1922 Henry County Death Certificates

Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

These certificates were very hard to transcribe. There will be errors. Please take the given information and use it to begin your research but do not rely on it for documentation. Copies of these documents can be purchased from the State of KY.

ADOCK, Mary Whitaker died Oct 15, 1922, Port Royal, Henry Co., Ky., widow, housewife, acute laryngitis, born Nov 8, 1893, age 29 years, Henry co, daughter of G. L. Whitaker  and Nannie Harris both born Henry Co., informant not given buried Port Royal, Ky, Oct 15, 1922, McCarty Ricketts cert # 21961 FHL# 1,943,751


ALLEN, Joseph M. died Henry Co., Ky., Oct 3, 1922, single, aleleteclases?, Born Oct 2, 1922, son of John Allen and  Grace Browns, informant Masita? Farmer, Smithfield, buried Shelbyville, Ky. Oct 3, 1922    cert 21966 FHL# 1,943,751


ARNOLD, Lillian died Henry Co., Aug 8, 1922,  Hemophilia,  age 1 yr 1 mo daughter of Curtis Arnold and Lorina Hance Lockport, informant C. Hance, buried Pleasureville, July 14, 1922, cert 19907 FHL# 1,942,748


AYNES Press died Oct 15, 1922, vot. pct Harper’s Ferry, Henry Co., Ky, farmer, organic heart disease born 1859 age 63 yrs  b. Ky., no other information, informant Jim Aynes, Blackwell, Ky. buried Grub Ridge, Oct 17 1922   cert 21968 FHL# 1,943,751


BARUES?, Dora died Henry Co., married, TB, age 23 born 1899 Henry Co., daughter of Tom Terrell  b. Henry Co and Mary Roberts, informant C. Sullivan, Campbellsburg, buried Drennon Chapel Oct 18, 1922  cert 21963 FHL# 1,943,751


BOOTH, Malinda died vot pct W. Bethlehem, Henry Co., Ky., married, carcinoma of stomach, secondary Pulmonary edema, born Mar 21, 1884, age 38yrs 5 mo 8 days, daughter of Jos. Henderson and Mahala Graves, informant John Henderson, Bethleham, Ky, Buried Point Pleasant Aug 30, 1922, cert 19010 FHL# 1,942,748


BRAWNER, Miss Carry, died Oct 13, 1922, single, bronchial pneumonia, born May 15, 1879 age 43 yrs 6 mo daughter of S. W. Brawner and Miss Sanford, informant S. W. Brawner, N. Pleasureville, buried Oct 15, 1922 Pleausreville, Cemetery   cert 21969 FHL# 1,943,751


CANN?, CARR?, Susan Catherine died Pendleton, Henry Co., Ky, Oct 16, 1922, married peritonitis,  born Aug 27, 1862 age 60 years 2 mos 9 d ays, Trimble Co., daughter of John Craig, b. Henderson, and Onstatt, informant Mrs. Charlie Stanley, Campbellsburg, KY, buried Sligo Cemetery, Oct 17, 1922  cert 21973 FHL# 1,943,751


DOWDEN,  Andy died July 30, 1922, Franklinton Vot. Pct, Henry Co.,  white, acute indigestion only lived at or 20 minutes, never had a sick day he died suddenly, born July 30, 1922 [sic] age 70 should be 1843,  born Franklin Co., No other information.  Informant O. B. Humston, Franklinton, M. D., buried Aug 4, 1922 Near Port , cert 17900 FHL# 1,942,748


DRANE, Amanda died Aug 19, 1922, Eminence, Henry Co., KY, Single, Colored, Cook, mitral Regurgitation, born Nov 22, 1874, age 46 urs 8 mos 20 days daughter of Jas. Drane and Millie Buckler?  Informant A. B. Thomas Eminence, Ky buried Aug 22, 1922 Eminence, Ky. Cert 17902 FHL# 1,942,748


ELLIS, Melinda Jane died July 19, 1926, Poplar Grove, Owen Co., Ky., married.  Born Mar 7, 1874, age 52 years 5 mos 13 days.   Daughter of Harmon Osborn and Media Mason.  Informant Sallie Burns, Jonesville, Ky, Buried Oakland Cemetery, July 22, 1926.  Cert # 18734 FHL# 1,912,906


FIELDS. Luther, died Henry Co., Ky., Oct 28, 1922, married COLORED, farmer, hemorrhage  of brain, born 1884, age 38, son of Ed Fields and Amelia Dugans informant Lillie B Fields, Port Royal, Ky. buried New Castle Ky. Oct 30 1922   cert 21965 FHL# 1,943,751


GRAVES, Kathleen, died Oct 24, 1922, Harper’s Ferry, Henry co., Ky.,  born April 10, 1921 age 1 yr 6 mos 14 days, Henry Co., daughter od Edmond Graves b. Shelby Co., and  Stule? F. Webb b. Henry Co., informant Luke Cavenaugh, Henry Co., Buried LeCompte Cemetery Oct 25, 1922, Undertaker Louis LeCompte, Frankfort Ky. cert 21970 FHL# 1,943,751


GRAVES, Sam H. died Sep 12, 1922, Campbellsburg, Henry Co., Ky, married, Merchant, neuralgias of the heart, born Oct 14, 1865 age 57 years son of F. R. Graves, b. Shelby Co., and Mary Ann Heitt, Lawrenceburg, Ky, informant Thomas Graves, Campbellsburg, Ky buried Campbellsburg, Ky Sep 13, 1922,, McCarty & Ricketts Campbellsburg, Ky.  cert 19911? 19011 FHL# 1,942,748     


HAWKINS, Robert , Oct 22, 1922, Henry Co., married, farmer, diabetes, born 1858 age 64, son of W. H. Hawkins and Jane Thomas, informant William Hawkins, Bagdah, Ky, buried Eminence Cemetery, Oct 23, 1922       cert 21975 FHL# 1,943,751


JACKSON, Joseph died voter's pct Smithfield, Henry Co., Ky, widower, farmer, salmrsan? Parisi syphilitics?, born april 13, 1859 age 63 y4s 4 mos 13 days son of Wm. Jackson, b. England and  Margaret Bush? . Ireland, informant Josie O’Donnell, Jericho, Ky buried St. Louis Cemetery, Louisville, Ky Aug 30, 1922  cert 21.962 FHL# 1,943,751


KEMP, Mary died Sep 27, 1922,  Sulphur, Henry Co., Ky., widow  age 93 years daughter of Chas. Redmon, no other information, informant John Kemp, Sulphur, Ky, buried Family Grave Yard Sep 28, 1922, Undertaker W. H. Abbott, Sulphur, Ky   cert 21971 FHL# 1,943,751


KNIGHT, Ann died Aug 15, 1922, Pleasureville, Henry Co., Kentucky cerebral Hemorrhage, widow, born Dec 9, 1840, age 81 yrs 8 mo 1 day, Kentucky daughter of John Kelley and Elizabeth Benson, informant Mary Bell Knight, buried Point Pleasant, Aug 17, 1922 cert # 17899,  FHL# 1,942,748


MORRIS, W. J., died Oct 28, 1922, Sulphur, Henry Co., Ky, widower, male, bronchial pneumonia, physician, born Jan 31, 1844, age 78 yrs  os 28 days Henry Co., son of David Morris b. Woodford and Amanda Wadkins, informant Mrs. Sam K. Hodgkin, Sulpur, Ky, buried IOOF Cemetery, Oct 30, 1922, undertaker, W. H. Abbott, Sulphur   cert 21972 FHL# 1,943,751


STIVERS, Millie died Sep 24, 1922 vot Pct W. New Castle, Henry Co., Ky., myocrotitis?, age 68 yrs 5 mo , daughter of George Kemp and Lucy Wilson, informant Mrs. R. E. Stivers, Sulphur, Ky., buried Sulphur Cemetery Sep 25, 1922 Cert 19909 FHL# 1,942,748


WARREN, Millie died Oct 8 1922 Pleasurville, Henry Co., Ky.,  COLORED, Married Housekeeper, Organic Heart disease, born Nov 11, 1874 age 48 6rs 0 mos 27 days., daughter of Flem Wilson and Ellen Crawford, informant John Warren, Pleasureville, Ky buried Eminence, Ky. Oct 11, 1922   cert 21967 FHL# 1,943,751


WASHBURN, Lula May , died July 11, 1926, Woodlawn, Nelson Co., Kentucky, born Aug 17, 1922, Nelson Co., age 3 years 10 months 24 days, daughter of Ben Washburn and Gertie Pinkston both born Washington Co., Ky., labor Pneumonia.  Informant Louis Curl, RR, Bloomfield, Ky., Buried New Hope Cemetery, July 12, 1916, Cert # 18681, FHL# 1,912,906


WHITELY, James N, died Oct 12, 1922 Pendleton, Henry Co., Ky, married Farmer, Diabetis Melster, born Aug 19, 1842 age 80 yrs 1 mo 23 days Henry Co., son of  Andrew Whitely and Miss Hamelton, informant Lizzie Garett Pendleton, Ky buried IOOF Cemetery Oct 13, 1922 undertaker W. H. Abbott, Sulphur.    cert 21974 FHL# 1,943,751


WRIGHT, William Curtis , died Aug 31, 1922, Vot Pct, W. New Castle, Henry Co., Ky,  Black, born Aug 20, 1922, age 11 days, premature  son of Shelby Wright and Lucile Tomkins both born Henry Co., buried Walemlun? Lous., Sep 1, 1922,   Cert. 17901 FHL# 1,942,748