Henry County News Articles  

Submitted with Permission by Sandi Gorin (SCKY)

Augusta (GA) Chronicle, Wed, 10 May 1905; page 6:


(Glasgow correspondence - Nashville American).

The death of Thomas V. Reynolds at the home of Col. J. C. Evans, near
this city, which occurred a few days ago, has brought to light facts
which are so far out of the ordinary as to be of interest to a great
many, as he had traveled all over several states, and will be
remembered by a large number of people.

Mr. Reynolds was a native of Henry county, Ky., and resided in Barren
county for many years. He was twice married, his first wife being
Miss Winnie Creas [sic]. She died about twenty-five years ago, and
when her coffin was made Mr. Reynolds had one made for himself. When
he came here to live three years ago he had his coffin brought along,
and in this his body was buried."