Henry County Marriages

1798 - 1851

Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns - 1932

Transcribed, Formatted and Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

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Records of Marriages in Henry County, Kentucky for the period of years 1798 - 1851 Inclusive.                
Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns
210 West Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky
January 1932
Key Abbreviations on document: [f] father  [m] mother  {bdsm] bondsman  [decd] deceased  [gdn] guardian  [wdo] widow
NOTE: We have made corrections from the original bonds that are on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake; other corrections are from family records and other sources
Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondsman or Parents
Underwood, Isaac M Guthrie, Matilda 1845, Feb 24 Guthrie, Sarah
Underwood, Mrs. Nancy Carr, John 1826, April 20 Blackburn, John father
unnamed Dupuy, John 1803, Mar 21 Robinson, Littleton
unnamed Dawkins, William 1808, Ma 21 Coombs, John bdsm
unnamed Baird, D. A. 1843, Jan11 Poindexter, F bdsm
Utterback, Corbin Hanks, Sally f. Abner 1830, Jan 4  
Utterback, Henry McDowell, Dorcus f. Alex 1823, Dec 22  
Utterback, Martin McDowell, Elizabeth  f. Alex 1822, Dec 13  
Vanarsdal, Nell f. Simon Banta, Henry 1803, Jun 20 Vanarasdal, Borous
Vandergriff, Eddy f. Christopher [Jr] Bush, Anderson 1836, Dec 20 [mother Temperance Skelton]
Vandever, Amelia f. John Neblett, Abraham 1814, Oct 3 Vandever, George
Vandiver, George Applegate, Lydia f Daniel 1810, April 25  
Varble, Margaret f. Phillip Barrett, William 1833, Sep 3  
Varnarsdal, Jane f. Simeon Cozine, Cornealius 1809, May 13 Berger, Christopher
Vaughter, Lucy  f. John Cruise decd Bush, Squire 1832, Dec 18 Cruise, Robert bdsm
Vawter, Adaline Nichols, William G 1839, Dec 14 Vawter, D. J. V. gdn
Vawter, Frances Nicholls, William K 1839, May 16  
Vest, Elisa f. Thomas Dean, John 1808, Feb 13 Wheeler, Jno bdms
Vest, Elizabeth f. Richard Nation, William 1804, Nov 26  
Violett, Polly f. John Chiles, John 1817, Jun 26 Violett, John T., bdsm
Voarhies, Margaret f. Francis Yarbrough, Parmore 1823, July 22  
Voorhies, Eliza. F. Camales Banta, John f. Daniel of Shelby 1825, Sep 19  
Voories, Cath Yarbrough, William P 1845, Oct 9 Yarbrough, Francis F
Vories, Charity f. Frances Crawford, William 1817, Jun 21  
Vories, Eliza f. W. T. Bartlett, R 1843, Feb 6  
Vories, Polly f. Frances Cravins, Thos. D 1830, Jan 2  
unnamed Starke, Johnathan 1804, Nov 19  
Vanarsdale, Jacob Smith, Susannah Widow 1808, Nov 19  
Vancleve, Lydia Combs Simmons, Will 1827, Mar 5`Vancleve, Joseph father
Vandergrift, Christopher Skelton, Tempy 1813, Mar 17  
Vanover, George Speer, Eliza Jane 1812, Mar 9 Speer, H. father
Varble, Dorothy Slaughter, Elias 1814, Dec 10 Sublett, James
Venble, Sally Stokes, William 1823, Nov 11 Venble, Henry father