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The highlighted names are online. If you know of any Henry Co. Cemeteries that are not mentioned here or you would like to submit information for one of the following cemeteries, e-mail me. NOTE: Please only submit information that you have copied yourself, rather than information from any copyrighted material, unless you are the copyright holder, or have permission of the copyright holder. Thank you. For more information about Kentucky Cemetery laws and regulations, visit: this site


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The USGenWeb Tombstone Project for Henry County

Indicates a Photo Link the Cemetery


Adams-Hall Cemetery

Adcock Cemetery (Hwy 421)

Aldridge Cemetery  Map of location

Antill Cemetery  Map of location

Arnold Cemetery  Map of location

Banta Cemetery, N. Pleasureville  Map

Barnett Cemetery, N. Pleasureville  Map

Bartlett Cemetery  Map

Bates-Dean Cemetery

Batts Cemetery #1  Map

Batts Cemetery #2  Map

Batts Graveyard

Baxter-Morris Cemetery

Beasley Cemetery  Map

Berryman-Ellis Cemetery

Beverly Cemetery, Gratz, KY  Map

Beverly Cemetery, Lockport, KY  Map

Blackaby Cemetery  Map

Bondurant Cemetery  Map

Booker Graveyard

Brinker Cemetery

Brinker-Buckley-Hudnutt Cemetery

Browning Family Cemetery

Browning Cemetery #1  Map

Browning Cemetery #2  Map

Browning-Land Cemetery  Map

Bruce Family Cemetery - (located on the old Thomas V. Bruce property on the Drennon Springs Road, a couple of miles northeast of New Castle)

Bruce Cemetery  Map - (located on the property once owned by John Bruce, an older brother Thomas V. Bruce.)

Bryant Cemetery  Map

Bush Cemetery  Map

Callaway Cemetery  Map

Campbell Cemetery  Map

Campbellsburg Cemetery  Map

Campbellsburg I. O. O. F. Cemetery

Campbellsburg Masonic Cemetery

Campbellsburg Primitive Baptist Cemetery

Campbellsburg Second Baptist Church Cemetery  Map

Carr Cemetery

Carr-Heaton Cemetery  Map

Cemetery Hill Church Cemetery  Map

Chandler Cemetery #1  Map

Chandler Cemetery #2  Map

Chilton-Ransdell Cemetery

Chilton-Scott Cemetery

Chinn-Elley-Dupuy Cemetery  Map

Claxton Family Cemetery

Clements Cemetery #1  Map

Clements Cemetery #2  Map

Clements Cemetery #3  Map

Clubb Cemetery  Map

Coe Cemetery

Coppersmith Cemetery  Map

Cox Cemetery #1  Map

Cox Cemetery #2  Map

Crawley Cemetery  Map

Cubbage Cemetery, Gratz, KY  Map

Cubbage Cemetery  Map

Cubbage Cemetery  Map

Cureton Cemetery  Map

Dawson Cemetery  Map

Defoe Cemetery  Information located on a Blog owned by Jeannette K. Rook. Excellent info!!! Pleasureville cemetery is also listed there.

Ditto-Banta-Hall Cemetery  Map

Ditto Cemetery  Map

Douthitt Cemetery  Map

Drennon Chapel Cemetery  Map 

Drennon Christian Church Cemetery

Duncan Cemetery

Dutch Tract Cemetery (In "south" Pleasureville, turn onto Cemetery Rd which is directly across from the Pleasureville Post Office.  It's a residential street.  When you turn the first curve, you'll be  facing the cemetery.)

Eaton Cemetery  Map

Ecton Cemetery  Map

Eddins Cemetery  Map

Eddin's Graveyard  Map

Edrington Cemetery  Map

Ellis-Berryman Cemetery  Map

Eminence Black Cemetery  Map

Eminence Cemetery

Estes-McClellan Cemetery  Map

Ewing Cemetery  Map

Fallis-Bryant-Knox Cemetery  Map

Floyd Cemetery  Map

Fogel Family Cemetery

Ford Cemetery  Map

Foree Cemetery #1  Map

Foree Cemetery #2  Map

Foree Cemetery #3  Map

Foree Cemetery #4  Map

Foree Cemetery #5  Map

Foree Cemetery #6  Map

Franklinton Cemetery  Map

Franklinton Baptist Church Cemetery

(Photo of George Vallandingham headstone)

Gardner Cemetery  Map

Gest Cemetery  Map

Gill Cemetery  Map

Gordon Cemetery  Map

Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Lodge Cemetery , New Castle 

Grub Ridge Cemetery    &    Grub Ridge Cemetery at Find A Grave

Guinn - Hall Cemetery  Map

Hendronsville Cemetery, Smithfield, KY

Houseworth Cemetery

James Cemetery (Six mile Creek Rd, 1.8 miles north of KY 573, west of the road about 200ft under a powerline.)

Jenkins-Adcock Cemetery

Jones-Whiteley Cemetery

Kalfus Cemetery


Kelly Cemetery  (Hensley Road, 1.3 miles west of Lockport/Harper Ferry RD, about 400 ft south of road on a ridge under a power line.)


Kelso Cemetery

Kerlin Cemetery

Knight-Guthrie-O'Bannon Cemetery

Ladd Cemetery

Martin Cemetery

Martini-Staten Cemetery

Miller-Galbraith Cemetery

Moore Cemetery

Morris Cemetery #1


Morris Cemetery #2

Mt. Gilead Church Cemetery

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Cemetery

New Castle Cemetery


New Castle Cemetery


Pleasureville Cemetery, Information located on a Blog owned by Jeannette K. Rook. Excellent info!!! DeFoe cemetery is also listed there.

Point Pleasant Cemetery, Franklinton, KY

Pollard Cemetery

Port Royal Cemetery

Pryor Cemetery

Quinley-Jackson Cemetery


Rockbridge Church Cemetery


Rockwell Cemetery

Scobee Cemetery

Sewell Cemetery, Franklinton, KY

Sewell-Adams Cemetery

Singleton-McCracken Cemetery


Sligo Baptist Church Cemetery - (located on the Henry Co./Oldham Co. line in Henry Co. It is on US 42 at KY 153 junction)


Smith Cemetery

Smith-Hardin Cemetery

Smith-Sibley-Bibb Cemetery

Smithfield Cemetery Part 1--Part 2 --Part 3--Part 4 

Stanley-Black-Pittman Cemetery

Sulphur Cemetery - (located on Highway 157 in Henry County approximately 2 miles east of Sulphur, Kentucky.)


Sulphur Colored Church Cemetery


Sulphur Fork Primative Baptist Cemetery Additional Link

Tanner Cemetery

Thompson-Coppersmith Cemetery

Turner's Station Cemetery

Union Baptist Church Cemetery - (4090 Cedarmore Rd., Pleasureville)


Vance Cemetery

Walker Cemetery

Wallace Cemetery, Gratz, KY

Watkins Cemetery

Whaley-Watkins Cemetery

Woodfill Cemetery


Find A Grave Search Engine

This site offers data and you can join for nothing [its easy] and submit names 
/dates/graveyard. "Fine A Grave" covers all the US.


 Kentucky Cemetery Preservation


We have photos of headstones!

Most of these came from the Grub Ridge Church Cemetery, New Castle Cemetery, Pleasureville Cemetery [Dutch Tract],  and some came from the Antioch Church of Christ in Franklin County. If you would like a copy of a photo, please contact Ewing Best



Rules for Lookups

1. Please do not ask our volunteer to send more than TWO (2) photos per email!

2. Do not ask for generalized photos; (i.e. all Gaines family stones)! Be specific as to the individual you are requesting the headstone photo of!

3. If you would like for a volunteer to make copies of documents, please be willing to send them the "cost" of the copies! Remember... they are doing you a favor...


John Blackaby, his wife Rebecca
H. Blackaby, his wife Lucy
John D. Carroll
Ethington, Huston, Naomi, Mary Sue
James C. Ethington [bronze military marker]
M. L. Ethington
Thomas Poage Ethington
Lutitia Clements Ethington
Lillian S. Ethington
James [Jimmy] Ethington
C.M. Ethington
Nora EthingtonJ. W. Ethington
Ida Belle & James Henry Quisenberry
Mary Kathryn & Cecil Bradford Quisenberry
Kate, Breck, & Mary Jane Quisenberry
Edith Quisenberry Kistner
Caroline Quisenberry
Margaret H. Pulliam
Cleophas B. Pulliam
Herbert R. Pulliam
James R. Pulliam
Elizabeth Spaulding & Van Buren "Babe" Pulliam
Sarah Belle Pulliam
Joseph L.& Minnie M .Nea
Lora Neal Denton
George M. & Alice Neal

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