Henry County Wills

 Transcribed by Harold Bishop Morgan - hmorgan@evansville.net

Will of Little Berry Wells dated 25 April 1843

Probated February term of Henry County Court 1848



That I Little Berry Wells of Henry County, State of Kentucky considering my advanced and my approaching dissolution but now being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore by me made in manner and form following. Viz:

In the first place after my body shall have been consigned to the tomb according to the wishes of my family and friends.  I desire that my funeral expenses and all my debts shall be paid out of any money that may be on hand or the first that shall come to hand.


I advanced to my son Coleman Wells one hundred and sixty or seventy dollars about the year 1821 or 1822 for which he gave me his note which is now in the possession of my son Thomas and therefore I cannot speak certainly of the amount or date but think I recall both nearly.  Now it is my desire that my son Coleman shall be charged with the amount of that note accordingly to its face if produced if not with the face amount with six percent per annum and that the amount shall be so much of his portion of my estate.


I leave will and bequeath to John Rowlett (who enter married with my daughter Elizabeth, since deceased and having no children) the sum of one dollar as his portion of my estate both real and personal.


I will and bequeath to my daughter Polly Woodsides, in trust for her children legal heirs of her body but first for her own support and maintenance during her lifetime, the balance of any at her death to go to her children as afar whatever of my estate may be her portion.  It is my desire that all my children now living or those of the following named Viz: Nancy Fuqua, Polly Woodsides interest as afar, William Dickerson, John Thomas, Martha Taylor and Little Berry.


 Money shall be made equal to the advancement made to Coleman as afar and the balance of my estate of every description shall be equally divided among the eight? last mentioned children and my son Coleman.  It is my will and desire that my daughter Polly Woodsides an trust as afar shall have and I hereby give her full power to buy or sell slaves or land and to make and receive deed or conveyance in trust as afar any portion of my estate real or personal or with the proceeds there of with the privilege of using and either on principal or interest for her support during her life time but at her death to be equally divided among her legal heired children of her body.  I hereby appoint and constitute my two sons William and Little Berry M. Wells my true and lawful executors to this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all others.  In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 25 day of April in the year of our Lord 1843.


Little Berry Wells                                                                SEAL


Signed sealed published

and acknowledged in presence of

Silas W. Hurst

Pluright Hardon, Henry County, February term 1848



Transcribed by Harold Bishop Morgan - hmorgan@evansville.net

 Estate of Little Berry Wells Inventory and Appraisement

20th of March 1848


Henry County, Kentucky Will Book 9, page 7

An inventory and appraisement of property belonging to the Estate of Little Berry Wells, appraised on the 20th of March 1848


1          Bureau                                     5.00

1          Shugar Chest                           1.00    

1          Shugar Bedstead                      4.00

1          Table                                        3.00

1            Cupboard                               2.00

2          Beds                                        7.00    

2          Beds and Bedsteads              10.00

1          Chest                                       1.00

2          Chairs                                          .75

1          Kettle, 2 Ovens and Skillet   1.50

11        Bacon, 3c per pound                  .33

1          Casey Plow                              .25

1          Harrow                                    3.00

1          Cutting Box                                .50

1          Scythe and Cradle                     .50

2          Bull Tongue Plows                 .25                            

1            Rounder Plow                          3.00

2          Pairs of Gear                             1.00

            Corn per barrel                     1.121/2

1          Oat Stack                           7.00

1          Half Oat Stack                                 2.50

            Half Stack of Hay                4.00

            Roan Cow and Calf              12.00  

            Red Cow and Calf              10.00

            Brindle Cow                             10.00

            Red Steer                            12.00

            Bull                                          8.00

2          Sows and Pigs                                   5.00

1            Yearling Colt                            20.00

1          Black Mare                             40.00

1          Bay Horse                            40.00

1          Roan Mare                             30.00

1          Gray Donkey                                     15.00  


                                                            S. D. Crabb, James Moody, J. W. Moody




One note on Coleman Wells given to Little B. Wells May 21, 1821. Due the 1st of March 1822 for one hundred and seventy-six dollars, sixty-six and two thirds cents.

One credit on same May 1st 1822 for sixty-seven dollars.

One Oct. 7th 1828 for sixty-seven dollars.

One Oct. 7th 1828 for one dollar and fifty cents.

One on J. M. Wells given to Little B. Wells for forty-one dollars dated the 7th Jany 1837.

One due the 15th of March following one on J. M. Wells given to Frances Wells for forty dollars on the 8th  of Jany 1837 due sixty days after the date.

One receipt from Jas. Pearce for ten dollars and thirty cents paid by Little B. Wells as Security for Moody Wells, Dec. 6 1848.

One receipt for a skin worth $1.25 dated Aug. 3 1837 and signed by James Bunker by L. B. Burr.

One receipt for a skin worth $.75 dated Aug. 3 1837 and signed by Jsh. S. Rice for James Brinker.


Henry County March Term 1848


On motion of James Jackson, Admin. Of Little B. Wells, decd. It is ordered by the Court that James Moody, Isham Moody, S. D. Crabb and D. Bunch or any three of whom being duly sworn as appraisers of the personal Estate, slaves, if any, of decedent Estate and report to Court.

                                                                                    E. P.  Thomas   C

Henry County Settlement

Appeared before the undersigned a Justice of the Peace John Moody, James Moody and S. D. Crabb-three of the within named commissioners who first sworn proceeded to the duty of the afore said and thusly order quien under my hand this 20th day of March 1848.

                                                                                    F. H. Goodrich J. P. H. C.

Henry County Sett. Apr. term 1848

Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Little B. Wells decd. Was filed in Court, examined and ordered to be recorded.

                                                                                    Attorney E. P. Thomas C. C.


Henry County, Kentucky Will Book 9, page 26

A sale bill of property belonging to the Estate of Little Berry Wells, appraised on the 23rd of March 1848.


Buyer                                       Article                                     

W. B. Wells                             1 Bureau                                       $1.50

F. L. Taylor                              1 Shugar chest                                             1.00

W. B. Wells                             1 Bedstead                                                   2.75

James Moody                           1 Table                                            .50

W. Punkin                                1 Chest                                                       .25

James Moody                           1 Cupboard                                                  2.00

W. B. Wells                             2 Beds                                                      5.00

F. L. Taylor                              1 Bed and Bedstead                                 1.00

J. J. Willets                               1 Bed and Bedstead                                 2.00

R. F. Moody                            2 Chairs                                             .321/2

W. B. Wells                             1 Oven                                                         .50

R. F. Moody                            1 Oven                                                         .30

R. F. Moody                            1 Skillet                                               .25

R. F. Moody                            1 Teakettle and Iron                                      .65

F. L. Taylor                              638 lbs Bacon-38c per lb                         19.44

R. F. Moody                            1 Grindstone                                                    .35

J. F. Willett                               394 lbs Bacon-38c per lb                          11.82

James Moody                           1 Cross Cut Saw                                         2.00

W. B. Wells                             1 Rounder Plow                                4.15

W. B. Wells                             1 Casey Plow                                                  .121/2

R. Fuqua                                  2 Bull Tongue Plow                                   .10

R. Felloody                              1 Cutting Box                                                    .50

W. Punkin                                1 Harrow                                                        3.00

W. B. Wells                             1 Scythe and Cradle                                    .25

James Moody                           1 pair Geer                                                   .80

James Moody                           1 pair Geer                                                   .85

F. L. Taylor                              4 bu. of Wheat                                               2.20

James Moody                           10 bu. Of Corn at $1.32                      13.20

J. H. Jackson                            141/2 bu. Of Corn at $1.28                      18.56

J. H. Jackson                            Oats Stack                                                8.25

James Moody                           1/2 Oats Stack                                                    3.00

W. B. Wells                             2 Sows and Pigs                                            6.00

W. B. Wells                             1 Roan Cow and 2 Calves                      18.25

R. F. Moody                            1 Red Cow and Calf                                   10.50

F. L. Taylor                              1 Red Cow                                                  15.00

R. J. Moody                             1 Bull                                                              5.00

H. H. Jackson                          1 Red Steer                                                 14.87

W. Punkin                                Hay Stack                                                  3.75

E. Eddy                                                1 Gray Mare                                     13.05

W. B. Wells                             1 Black Mare                                                 11.00

W. B. Wells                             1 Bay Horse                                                28.00

R. B. Fuqua                              1 Roan Mare                                                 30.00

S. Ford                                                1 Crockett Filly                                    19.75

Henry County, Kentucky April term 1848

List of sale of the Estate of Little Berry Wells filed in Court and ordered to be recorded.

                                                                        Att. E. P. Thomas C.


Henry County, Kentucky Will Book 10, page 78

Settlement by James Jackson as Admor. With the will annexed of Little Berry Wells decd. Of the goods, chattels and effects of Little Berry Wells decd.  I proceeded on Tues. the 15th of July 1851 at the clerks office in the town of New Castle to audit and settle the account of said Jackson as Admr. As of follows:


1          Amount of sale bill                                                                                               $311.84

2          One note on Coleman Wells due 1 Mar 1822                                          176.662/3

3          Cr. on same May 11 1822 for $67.00-on Oct. 7 1828 for $150.00                         284.43

4          One note-J. M. Wells given to L. B. Wells for $41.00 due 15 Mar 1837        

5          One note-J. M. Wells executed to Frances Wells for $140.00 on

            8 Jan 1837 and due sixty days after date-both of the above notes

                                                                        with interest amount to                     144.18

6          One recpt. of James Pearce for $10.30 pd. By L. B. Wells as security

                                                                        for Moody Wells                             10.30

7          One recpt. for hides signed by Isham Rice for Joseph Brinker                   .75

8          One recpt. for hides worth $1.25                                                                     1.25

9          Whole amnt. Of notes and money recd. by James Jackson                                                     $722.75          

10        Amt. Recd. for care of Negro man-sold by heirs 13 mo. from         

                                                                         Jan '48 to Feb '49                               $104.00

11        The Admr afsd is entitled to the following credit                                       856.75

12        Cr. by  $104.00 amt. pd. W. W. Wells by James Jackson for

            keeping Negro woman, America, for 13 mo. belonging to said

                                                            Estate-see Exhibit A                                        104.00

13        Cr. by $385.00 pd. Will B. Wells under contract with the heirs of

L. B. Wells, deceased and the said Jackson as Admr. for keeping and

maintaining Negro woman during her life                                                                 56.75

14        See bond from Wells and Taylor filed herewith                                                 385.00

15        Cr. by amt. of note pd. M. Moody-see Exhibit C                                                  37.93

16        Cr. by $2.00 pd. Charles Williams-see Exhibit B                                                    2.00

17        Amt. pd. Master in Chancery in cost of Jackson as Admr. of Wells-

                                                            is J. M. Wells-see Exhibit D                                     6.662/3

18        Amt. pd J. M. Wells his portion of Att. Fee taxed in the suit of Wells

            Adms. is John M. Wells for corresponding with non-residents-

                                                            See Exhibit E                                                             6.662/3

19        Cr. by $6.37 paid Thomas and Perry for funeral-see Exhibit F                          6.37

20        Cr. by Jackson acp. For coffin for L. B. Wells, decd.-see Exhibit G                            12.00

21        Cr. by amt. pd. Crabbe as appraiser of L. B. Wells est.                                 1.00

22        Cr. by amt. pd. Goodrich                                                                                    1.00

23        Cr. $10.30 amt. charged wrongfully to said Jackson on recpt of                                                                                                            Pearce-see Exhibit J                              10.30

24        Cr. by amt. pd. F. Taylor acf. -see Exhibit K                                                            2.87

25        Cr. by amt. pd. E. Randrue acf. -see Exhibit L                                                    8.40

26        It appears on page one that the Admrs. Has been charged with the sum

of $284.43 the full amt. of Coleman Wells note to L. B. Wells, decd. The will of

L. B. Wells, decd. Direct that the interest of Coleman Wells in the Estate shall

first go to pay off said note.  Said Coleman Wells interest in said Estate amounts

to $235.20 to which interest originated from the sale of Coleman Wells in the

name (?) of L. B. Wells, decd. and has been applied by said Jackson to the payment

of the said notes so far as the same was to go-leaving the sum of $43.23 due from

Coleman Wells.  Coleman Wells is insolvent.  The said Jackson must have or cr.

for the amt. paid on said note and also a cr. fro the $43.23, which is as follows:       284.43

The said Jackson has also been charged with the sum of $144.18, the amt. of 

two notes executed to L. B. Wells and Frances Wells as may be seen on page 1.

Said Jackson as appears from the Decree of the Henry Circuit Court in the case

of Jno. M. Wells Admr. and others as John M. Wells has appropriated to the each

which is paid down $13.00/5.50                                                                                   5.50

which leaves the sum of forty seven dollars and 61 cents in the hands                          47.61

of the said Guardian due to the said Wards.                                                                 10.00      

of said sum to each Ward.                                                                                          $137.61         

Cr. is allowed to Guardian five dollars for each Ward.

Balance due to each Ward in the hands of Guardian eighteen dollars and 80c each      $37.60


Jno. G. Taylor, P. Judge


All fees for recording this settlement are paid.    

                                                            E. P. Thomas, C.


I acknowledge this settlement,

Oct. the 4th 1851                                        Thomas S. Ireland

                                                            Samuel Ireland

                                                            Jno. G. Taylor, J. P. H. C. C.