Will of John Roberts Senior

found in McDonough county Illinois Will book I

In the name of God Amen I John Roberts Senior of the town of Prairie City in the county of McDonough and State of Illinois of the age of eighty one years the third day of December 1857 and being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare This my last will and testament in manor following that is to say first I give and bequeath to my Daughter Catherine McGrew the following described land being in the county of Fulton and State of Illinois and being the south west quarter of the south west quarter of section twenty three of township No Eight North of Range No two East in the county and state last aforementioned also one cow and suckling calf and one yearling steer also all of my house hold appurtenances Second I give and revise to my son Thomas Roberts the sum of five dollars to be retained by him out of what he now owes me for hogs(?) and rent which will leave one hundred and eighty dollars due me at this time third I give to James Roberts Eda Roberts Ann Willson Lucy Neal's heirs Margaret Newkirk and John Roberts the following described land and money. the north east quarter of the south east quarter of section twenty two of township No Eight North of Range No two East containing forty acres being in Fulton county Illinois and the one hundred and eighty dollars now due of Thomas Roberts to be equally divided between them. the heirs of Lucy Neal to have the same part that their mother would be intitled to if she was living. the heirs mentioned in the third place are to pay all just demands that exist against me at this time in witness where of I have hearunto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of November AD 1857.

John (his X mark) Roberts senior

witnesses by his request and in his presence and ? in McDonough court

Nathan D Parker   Nancy Ann Wilson
J R Parker

State of Illinois
McDonough County       At regular term of the county court in and for said county of McDonough began and held at the courthouse in Macomb in said county on Monday the fourth day of January AD 1858 personally appeared in open court the within named Nancy Ann Willson, Nathan D Parker and J R Parker three credible witnesses who being duly sworn on their oaths deposeth and say that they were present and saw the within named John Roberts Sen sign and seal the within last will and testament in their presence and that he acknowledged the same to be his act and deed and that they believed and still believe that the said John Roberts Sen was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing and acknowledging the same and that they attested the said last will and testament in the presence of and at the request of the said John Roberts Sen and in the presence of each other.

Nancy Ann Wilson
Nathan D Parker
J R Parker

Subscribed and sworn to in open
court before me this fourth day of
January AD 1858 Isaac Grantham Clerk
by JW VanHoesen deputy of the County Court
of McDonough County Illinois

State of Illinois
McDonough County       I, James McGrew do solemnly swear that the above and foregoing instrument in writing hereto attached, contains the true last will and testament of the above named John Roberts Senr. deceased so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly execute the same, by paying first the debts, and then the legacies mentioned therein, as far as his goods and chattels will thereunto extend, and the law charge one: and that I will make a true and prefect inventory of all such goods and chattels, rights and credits, as may come to my hands or knowledge, belonging to the estate of the said deceased, and render a fair and just account of my administration, executorship when thereunto required by law to the best of my knowledge and abilities: so help me God.

James (his X mark) McGrew

Subscribed and sworn to before me
the eighth day of January
AD 1858
Isaac Grantham County Clerk
of McDonough County ILL