African American Union Sailors from Kentucky

Posted with the kind permission of Sandi Gorin

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Surname: Robinson, Ross, Rusk, Russell, Sabne, Scales, Scott, Shacklford, Sheaff, Sheldon, Simons, Simpson, SIms, Singleton, Skinner, Slade, Smith, Speed, Steele, Stephen, Stowers, Stubblefield, Surles, Taylor, Thomas, Timmons, Titsworth, Townsley, Townsend, Turner, Tyler, Vaughn, Veers, Vinegar, Wagner, Walker, Waller, Walton, Ward, Ware, Washington, Watts, Wayne, Welden, Welles, Wesley, Whates, White, Wilcox, Wilkins, Williams, Willis, Winn, Wisdom, Woodfork, Woods, Woodward, Woolrich, Young

Name          Age     Complexion   Occupation   Home

Robinson, Scott 22 Negro Fieldhand Kentucky
Ross, Derrick 24 Black Farmer Scott Co., Kentucky
Ross, Steward D. 14 Black Farmer Hopkins Co., Kentucky
Ross, William 17 Yellow Farmer Scott Co., Kentucky
Rusk, John 56 Mulatto Fieldhand Louisville, Kentucky
Russell, John 43 Colored Slave Kentucky
Sabne, Robert . 14 Black Servant Trigg Co., Kentucky
Scales, Walter 16 Negro Waiter/Fieldhand Lexington, Kentucky
Scott, Charles 33 Black Fieldhand Carroll Co., Kentucky
Scott, John 18 Black Cook & Steward Lexington, Kentucky
Scott, Patrick 36 Negro Carpenter Kentucky
Scott, William 22 Black Cook & Steward Lexington, Kentucky
Shacklford, James 19 Negro Cabin Boy Kentucky
Sheaff, Joseph C. 21 Black Waiter Louisville, Kentucky
Sheldon, George 36 Black Laborer/Farmer Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Simons, Armstreet 36 Dark Laborer Cumberland Co., Kentucky
Simpson, Daniel 30 Colored Laborer Lexington, Kentucky
Sims, Isaac 32 Negro Fieldhand Henry Co., Kentucky
Singleton, George 38 Negro Farmer/Laborer Jessamine, Kentucky
Skinner, William 26 Colored Cook Kentucky
Slade, John H. 24 Black Kentucky
Smith, Fielding 25 Negro Wagoner Montgomery Co., Kentucky
Smith, John 21 Negro Laborer Hopkins Co., Kentucky
Smith, Mack 23 Mulatto Boatman Scott Co., Kentucky
Smith, Manuel 17 Mulatto Waiter Kentucky
Smith, Matthew 38 Yellow Slave Owens Co., Kentucky
Smith, Richard 34 Negro Laborer Kentucky
Smith, Richard 34 Negro Laborer Garrett Co., Kentucky
Smith, Samuel 19 Negro Laborer Barren Co., Kentucky
Smith, William 22 Negro Cook/Laborer Kentucky
Smith, William 26 Tawny Laborer Fayette Co., Kentucky
Speed, Elijah 19 Negro Waiter Kentucky
Steele, Thomas 25 Black Laborer Columbus, Kentucky
Stephen, H. N. 25 Negro Slave Lexington, Kentucky
Stowers, David 39 Black Laborer Kentucky
Stubblefield, Edward 27 Negro Cook Montgomery Co., Kentucky
Surles, Thomas 29 Black Fieldhand Lexington, Kentucky
Taylor, Henry 22 Black Fieldhand Boone CO., Kentucky
Taylor, Henry 22 Black Fieldhand Oldham Co., Kentucky
Taylor, Horace 28 Negro Servant Kentucky
Taylor, Jackson 30 Black Fireman Kentucky
Taylor, Matt 30 Colored Kentucky
Taylor, Milton 26 Black Slave Kentucky
Taylor, Osborn 55 Negro Drover Lexington, Kentucky
Taylor, Simon 38 Colored Slave Kentucky
Taylor, Washington 43 Black Fieldhand Shelby Co., Kentucky
Taylor, Wyatt 30 Tawny Laborer Scott Co., Kentucky
Thomas, William 21 Black Slave Kentucky
Timmons, William 18 Mulatto Louisville, Kentucky
Titsworth, Jackson 28 Black Fireman Fulton Co., Kentucky
Townsley, Henry 20 Copper Laborer/Fieldhand Trimble Co., Kentucky
Towsend, Robert 27 Black Farmer Logan Co., Kentucky
Turner, Alfred 18 Black Farmer Kentucky
Tyler, James 21 Black Farmer Westfield, Kentucky
Vaughn, George 37 Black Laborer Kentucky
Veers, Rees 18 Black Farmer Morgan Co., Kentucky
Vinegar, Charles 30 Colored Owen Co., Kentucky
Wagner, Peter 14 Negro Fieldhand Henry Co., Kentucky
Walker, John 22 Black Slave Kentucky
Walker, John 24 Black Slave Kentucky
Waller, Ambrose 39 Negro Slave Glascow, Kentucky
Walton, Richard 32 Black Farmer Wasington Co., Kentucky
Ward, Henry 22 Black None Kentucky
Ware, Willis 23 Black Laborer Christian Co., Kentucky
Washington, Charles 41 Black Woodford, Kentucky
Washington, George 24 Black Servant Kentucky
Watts, Andrew 18 Black Fieldhand Kentucky
Watts, Reuben 40 Yellow Blacksmith Kentucky
Wayne, Albert 22 Black Slave Davis Co., Kentucky
Welden, Walter 23 Black Slave Kentucky
Welles, Henry 24 Negro Kentucky
Wesley, Charles 31 Negro Fieldhand Kentucky
Whates, William T. 40 Negro Fireman Boone Co., Kentucky
White, John 21 Copper Laborer Kentucky
White, Lewis 28 Black Cook Kentucky
White, Peter 29 Black Fireman Kentucky
Wilcox, Morgan 30 Negro Laborer Bedford Co., Kentucky
Wilkins, Joseph 27 Black Laborer Kentucky
Williams, Barney 15 Slave Hickman, Kentucky
Williams, Benjamin 27 Colored None Kentucky
Williams, Casper 26 Negro Farmer Boone Co., Kentucky
Williams, Edward 12 Black Paducah, Kentucky
Williams, Frank 19 Negro Waiter Lexington, Kentucky
Williams, George 27 Negro Laborer Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Williams, Henry J. 30 Colored Slave Louisville, Kentucky
Williams, Jack 48 Black Beardstown, Kentucky
Williams, James 26 Negro Boilermaker Mason Co., Kentucky
Williams, Jonathan 36 Copper Cooper Campbell Co., Kentucky
Williams, Lewis 35 Mulatto Frankfort, Kentucky
Williams, Logan 38 Mulatto Waiter Louisville, Kentucky
Williams, Milton 39 Mulatto Plasterer Graves Co., Kentucky
Williams, Peter 24 Black Fieldhand Kentucky
Williams, Spencer 27 Copper Fieldhand Kentucky
Williams, Toney 40 Black Farmer/Servant/Laborer Kentucky
Williams, Willis 32 Black Laborer Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Williamson, George 15 Copper House Servant Kentucky
Willis, James 14 Black Servant/Waiter Kentucky
Winn, Isaac 30 Black Laborer Kentucky
Wisdom, Lymas 28 Black Laborer/Gardener Montgomery Co., Kentucky
Woodfork, Alec. 24 Black Slave Jackson Co., Kentucky
Woods, John 24 Colored Slave Montgomery Co., Kentucky
Woods, Richard 18 Negro Farmer Lexington, Kentucky
Woodward, Isaiah 18 Negro Cook Kentucky
Woolrich, Robert 17 Black None Kentucky
Young, Anderson 40 Black Laborer Fayette Co., Kentucky
Young, Elias 28 Negro Kentucky
Young, Mack 58 Black Ox Driver/Fieldhand Bath Co., Kentucky
Young, Robert 24 Black Kentucky