Anna f. B. Green, Isaac 1810, Oct 5 Benjamin Green
Green, Bernard B Reed, Nancy mo Mary Runyen 1817, Oct 16 Thomas Row
Green, Dicy f. Ben Boyd, John 1805, Dec 24 Knowle, Thoa.
Green, Elizabeth f. William Boone, Isaiah 1804, Feb 4 Boone, Johnathan bdms
Green, Fredrick Wainscot, Caty f. Richard 1808, Oct 26 John Wright
Green, Isaac Green, Anna f. B. 1810, Oct 5 Benjamin Green
Green, Isaac Roberts, Nancy f. Jas 1812, July 24 James Roberts
Green, James Folson, Rachel mo Anna 1807, Feb 14 Benjamin Green
Green, James gf. Ben Boyd, Elizabeth par Dicy 1832, April 18  
Green, James gf. Ben Landon or Loudon,  Peggy f. Terry 1822, Oct 12  
Green, John Roberts, Elsey f. John 1808, Dec 25 Benjamin Green
Green, Levi Green, Nancy 1827, Nov 22 f. John Green
Green, Lucey f. William Boone, George 1803, Dec 29  
Green, Matilda f. WIll Collett,Moses 1834, July 2  
Green, Nancy Green, Levi 1827, Nov 22 f. John Green
Green, R. Irvin, Elizabeth 1843, Feb 6 Lewis Jones
Green, Richard Roberts, Polly f. Jas 1816, July 26 Benjamin Green
Green, Richard D Estes, Lucy Ann 1828, Aug 14 f. Middleton Estes
Green, Robert Blankenship, Cloe par Lewis & Mary 1803, Jun 13 Thomas Reeves
Green, Stephen Abbott, Martha f. Geo 1814, Apr 1814 Isaac Green
Greenwood, Elisha L Harly, Nancy Ann 1837, Jan 2 f. Laman Harly
Greenwood, Moses Harly, Mary f. Leonard 1841, Nov 28 Elisha Greenwood
Gregory, Joseph Dundall, Polly 1820, Oct 19  
Gregory, Martha Starke, Levi 1825, Clark, Edmond
Grifffith, Polly f. Thomas Boyse, Edlizemond 1820, Jan 20  
Griffith, Chism Clayton, Mariah f. Thomas L 1827, Feb 19  
Griffith, Geo. W. White, Nancy 1825, Dec 29 f. Stewart White
Griffith, John M Sutten, Margaret 1820, Dec 8 f. Elijah Sutton
Griffith, John M Sutton, Margaret 1820, Dec 8 Sutton, Elijah father
Griggs, E. B. Perry, Emily f. Jas. G 1838, July 2  
Grimes, Geo. D Stewart, Susan f. Asa 1847, Dec 19 f. Allen Stewart
Grimes, Katty father Leonard Spears, John 1817, Apr 18 Grimes, John
Grimes, Mary father Leonard Stephenson, Benj 1816, Nov 25 Mount, Thomas
Grimes, Sarah Jane Boulware, John 1837, July 8 Grimes, Charles B
Grugen, John Paton, Elizabeth f. Ransford 1821, Jun 22 Thomas Long
Grymes, Abraham Engle, Eliza 1823, Jan 11 f. William Engle
Grymes, Robert Carr, Mary f. James S. 1811, Oct 4 f. James Carr
Gryms, Armstrong Carr, Isell 1818, Jan 31 b. Joseph Carr
Guinn, Catlett Estes, Frances f. Middleton 1829, Nov 4 f. Middleton Estes
Gulick, Jackson f. L. P. Perry, Caroline f. Thomas 1848, Jun 24  
Gullick, William Gano Richey, Martha Tanner f. William 1820, Aug 3 T. M. Buckley
Gullion, Benj. Dawkins, Polly 1828, Apr 6 John Dawkins
Gullion, George Donigan, Mary 1824, July 28 Michael McKenny
Gullion, George Scott, Leah 1817, June John Scott
Gullion, George Scott, Leah 1817, June  
Gullion, James Dermit, Sarah f. Edward 1805, May 28  
Gullion, Jeremiah McQueen, Rebcca mo Alice 1812, Nov 21 McGrew, Alex B. bdms  Note: Henry McQueen is on the 1800 Tax list of Henry County as well as an Alexander McGrew
Gully, Louis Reeves, Rebecca P. 1842, Feb 12  
Guthrei, Mary G. f. L Craig, R 1845, Oct 31  
Guthrie, A. J. Antill, Darcus f. John 1839, July 31  
Guthrie, Gano William Richie, Turner Martha 1820, Aug 3  
Guthrie, John Foree, Lucy E 125, May 26 f. Berry L. Foree
Guthrie, John f. Robert Owen, Fances f. Sanford 1840, Sep 29  
Guthrie, Matilda Good, W. T. 1848, Nov 12  
Guthrie, May Jane f. John Callaway, Samuel Jr f. Samuel Sr 1849, Dec 12  
Guthrie, William Jackson, Sarah Jane 1839, Dec 22 James Jackson
Guthry, Archibald Dodd, Charlotte f. James 1825, Jun 1  
Guyton, Henry Coons, Sally f. John 1816, Nov 12  
Guyton, Leah f. Samuel Coonce, Daniel 1817, April 23  
Galbreith, David                Ellis, Frances [par Leonard & Jane] 1835, Nov 24 Sutton, William [she md 2nd 15 Dec 1840 John Gains in Woodford Co.]
Geviden, Thomas Ellis, Polly f. Jonathan [mo Elizabeth 1830, Aug 8 f. Jonahtan Ellis [mother Elizabeth]
Green, Richard D Estes, Lucy Ann 1828, Aug 14 f. Middleton Estes
Grymes, Abraham Engle, Eliza 1823, Jan 11 f. William Engle
Guinn, Catlett Estes, Frances f. Middleton 1829, Nov 4 f. Middleton Estes
Gullett, Polly wdo f. Peter Storm Edwards, Henry 1805, Mar 25