The North and the South from Henry County


 Blackaby, Carey Allen; 9th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry (CSA), Company”G”   



Adler, August: Musician, enl.10/5/64, m.i. 2/20/65, m.o. 9/1/65 ;  Co. "E", 54th Ky Mounted Infantry (US).  





New Castle (State) Guards

        Guerilla activity was a problem in Henry County all through the War, as it was in most of Kentucky.  Having seen what was happening in Kansas, the Kentucky legislature took action to provide for a force in each County to deal with guerrilla activity, and Home Defense.  They passed a law organizing the militia into the Kentucky State Guard.  Governor Beriah Magoffin signed this act into law, March 5, 1860:

        Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky That the Kentucky Militia shall be divided into three classes: 1st The Active or Volunteer Militia, 2nd. The Enrolled Militia,

 3rd. The Militia of the Reserves. The Volunteer of Active Militia shall be styled the Kentucky State Guard.  

        The Henry County unit of the Kentucky State Guard was formed in New Castle, and commissioned 14 July 1860 as the New Castle Guards.  The initial officers were:  H. M. Buckley, Captian; Joseph Brinker, 1st Lieutenant; Ben. B. Gray, 2nd Lieutenant; and R. L. Shouse, 3rd Lieutenant.          Captain Buckley served later in the War as Colonel of the 54th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry, a unit made up largely of Henry county men.