This document was provided by C. Marie Winburn of Henry Co., KY Historical Society.

The names below comprise a very incomplete roster of Henry County men who served in the Confederate Army from Henry County. Many were obtained from an Index of Confederate Pension Applications (Commonwealth of Kentucky) compiled by Alicia Simpson. Mildred Carr excerpted Henry countians from this index. Additional names, biographical information, and service records were gleaned from sources such as Henry County Cemetery records, the Adjutant General's Report (Confederate), and Perrin's History of Kentucky.

Adcock, George
Arnold, W. J. Co F 8 Ky. Cav. CSA
Arrington, Lafayette
Barnes, Joseph Thomas
Bartlett, Anthony W. 4th Miss. Regt.
Beazley, Joseph
Bennett, Jas. H.
Caplinger, Jacob Co E 1st Regt. Cav.
Chandler, John M.
Chandler, Williamson S.
Chilton, Henry Smith
Coleman, W. O. Co A 4th Regt.Cav.
Crabb, W. B. Co H 4th Ky. Cav
Crabb, W. L. Co I 2nd Ky. Inf.
Deakins, James Co C 1st Regt. Ky.Cav.
DeRossett, Geo. W.
Douglas, W. H. Co E 4th Regt. Cav.
Douthat, James Co. C 4th Regt. Cav.
Downey, Eli
Doyle, Geo. W. Co.H. 4th Regt. Cav.
Elkin, J. R., Dr., Captured on Morgan's Raid at Madison, IN.
Elliston, G. M.D.
Etherington, John "Buckner Guards"
Forbes, JamesW.Co K 7th Regt. Cav.
Foree, Ed
Gardner, John H.
Garrett, James A. Co I 2nd Regt.Cav.
Gordon, David N. Co. A 11th Regt.Cav.
Greene, John W. Co B Jessee's Bn.Mtd.Rifles
Hardin, Silas D. Co.D 4th Regt. Inf
Harper, Wm. H.
Henderson, Charles F.
Hensley, Green Co G 4th Regt. Cav.
Hensley, Simpson
Hensley, Zachariah
Hisle, John Co E 4th Regt.Cav.
Jenkins, Bart W., Capt.
Jenkins, W. L. Co E 4th Regt.Cav.
Jessee, George M., Col.
Jones, Joseph
Lancaster, Abe Co D 2nd Regt.Cav.
Matthews, Wm. Surgeon, Co A 7th Bn.Mtd.Inf.
May, George W. Co C 4th Regt.Cav.
Murphy, Phillip S. Co. F 2nd Regt.Inf.
Neaves, Burfit B.
Nuttall, Price B.
Nuttall, W. L. Co C 4th Regt. Cav.
O'Nan, Dennis Co E Ist Regt.Cav. Captured, Morgan's Raid, OH.
Overstreet, John W.
Paul, Fordham H.
Peak, George W. 4th Ky. Cav.
Penn, Wm. S.
Petty, George L.
Petty, Wm. F.
Pryor, E. S.
Pyles, W. H.
Quinly, Thomas
Roberts, John H. 1st Lt. "Buckner Guards"
Scobee, James C.
Smith, E. Kirby, Gen.
Smith, George T. Co G. 9th Regt.Cav. ("Present in all engagements of his regt. Paroled at Washington, Ga. May 1865.")
Spencer, J. W. Co F 4th Regt.Cav.
Staples, Francis M. Co H 4th Regt.Cav.
Stewart, Wm. O.
Stucker, Sylvester
Tandy, J. A.
Teige, L. Co F 8th Regt. Cav.
Tharp, George H.
Thomas, Frank
Thornton, J. M. Co K 1st Louisiana Cav.
Totten, Augustus, Co. G., 9th KY Cav, Breckinridge's Reg., Morgan's Brigade
Totten, William J., Co. G., 9th KY Cav, Breckinridge's Reg., Morgan's Brigade
Wilson, Rawley S.
Wilson, Wm.
Winburn, Thomas Jefferson, Co. W (Battery), 9th KY Cav., Breckinridge's Reg.
Wright, Lafayette, Co. H, 8th KY Cavalry C.S.A. Clukes Regiment. He was born in Trimble-Henry co. in 1825. He was married 3 Nov 1846 to Phebe Farly. He was captured on 7-11-1863 and died at Ft. Douglas IL on 8-16-1864. Lafayette mentioned Richard Roberson and William Miles in his prisons letters at Fort Douglas IL. Both men served in the 8th KY. CAV. Richard was in Co. H. William was in Co. I. Both men survived Douglas. He also mentioned another member of Company H, Joseph Gwinn, who died at Douglas on 17 January, 1865. Joseph is listed on the roster of dead at Douglas NARA microfilm M918. Companies H & I were recruited from Henry and Trimble counties. It is not known at this time which county these men were from. Email Greg Gililland for more info.

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