Henry County Marriages

1798 - 1851

Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns - 1932

Transcribed, Formatted and Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

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Saclare - Shaw

Records of Marriages in Henry County, Kentucky for the period of years 1798 - 1851 Inclusive.                
Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns
210 West Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky
January 1932
Key Abbreviations on document: [f] father  [m] mother  {bdsm] bondsman  [decd] deceased  [gdn] guardian  [wdo] widow
NOTE: We have made corrections from the original bonds that are on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake; other corrections are from family records and other sources
Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondsman or Parents
Saclare, Joseph Station, Nancy 1827, Apr 25 Staton, Will, father
Sacro, George Muir, Jane 1826,Aug 2 Muir, Robert, Sr. father
Sadler,  John McDonald, Nancy 1839, Oct 29 McDonald, Will Father
Sage, Catharine Admires, William 1815, May 2 Sage, Jesse father
Sage, Eliza McCasland, Andrew 1819, Feb 16 Sage, Alexander father
Sale, Dillis Antil, Martha f. H 1847, Oct 11 Sale, William F
Sale, Reuben Pemberton, Phebe Par Reuben & Elizabeth 1816, Oct 15 Sale, John Bonds & father
Sales, Elizabeth Potter, Gordon 1813, Oct 21  
Salisberry, Andrew McKinney, Polly 1830, Oct 7 McKinney, William father
Salmon, Jacob Tyler, Elizabeth 1823, Jan 27 Tyler, Ben father
Sames, Joseph White, Delila 1828, Dec 1 White, Daniel, father
Sams, Rice M Thompson, Sally 1845, Feb 24 Thompson, Joseph father
Sams, William C Kelly, Lucinda 1822, April 4 Kelly, Samuel father
Sams, William Merchant Jeffreys, Corey 1810, Jeffreys, William,  father
Samuel, John Moody, Elizabeth 1802, May 19 Moody, Blanks
Samuel, Phebe Mountjoy, William 1800, Nov 13 Samuel, William & Frances her parents
Samuel, Reuben Bartlett, Patsy 1802 Mar 22 Bartlett, Edward father
Samuel, William Bartlett, Eliza 1841, Oct 2 Bartlett, Ant father
Samuel, William Marshall, Ann C 1800, Feb 20 Marshall, William Father
Sanders, Eady Robins, John 1818, July 11 Sanders, William Father
Sanders, John Roberts, Malinda 1829, Oct 28 Roberts, Henry father
Sanders, Judith widow of John Taylor, Isaac 1813, June 20  
Sanders, Kitty Button, Jesse 1820, Jan 19 Sanders, William Father
Sanders, Robert Carter, Malinda 1821, Dec 3 Carter, Henry Father
Sanders, Thomas Dunaway, Hannah 1820, July 25 Griffith, Thomas
Sanford, Charles Fore, Sally father L. B. Fore 1813, Jun 19  Smith, Thomas Bonds
Sanford, Elizabeth Fore, Joseph 1809, Sep 27 Sanford, Daniel, Father
Sanford, Hannah Webb, James 1819, May 14 Sanford, Daniel father
Sanford, John T Mitchell, Jane 1836, Jan 7 Mitchell, Thos, father
Sanford, John T Norman, Amy B 1846, Oct 29 Norman, Jesse father
Sanford, Prier M Dawson, Sarah Ann 1839, Aug 21 Dawson, Ben, guardian father
Sanford, Robert Hardin, Nancy father Ben or Daniel 1839, May 27 Sanford, William his brother;
Sanford, Susanna Speer, Henry 1806, May 5 Sanford, Daniel Father
Sanford, William Brackett, Sarah Ann; John father 1847, Sep 29 Sanford, William his Father
Satterwhite, James Moore, Ann Eliza 1840, Aug 22 Moore, Jere father
Satterwhite, John M Callis, Jane C 1844, Jan 20 Callis, Cleon M, father
Sawyers, Francis Moody, Mariah L 1830, July 24 Moody, Blanks, father
Schooler, James L Harris, Sarah F 1845, Nov 11 Harris, Margaret mother
Schruggs, Charles O'Brient, Nancy 1833, Feb 4  
Scott, Aliney M Williams, Elizabeth 1834, Mar 3 Williams, Sam, father
Scott, Andrew Meadows, Jule Ann 1839, Feb 26 Meadows, John father
Scott, Asa Cropper, Charlotte 1815, Oct 31 Cropper, Provy, mother
Scott, Betsy Wilson, Hamilton 1816, Jan 20 Scott, Levi Father
Scott, Chas L Goslee, Elizabeth, father Levi 1847, Dec 21 Scott, C. T. his father
Scott, Chilton Campbell, Mary 1844, Nov 11 Campbell, James father
Scott, Elisha Marshall, Mrs. Polly, widow 1806, Feb 19  
Scott, Elisha Ransdall, Nanny 1823, Aug 20 Ransdall, Jno
Scott, George Bartlett, Susannah 1805, Dec 5 Bartlett, Thomas Father
Scott, George Lockheart, Margaret no date Lockheart, James father
Scott, George Webb, Catherine 1829, April 6 Webb, Webb, father
Scott, George W Hawthorn, Mary, father David 1829, May 14 Hawthorn, David Bonds
Scott, Gracy Smith, Stephen 1817, Feb 27 Scott, Levi Father
Scott, James Goslee, Mildred 1842, Feb 17  
Scott, James Johnson, Martha Ann 1844, April 27 Johnson, Andrew father
Scott, James Johnston, Martha 1834, Jan 19 Johnston, Lawrence & Nancy parents
Scott, James Legue, Miss 1805, Jun 18 Legue, John & Sally parents
Scott, James B Morgan, rachel 1832, Oct 31 Morgan, William
Scott, Jane Bartlett, Foster 1804, Dec 17 Scott, Elijah father
Scott, Jane Wright, Wyatt 1809, Feb 20 Scott, George Father
Scott, John Campbell, Polly father John 1811, Sep 16 Campbell, Joseph bonds
Scott, John S Tompson, Julian 1847, April 5 Tompson, Samuel Father
Scott, Leah Gullion, George 1817, June  
Scott, Leah Gullion, George 1817, June John Scott
Scott, Levi Jr Shelton, Letiticia 1812, Sep 29 Chilton, Geo, Father
Scott, Lydia Garriott, John 1819, Mar 17 Scott, Levi Father
Scott, Lydia f. Levi Scott Garriott, John 1818, Aug 17  
Scott, Matilda Hall, John L 1815, Dec 20 Scott, George father
Scott, Nancy Campbell, James 1819, Sep 21 Scott, Elisha father
Scott, Nancy Hundley, James 1813, Jan 22 Scott, Robert Father
Scott, Polly Demmit, William 1813, Nov 15 Scott, Elisha father
Scott, Polly Mead, William 1813, Jan 14 Scott, Levi Father
Scott, Robert Gray, Sally 1840, Feb 25  
Scott, Sally Millican, William 1803, Jan 18 Scott, George Father
Scott, Sally Smith, Michael 1813, Mar 8 Scott, Elijah father
Scott, Samuel Harmon, Elizabeth 1820, Jan 25 Harmon, Mary mother
Scott, Smith Chilton, Mary 1823, Oct 15 Chilton, Geo. Father
Scott, W. H. McAndre, Nancy 1842, Oct 12 McAndre, Reuben father
Scott, William  Baker, Sarah Ann 1831, Dec 21 Baker, Henry father
Scott, William C Campbell, Gracy Ann 1838, Feb 24 Campbell, James father
Scott, William S Cropper, Sarah 1834, Nov 1 Adair, William C
Scruggs, William Buford, Eliza 1820, April 10 Buford, Simeon, father
Seae, Elizabeth Abraham, Eldridge, f Abraham Sr. 1847, Oct 27 Abraham, Eldridge
Seals, Jeremiah Hopwood, Mary Ann father Willis 1847, Nov 29 Seals, Jerimah Sr father & Bonds
Searcy, Maria Thurston, Robert 1814, Jan 1 Searcy, Edmund
Sebree, John Chasteen, Lucy 1842, Dec 18 Chastain, Jno
Sehpherd, William Duvall, Nancy 1806, Nov 8 Tanner, Daniel
Self, Thomas McDowell, Mary Ann father Samuel 1849, Jun 11 Self, Chas Bondsman
Sethard, James Bryan, Sally 1821, Oct 29 Byran, Barick
Shackleford, James Canty, Matilda 1821, Mar 31 Wood, John
Shackleford, James Sibley, Caroline Permila mother Judith 1809, Jan 14 Gordon, Lawrence
Shackleford, John Neville, Polly 1825, Nov 10 Nevill, Robert father
Shadrack, Hyatt Gardein, elizabeth 1809, Jan 14 Gordon, Lawrence
Shane, Samuel Black, elizabeth 1831, Oct 11 Black, John father
Shannon, John D Day, Penny 1842, Feb 8  
Shannon, John D Leach, Lydia 1829, Jun 8 Leach, Frances father
Shannon, Joseph Farley, Sarah 1821, Dec 10 Farley, Thomas father
Shannon, Joseph W. McGrew, Eleanor mother Mary 1815, Oct 4 Knight, Charles
Shannon, Peggy Farley, Thomas 1815, May 23 Shannon, Robert father
Shannon, Samuel Adams, Martha (Patsey) 1831, Feb 12 Adams, David father (Nancy mother)
Shannon, Samuel Lemaster, Kesizh 1827, April 21 Lemaster, James father
Shannon, Thomas Farley, Rebecca 1817, Feb 19 Farley, Thomas father
Sharock, Fred Sullivan, Warress father Benjmain 1849, Jun 23 Sharock, Fredrick his father
Sharp, John Wallace, Rachel 1812, Mar 4 Roson, John
Sharp, L father Lea A. Sharp Sewell, Martha 1850, Mar 11 Sewell, Birton father
Sharp, Nancy Ralph, Will 1815, Feb 9 Sharp, John father
Sharp, William  Markly, Margaret T. 1835, Jun 18 Markly, John A. father
Sharp, William H Moore, Eliz 1840, Dec 20 Moore, Thomas Father
Sharpe, Anne King, Thomas 1804, April 24 Sharpe, William Father
Shaver, Mr. Combs, Mary A 1845, April 19 Combs, William fther
Shaw, Deborah widow of Richard Lemaster, James 1802, April 11  
Shaw, Henry Roberts, Margaret 1836, Feb 8 Roberts, Nancy mother
Shaw, John Jones, Jancy 1823, Feb 26 Jones, Israel father
Shaw, Keziah Kimberlin, Daniel 1807, Jun 20  
Shaw, Michael Haynes, Margaret 1834, Oct 12 Shuck, William her father
Shaw, Richard Neale, Mary E 1839, Sep 23 Neale, Elizabeth mother
Shaw, Richard Roberts, Ann 1833, Nov 26 Roberts, Richard father
Shaw, Stephen Nuttall, Milkah 1823, Mar 28 Nuttal, Price father
Shaw, William Bryan, Esther 1820, Dec 9 Byran, Thomas father
Shaw, William Lyle , Nancy 1836, Jun 16