Co. G, Ninth Reg. Cavalry, Ky. Volunteers, Confederate States Army

Originally organized at Alexandria, Tennessee, by the consolidation of two battalions of cavalry, commanded by Major W.C.P. Breckenridge and Lt. Colonel Robert G. Stoner. The regiment was also known as the 4th Kentucky Mounted Rifles. By the time the war ended, the 9th Regiment had changed its name several times through reorganizations and mergers with other commands.

Company G., 9th Ky Cav., CSA, was formed in Lexington, Ky, in September 1862, during Confederate Gen. Kirby Smith's invasion and occupation of Kentucky. Many of the men in this company were recruited from Henry County.

Lester Horwitz, the author of The Longest Raid of the Civil War, a book about Gen. John Hunt Morgan's raid into Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio advises that before the actual raid by Gen. Morgan about 80 men detached themselves from the 9th Ky Cavalry, and under the command of a Capt. Thomas Henry Hines made reconnaissance mission into Indiana for Gen. Morgan to determine the strength of the Home Guard forces in the area, and to determine the amount of support that could be expected from the Copperheads and others sympathetic to the Confederacy. Most of these men were taken prisoner on June 19, 1863 when they tried to return to Kentucky. It is not know if the many men listed below as "captured" were taken as part of this expedition or not. Its merely listed as possibility for those wishing to research the matter.

The followings is a roster of the newly-recruited troops who formed Company G provided by C. Marie Winburn of Henry Co., KY Historical Society. Eventually, this will be put into a table format similar to other units from Henry Co., KY, but I wanted to make the raw data available as soon as possible. If one of your ancestors is listed here and you would like to be listed as a contact in the table, please email Suzanne Shephard.

A "remarks" section of the report contains a brief statement of the disposition of most of the soldiers in the Regiment.

Capt. J. Fletcher Smith
1st Lt. O.B. YeagerContact Billie Roy Stockinger for more information
1st Lt. J.R. Stark
2nd Lt Samuel T. Leary-Wounded

Non-Commissioned Officers
2nd Sgt. J.W. Wilhoite Contact Billie Roy Stockinger for more information
1st Sgt. J.C. Scober (May be Scobee) Contact John W Erwin at for more information.
3rd Sgt. B.M. Smith-Wounded
2nd Sgt. R.F. Adams
4th Sgt. Joseph Garriott
2nd Sgt. Jas. F. Rudy-Wounded
4th Sgt. J.H. Patterson-Captured
5th Sgt. A.J. Barrackman-Died
1st. Sgt. J.O. Barr
5th Sgt. John R. Clare-Captured

1st Cpl. W.W. Houseworth-Captured and Died
1st Cpl. James N. Whiteley
2nd Cpl. J.H. Schramm
2nd Cpl. J.H. Oldham-Killed
2nd Cpl. G.C. Snyder
3rd Cpl. Joseph Fields-Wounded

John Ashby-Captured
J.S. Black-Wounded
Contact Alfred Abbott
A.T. Boulware-Captured
William Abbott
T.J. Boulware-Died
James Adams-Wounded
John Bradshaw
R.F. Adams
Eugene Brooks-Wounded
David Baker-Died
Daniel S. Brown
E.T. Baker
J.A. Browning-Captured
J.W. Browning-Captured
Newton Morgan-Captured - Contact Fred T. Morgan for more information
Alfred C. Callis
Felix Moses-Captured
C.B. Callis-Wounded
P.J. Norwood
Camden Callis
E.R. Pendleton-Died
Hampton Callis
W.R. Pendleton
Tilman Cantrell-Wounded
M.V. Parkhurst-Killed
John Clem
Jack Pentz-Wounded
T.O. Dodd-Wounded
G.B. Rowner-Wounded and Captured
Joseph Fields-Wounded
J.B. Russell-Captured
John W. Frazier
E.T. Reaves-Captured and Died
T.P. Fuggett-Captured Contact Donald Hangen for more information. (Theodore P. Fegett (his name is misspelled in the list), who was captured and held as a POW at Rock Island in 1864.
C.C. Roberts-Killed
T.J. Garr-Captured
J.H. Schramm-Captured
Thomas Gividen-Wounded and Captured
James Scoba
W.D. Goode
J.B. Settle
J.W. Hardin
J.H. Shoemaker-Captured
T.W. Hardin-Captured
J.F. Sibley
Barney Henry
C.T. Smith-Captured
Wallace Herr
T.C. Smith-Died
J.F. Hoffman
T.J. Smith
J.H. Hoffman-Wounded
Thomas Smith
E.P. Houseworth-Captured
C.C. Shepherd-Captured
James Hundley
George C. Snyder
R.N. Hundley-Captured
C.W. Spillman
George Lentz-Captured
E.P. Lingenfette-Captured
George Spillman
Simon Lunsford-Wounded
H. H. Spillman
R.J. McGowen-Wounded and Captured
B.F. McKinzie
Jere. Spencer-Captured
Everett Meade-Captured
T.J. Stamps
Walker Meade
R.W. Taliaferro-Captured
William Miles
Benj. Taylor-Captured
Jake Miller-Died
H.R. Taylor-Died
W.H. Miller
A.G. Totten
George Mitchell
W.J. Totten
J.T. Moore
Ringo Wade
P.J. Moore
James Wheeler
Jasper Wiggington

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