Henry County Marriages

1798 - 1851

Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns - 1932

Transcribed, Formatted and Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

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Sheilds - Smith

Records of Marriages in Henry County, Kentucky for the period of years 1798 - 1851 Inclusive.                
Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns
210 West Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky
January 1932
Key Abbreviations on document: [f] father  [m] mother  {bdsm] bondsman  [decd] deceased  [gdn] guardian  [wdo] widow
NOTE: We have made corrections from the original bonds that are on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake; other corrections are from family records and other sources
Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondsman or Parents
Sheilds, Alexander Driskel, Nancy 1809, Dec 30 Driskel, David Father
Shelton, John Paxton, Sally 1809, Oct 31 Paxton, Sally father John
Shelton, Robert W Deakins, elizabeth 1847, Dec 21 Deakins, Peter father
Shelton, William Ethrington, Polly 1831, May 4 Ethrington, Fielding father
Shepard, Rebecca f. L. S. Grant, J. F. f.. J. F. 1847, Nov 8 f. L. S. Perkins
Shepherd, Christopher Tracy, Nancy 1808, Feb 18 Shepherd, James father
Shepherd, Nancy Clem, Isaac mother Phebe Roberts Sep 26, 1814 Shepherd, James father
Shepherd, Polly Glass, John 1815, Dec 21 Shepherd, James father
Shepherd, Polly f. Jas Glass, John 1815, Dec 21 Isaac Clemm
Sherrard, James Onan, Emaline  mother Elizabeth 1838, Nov 230 Onan, John
Shields, Isaac Mayhall, Betheny N 1838, Oct 27 Mayhall, William father
Shipman, D. H.(David H) Fallis, Eliza 1840, Nov 16 Fallis, Edna mother
Shivel, Joseph H Perry, Mary Ann 1845, Sep 17 Perry, Thomas father
Shivell, Samuel E Owens, Sarilda 1846, Sep 14  
Shivill, Thomas Milee, Miranda 1849, Mar 12  
Shoots, James H Cravens, Eliza A 1848, Aug 28 Cravens, William Bonds
Shoots, James H Jones, Mary Elizabeth 1845, July 26 Jones, William father
Short, James Wiley, Sarah 1846, Nov 28 Hall, Asa
Shortridge, Charles father William Wren, Sarah Ann father John B 1832, Aug 13 Shortridge, William her guardian & Bondsman
Shortridge, George Owens, Polly, father John 1819, Feb 22 Middleton, Horatio
Shortridge, John F Middleton, Nancy 1839, Dec 14  
Shortridge, William Minor, Elizabeth 1844, May 12 Minor, John father
Shourd, Cornelius Butler, Fanney 1805, Jan 2 Butler, William father
Shouse, Permelia f. Thos Arnold, Woodford 1834, Jun 16 Shouse, James
Shower, John T/L Baker, Sarah Ann 1837, Sep 39 Baker, Letitia mother
Shrader, Henry Reuch, Novazomble 1844, Oct 24 Herr, Alfred gave consent
Shrylock, William Wiggs, Margaret 1843, Jun 224 Wiggs, Hiram father
Shuck, Andrew Banta, Tene father abram 1814, Sep 26 Brown, Demarous
Shuck, Andrew Dawson, Rachel 1837, Jun 29  
Shuck, Cor. McGuire, Sally 1810, Sep 18 Lancaster, James
Shuck, Edward T White, Frances A 1826, Jan 14 White, Robert father
Shuck, Harry Buchanan, Patsy 1831, Sep 17 Buchanan, Nancy
Shuck, James Shuck, Eliza 1845, Mar 25 Shuck, James father
Shuck, John his father John Downy, Polly father J. A 1847, sep 25  
Shuck, Margaret Ann Frazier, Amos J 1816, Nov 20 Shuck, Mathew & Mary parents
Shuck, Mathias Armstrong, Frances Ann 1836, May 30 Armstrong, D. C. father
Shuck, Sally Smith, Clevis 1820, Nov 23 Shuck, Andrew, father
Shuck, William Barnett, Nancy G 1848, May 13 Barnett, John G her father
Shuck, William T Demarree, Susan father Samuel 1847, Mar 21 bd Shuck, William Sr his father
Sibley, Eliza Rice, Henry 1818, Dec 21 Sibley, John father
Sibley, Huldah McGee, Washington 1818, Nov 1 Sibley, Leonard Father
Sibley, John Smith, Catherine B father Thomas sr 1824,  
Sibley, Sally Norvill, John 1815, Dec 20 Sibley, Leonard Father
Sidebottom, Isaac Simmons, Nancy father William 1813, Jan 5 Roberts, George
Sidebottom, Latitia Butcher, Isaac 1820, July 25 Sidebottom, Joseph Father
Sidebottom, Marticia Walker, Isaac 1820, Jun 19 Sidebottom, Joseph Father
Silence, Charles father Edmond Bowyer, Susanna 1818, Dec 4  
Silence, Elizabeth Martin, Robert 1818, Oct 27 Silence, Edmund Fther
Silence, William Harel, Rachel 1820, July 13 Harrel, James father
Silverbottom, Greenberry Darnold, Elizabeth 1838, Apr 17 Darnold, Thomas & Frances Darnold parents
Simmons, James father Samuel Adams, eliza 1831, Feb 5 Adams, Andrew father
Simmons, John Onan, rebecca father James 1814, Feb 3 Ellis, Thomas
Simmons, Nancy Adams, George son Andrew Adams 1835, Jan 7 Simmons, Samuel, father
Simmons, Samuel Williams, Amanda 1829, Dec 19 Eldridge, Joseph her step father
Simmons, Suannah Williams, Jesse 1809, Oct 27  
Simmons, Will Vancleve, Lydia Combs 1827, Mar 5`Vancleve, Joseph father
Simmons, William Sidebottom, Elizabeth 1811, Mar 23 Sidebottom, Jos. Father
Simms, John B Elston, Patsy 1819, Jun 28 Elston, Benjaimin
Simons, Susannah Williams, Jesse 1809, Oct 27  
Simpson, Barnett Morrison, Louisa mo Elizabeth 1836, Dec 2  
Simpson, Charles Tingle, Margaret 1850, May 16 Tingle, George W father
Simpson, Greenberry Cuckett, Catharine O 1814, Feb 20 Simpson, Allen
Simpson, Greenberry Stewart, Mary widow of Charles 1840, Aug 28 McCracken, Senica her father
Sims, Albert G mother Anna Ball, Mary E f. W 1848, Feb 27  
Sims, John Martine, Helen father David Decd 1838, Sep 3 Sims, Benjamin his father
Sims, William Stewart, Mary Jane father Joel decd 1838, Sep 9 bd Stewart, Asa Guardian
Singer, John Crittenden, Nancy 1818, Aug 20 Singer, George father
Skaggs, Henry Estes, Sarah E 1832, Mar 15  
Skelton, James Roberts, Lucy 1813, Mar 10 Roberts, James father
Skelton, Joseph Rilery, Margaret 1835, Jun 15 Rilbery, Jeremiah father
Skelton, Robert father William Roberts, Sally 1813, Nov 15 Roberts, James father
Skelton, Tempy Vandergrift, Christopher 1813, Mar 17  
Skidmore, Elijah McGuire, Polina 1844, Feb 29 McGuire, Aaron, father
Skidmore, Elizabeth Morgan, Benamin 1820, May 18` Skidmore, William & Mary paretns
Skidmore, Elizabeth Morgasen, Benjamin father John 1820, May12 Skidmore, William & Mary paretns
Skidmore, Elzy Allen, Elizabeth 1831, Jun 21 Jenkins, John
Skidmore, John mother Mary McEnder, Lucy 1818, Feb 17 McEndre, John father
Skidmore, Mary Hanns, Alexander 1808, Aug 3 Skidmore, William
Skidmore, Samuel Nay, Nancy 1828, Oct 25 Nay, Joseph & Frances parents
Skidmore, Zelpha Smith, Nellie 1833, Nov 9 Smith, David father
Skinner, H Hundley, Malinda 1849, spr 109  
Slaughter, Edgecomb Sutton, Mary father John 1818, July 7 Edson, John
Slaughter, Elias Varble, Dorothy 1814, Dec 10 Sublett, James
Smedley, Aaron George, Patsy father E. D 1818, Mar 17 George, Isaac
Smith, A. O. Hunter, Harriett L 1829, Sep 23 Hunter, Dr. R. father
Smith, Alexander B Smith Susan E 1848, July 11 Smith, Russell M her father
Smith, Ann Atchisen, Robert S 1832, Apr 28 Smith, Joseph or Jas.
Smith, Betsy Moore, Daniel 1810, Sep 25  
Smith, Christy f. Robert Gillaspei, George 1818, Jun 17  
Smith, David Baker, Mary step father F McGuire 1815, Feb 7 McGuire, Joseph
Smith, David Galbreath, Miss 1802, Apr 7 Galbreath, David
Smith, David Smith, Caty mother Polly 1816, Nov 1 Smith, Simeon
Smith, Elias Brite, Sarah 1824, Jan 13 Kerlin, Peter father
Smith, Elias Hawkins, Eliz 1833, July 17 Hawkins, John Miles
Smith, Elijah Shaw, Mary 1831, Dec 12 Shaw, Michael father
Smith, Elizabeth Dinwiddie, Alex 1818, Dec 2 Smith, Robert father
Smith, Ephraham Powell, Hannah 1847, Aug 16 Powell, G. J. father
Smith, Fountain Bourne, Elizabeth 1839, Jun 20  
Smith, Francis Blankenship, Patience mother Ann 1819, Jun 15 Bailey, Joseph
Smith, George McNewman, Matilda 1809, Aug 15 McNewman, John father
Smith, Goerge Ford, Elizabeth Jr 1840, Nov 7 Ford, Elizabeth Sr mother
Smith, Harrison Kimberlin, Keziah 1835, Aug 1 Kimberlin, Daniel & Keziah parents name spelled various ways
Smith, Henry White, Franky 1825, Mar 23 White, Daniel father
Smith, Jacob Ditto, Cassandra 1818, Mar 21 Smith, Nicholas his father
Smith, Jacob Ditto, Cassandra 1818, Mar 21 Ditto, William father
Smith, Jacob Mobly, Colostina 1840, Aug 10 Mobly, John Father
Smith, Jacob S Smith, Susannah P 1848, Nov 6 Smith, John P her father
Smith, James Foster, Hannah 1819, Mar 3 Foster, Alex father
Smith, James Helmes, Mariah 1833, Nov 26  
Smith, James Shaw, Gemima mother Deborah 1818, Oct 25 Shaw, Richard father deceased
Smith, James P Herndon, Barbara 1836, March 15 Herndon, Geo. W
Smith, James W Cockerill, Maranda 1848, Dec 19 Cockerill, Joohn father
Smith, Jervas Sibley, Polly B 1823, Dec 16 Sibley, Leonard father
Smith, John Ferteed, Charlotte widow 1805, Feb 25 Bell, William father
Smith, John George, Winny 1830, Aug 17 Smith, Edward father
Smith, John Mobley, Colina 1843, July 1 Mobley, John father
Smith, John mother Nancy Sullivan, Lydia 1818, Aug 7 Smith, Joseph or Jas.
Smith, John P Williams, Susan E 1824, Feb 3 Williams, John father
Smith, Mary f. Nicholas Gray, Lee 1821, Sep 3  
Smith, Michael Scott, Sally, father Elijah 1813, Mar 8 Scott, Levi Father
Smith, Nicholas Kelly, Elizabeth 1849, Dec 25 Kelly, Jeremiah father
Smith, Nicholas W mo Rebecca Bishop, Sarah 1818, Sep 14 Bishop, Michael & Elizabeth parents
Smith, Pashel E Moore, Nancy Jane 1845, July 21 Moore, Thomas J.
Smith, Peggy Rose, James 1815, Jan 31 Smith, Robert father
Smith, Pleasant C Shaw, Jemima 1836, Nov 28 Shaw, Michael father
Smith, Polly Duncan, Toliver 1812, Aug 21 Smith, Jacob father
Smith, Presley Y Nisbert, Jane 1829, April   
Smith, Robert Robertson, Jane 1828, pril 21, 1838 Smith, Thomas
Smith, Rosy Gough, Amos father John 1820, Sep 22 Smith, Ann her mother
Smith, Rosy mo Ann Gough, Amos f John 1820, Sep 22 Gough, John & A. Smith
Smith, Russel M Ballard, Eliza father Charles 1822, Mar 3  
Smith, Salley Jones, Samuel 1817, Febb 28 Smith, Robert father
Smith, Sally Bell, Robert father David Bell 1816, Jun 12 Smith, Nancy mother
Smith, Sally Hensbrough, Joseph 1806, Mar 16 Smith, Josephine mother
Smith, Samuel McDodd, Sarilla 1843, Mar 5 McDodd, Throshly
Smith, Scott N Sutton, Elizabeth 1832, Apr 9 Sutton, Elijah father
Smith, Simeon Clarke, Sarah father John dec'd 1828, Mar, Clarke, Mary mother
Smith, Simon mother Mary Hensley, Winna 1817,Nov 12 Hensley, Benjamin father
Smith, Stephen Scott, Gracy 1817, Jan 22 Scott, Elisha father
Smith, Stephen Smith, Susan 1835, Nov 21 Smith, Robert father
Smith, Susannah Banta, Henry 1808, Oct 18  
Smith, Susannah Widow Vanarsdale, Jacob 1808, Nov 19  
Smith, Thomas F Keller, Sarah 1825, May 28 Webb, Waller
Smith, Thomas H Dale, Betty {Elizabeth} 1850, Mar 21 Smith, Charles H
Smith, William Bishop, Mary Elizabeth 1844, Sep 23 Bishop, Isaac & Sarah parents
Smith, William Herndon, Harriett father Thomas 1819, Oct 18 Thomas Rowland
Smith, William Owens, Lucy 1832, May 2 Owens, Abraham dec'd
Smith, William N Bourne, Jane 1847, Dec 24 Bourne, Elizabeth mother
Smith, Zach Dupuy, Mildred D 1826, Mar 23 Dupuy, Barth guardian
Smith,Keziah Haydon, James 1813, Feb 24 Smith, Nicholas father