Henry County Marriages

1798 - 1851

Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns - 1932

Transcribed, Formatted and Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

  - I -

Records of Marriages in Henry County, Kentucky for the period of years 1798 - 1851 Inclusive.                
Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns
210 West Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky
January 1932
Key Abbreviations on document: [f] father  [m] mother  {bdsm] bondsman  [decd] deceased  [gdn] guardian  [wdo] widow
NOTE: We have made corrections from the original bonds that are on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake; other corrections are from family records and other sources
Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondsman or Parents
Ingle, Henry Chastian, Elizabeth f. George 1824, Nov 29  
Ingle, Nealy Chastain, Susan f. George 1825, Feb 14  
Ingle, William F. Geo Chasteen, Polly mo Rebecca 1830, Jan 4  
Ireland, James B Moody, Mary K. mo Mary Sr 1835, Sep 16  
Ireland, John W Blackwell, Mary 1832, Nov 29  
Ireland, John W Blackwell, Mary 1832, Nov 29  
Ireland, Saam, Jr Moody, Elizabeth f Richard 1834, Aug 27  
Ireland, Samuel Tyler, Ann f. Charles 1830, Apr 17  
Ireland, Sarah A. f. Samuel Bartlett, John G 1826, July 18 Bartlett, James M bdms
Ireland, William f. W. H Rollins, Elizabeth f John 1850, Feb 7  
Irvin, Elizabeth Green, R. 1843, Feb 6 Lewis Jones
Irwin, Eleander f. William Brayne, Ben F. 1822, Jan 2  
Irwin, Joseph Aldridge, Eliza mo Rebecca 1835, July 22  
Irwin, Orphy f. Samuel McKinley Lemaster, Abraham 1802, Jan 27  
Irwin, Squire B Adams, Anne f. William Adams [& Mary Adams] 1817, Mar 11  
Ivors, William Harlow, Susannah f. Edmund 1829, Sep 21  
Ingram, Frances f. Isac Edrington, William 1824, Oct 6 Ingram, Frances bdms
Ireland, Catherine f. T Easley, E. f. E Sr. 1849, July 25  


 - J -


Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondsman or Parents
Jackson, Polly f. William Bryant, James S 1816, Jum 28 Buchanan, And.
Jackson, Sarah Jane Guthrie, William 1839, Dec 22 James Jackson
Jacobs, Polly f. Elisha Demmit, William 1813, Nov 13  
James, Sarah Adams, William 1824, Nov 18 James, Thomas, Jr father
Jeffries, Julia Ann mo. Phebe Deakins, William 1846, May 2  
Jeffries, Preschell Jr f. Willaim Bush, John 1834, Feb 17  
Jeffries, Sarah Allcox, Allen 1835, Jan 7 Jeffries, Thomas f
Jenkins, Malvina mo. Ann W. Darr, Thomas 1830, Sep 27  
Jenkins, Narcissas Gaunt, Alfred R. 1845, Nov 24 f. J. L. Jenkins
Jewell, Evaline f. Barton Bartlett, Lemeul P 1839, Jun 23  
Johnson, John Anderson, Mary f William 1806, Sep 30  
Johnson, Milede f. James Dunaway, William 1840, Feb 24  
Johnson,Mariah f. John Chilton, John f. Jno 1842, Jan 1817  
Johnston, Cyphrenia f. Sanford Dunaway, William 1841, Feb 16  
Johnston, Elizabeth Yarbrough, William P 1840, Apr 28 Johnston, George
Johnston, Matilda f John Berry, John 1814, Jan 25 Fank, Thos. Bondsman
Johnston, Polly f. James Burk, Mason 1825, Jan 1  
Jones, Dolly f. Thomas Gooding, Robert 1818, Nov 25 Wm. Chase
Jones, Elizabeth f. John [mo Zina] Darrough, Arthur 1846, Oct 21  
Jones, Elizabeth f.. Isaiah Denton, William 1830, Dec 20  
Jones, Harrett Atwood, Moses 1831, Aug 9 Jones, John Father
Jones, Heziah f. Israel Clark, Levi 1825, Feb 25  
Jones, John Anderson, Celila mo. Elizabeth 1820, Dec 17  
Jones, Kesiah f. Thos. Gowan, Robert M 1814, Jan 26 Anthony Lindsey
Jones, Polly f. Daniel Dilman, Vachel 1832, Nov 12  
Jones, Sarah Adams, William 1821, Nov 19 Jones, John Father
James, Susan father Daniel Spencer, Caleb 1813, Feb 19 Spencer, Walter
Jeffreys, Corey Sams, William Merchant 1810, Jeffreys, William,  father
Johnson, Lawrence Sullinger, Nancy 1801, Dec 31 Sullinger, Robert father
Johnson, Martha Ann Scott, James 1844, April 27 Johnson, Andrew father
Johnston, Jane Sullinger, Robert 1811, Feb 20 Johnston, Larkin father
Johnston, Martha Scott, James 1834, Jan 19 Johnston, Lawrence & Nancy parents
Jones, Jancy Shaw, John 1823, Feb 26 Jones, Israel father
Jones, Mary Elizabeth Shoots, James H 1845, July 26 Jones, William father
Jones, Nancy Sullivan, Thomas B 1828, Feb 28 Jones, Tholomiah father
Jones, Samuel Smith, Salley 1817, Febb 28 Smith, Robert father