African American Union Sailors from Kentucky

Posted with the kind permission of Sandi Gorin

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Surname: Woodward, Abner, Acres, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Ams, Anderson, Angling, Apperson, Arthur, Ashby, Bailey, Baker, Ballinger, Barker, Barnes, Barnett, Bates, Becker, Berden, Berry, Beseley, Blackburn, Blackford, Bohlen, Boles, Bourns, Bowles, Boyd, Bradshaw, Brook, Brooks, Brown, Brunge, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckner, Burden, Burdon, Burke, Burns, Burrows, Bush, Bussey, Butler, Caldid, Caldwell, Camil, Carter, Chappee, Chew, Chism, Churchill, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Claybourn, Cleveland, Coffee, Coleman, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Craig, Cranshaw, Crockett, Crutchfield, Curry, Dabney, Davids, Davie, Davis, Dawson, Dinsmore, Dunn, Dupee, Dwyer, Easeley, Edwards, Ellis, Erving, Fields, Flournoy, Ford, Four, Francis, Frazier, Gaiter, Gant, Garrison, Gayles, Gibson, Gifford, Gill, Graham, Green, Greenwood, Griffin, Guies, Hall, Hamilton, Handy, Hardin, Harding, Harries, Harris

Name          Age     Complexion   Occupation   Home
Abner, Francis 17 Yellow Laborer Lexington, Kentucky
Acres, Edward 25 Black Farmer Muen Co., Kentucky
Adams, Charles 16 Negro Laborer Kentucky
Adams, David 20 Mulatto Servant Maysville, Kentucky
Alexander, Charles 24 Colored Slave Kentucky
Alexander, Richard 26 Mulatto Fieldhand Mercer Co., Kentucky
Allen, Sidney 27 Negro Farmer Winchester, Kentucky
Allen, Tobey 23 Black Laborer Kentucky
Ams, Charles Black Carter Co., Kentucky
Anderson, Eli 30 Colored Louisville, Kentucky
Anderson, Henry 25 Negro Slave Kentucky
Angling, Samuel 26 Black Laborer Carter Co., Kentucky
Apperson, Edmund M. 27 Yellow Slave Henderson, Kentucky
Arthur, Thomas 18 Yellow Laborer Lexington, Kentucky
Ashby, Alex 56 Colored Fieldhand Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Bailey, Felix 25 Negro Laborer Lincoln Co., Kentucky
Baker, Henry 23 Black Farmer Marshall Co., Kentucky
Ballinger, Walter 26 Negro Laborer Knox Co., Kentucky
Barker, Lemuel 48 Black Laborer Kentucky
Barnes, William A. 35 Black Fieldhand Kentucky
Barnett, David 41 Colored Laborer Green Co., Kentucky
Bates, David 26 Black Farmer/Laborer Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Becker, George 26 Black Boatman Logan Co., Kentucky
Berden, Washington 43 Negro Plantation Laborer Kentucky
Berry, Lafayette 30 Negro Seaman Kentucky
Beseley, Peter 40 Mulatto Farmer Christian Co., Kentucky
Blackburn, Rankin 22 Negro Farmer Owen Co., Kentucky
Blackburn, Robert 31 Negro Fireman Kentucky
Blackford, John 19 Black Farmer Bowling Green, Kentucky
Bohlen, Lewis 32 Negro Fieldhand Mason Co., Kentucky
Boles, Solomon 21 Negro Farmer Logan Co., Kentucky
Bourns, John R. 21 Black Cook Princeton, Kentucky
Bowles, Madison 38 Black None Paris, Kentucky
Boyd, William 21 Black Bricklayer Boone Co., Kentucky
Boyd, William 19 Mulatto Cook Kentucky
Bradshaw, Anderson 17 Negro None Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Bradshaw, Samuel 27 Negro Waiter Kentucky
Brawdy, Samuel 36 Negro Farmer Kentucky
Brook, Samuel 33 Copper Cook Louisville, Kentucky
Brooks, Daniel 37 Light Fieldhand/Wagoner Kentucky
Brooks, Dudley 25 Black House Servant Clarksville, Kentucky
Brown, Burrell 28 Negro Blacksmith Kentucky
Brown, Charles H. 34 Colored Slave Kentucky
Brown, Daniel A. 38 Negro Fireman Kentucky
Brown, Jacob 38 Mulatto Cook Lexington, Kentucky
Brown, James 30 Colored Lexington, Kentucky
Brunge, Thomas 34 Negro Blacksmith Harrisburg, Kentucky
Bryan, Patrick 21 Negro Farmer/Wagoner Owen Co., Kentucky
Bryant, Benjamin 34 Negro Fireman Kentucky
Buchanan, Lewis 34 Contraband Cook Louisville, Kentucky
Buckner, Jackson 20 Black Fieldhand Oldham Co., Kentucky
Burden, Matthew 25 Negro Slave Kentucky
Burdon, George 26 Black Mechanic Fayette Co., Kentucky
Burke, James 29 Mulatto Bricklayer/Fireman Christian Co., Kentucky
Burke, Lewis 29 Mulatto Farmer Columbus, Kentucky
Burns, Riley 37 Black Fieldhand/Carpenter Bath Co., Kentucky
Burrows, Andrew 31 Black Laborer Kentucky
Bush, Robert 34 Black Slave Boone Co., Kentucky
Bussey, Solomon 36 Colored Blacksmith Kentucky
Butler, George 21 Black Fireman Kentucky
Caldid, Hiram 25 Black Slave Davis Co., Kentucky
Caldwell, Byron 36 Mulatto None Louisville, Kentucky
Camil, Gabriel 36 Dark Laborer Danville, Kentucky
Carter, Benjamin 18 Black Laborer Louisville, Kentucky
Carter, John 21 Negro Laborer Clarke Co., Kentucky
Carter, Richard 24 Mulatto Fireman Kentucky
Carter, Richard 23 Black Laborer Kentucky
Chappee, Benjamin 39 Yellow None Nelson Co., Kentucky
Chew, James W. 43 Copper Sailor Kentucky
Chism, Joseph 53 Negro Slave Kentucky
Churchill, William 18 Negro None Kentucky
Clark, Harrison 29 Colored Carpenter Lancaster, Kentucky
Clark, Thomas 32 Mulatto Fireman Kentucky
Clark, Willis C. 13 Black Louisville, Kentucky
Clarke, Elick 36 Negro Kentucky
Clarke, Robert 36 Colored Slave South Franklin, Kentucky
Clay, Henry 20 Colored None Lexington, Kentucky
Clay, Henry 62 Mulatto Servant Woodford, Kentucky
Claybourn, John 25 Negro Laborer Kentucky
Cleveland, David 40 Mulatto Teamster Madison Co., Kentucky
Coffee, Lewis H. 38 Dark Fireman Mason Co., Kentucky
Coleman, Edward 29 Black Stable Boy Franklin Co., Kentucky
Coleman, John 22 Negro None Maysville, Kentucky
Collins, Henry 22 Black Carpenter Kentucky
Cook, Cyrus 27 Yellow Carpenter Union Co., Kentucky
Cook, Nathan 35 Negro Carpenter Kentucky
Cooper, Charles 20 Black Farmer/Fieldhand Columbus, Kentucky
Cooper, Morgan 27 Black Fieldhand Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Craig, George L. 24 Copper Boatman Shelby Co., Kentucky
Cranshaw, Abraham 39 Dark Drayman Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Crockett, Isaac 44 Colored Deckhand Cumberland Co., Kentucky
Crutchfield, George 21 Negro Laborer Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Curry, William 27 Negro Fieldhand Kentucky
Dabney, Robert 17 Black Servant Trigg Co., Kentucky
Davids, David 27 Colored Slave Kentucky
Davie, George 37 Negro Servant/Fieldhand Kentucky
Davis, Bosley 46 Colored None Kentucky
Davis, Randolf 16 Black Farmer Fayette Co., Kentucky
Davis, William 20 Mulatto Laborer Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Davis, Wilson 30 Black Fieldhand Kentucky
Dawson, Irving 19 Black Fieldhand Louisville, Kentucky
Dawson, Thomas 18 Negro Slave Kentucky
Dinsmore, David 22 Negro Farmer Boone Co., Kentucky
Dunn, Ivory 36 Negro None Kentucky
Dupee, Edward 29 Colored Fieldhand Lancaster, Kentucky
Dwyer, William 14 Brown None Louisville, Kentucky
Easeley, Orlando 19 Black Farmer Logan Co., Kentucky
Edwards, George 49 Mulatto Cook Kentucky
Ellis, Jesse 14 Black None Christian, Kentucky
Erving, David 27 Negro Slave Nelson Co., Kentucky
Erving, Lewis 21 Negro Slave Nelson Co., Kentucky
Erving, Lloyd 26 Negro Slave Nelson Co., Kentucky
Fields, Warren 39 Black Slave Davis Co., Kentucky
Flournoy, Notley 27 Colored Blacksmith Kentucky
Ford, William 27 Black Cook Kentucky
Four, William H. 35 Negro Farmer Louisville, Kentucky
Francis, Marion 15 Black None Kentucky
Frazier, Joseph 24 Black Cook Harrison Co., Kentucky
Gaiter, John 25 Black Laborer Kentucky
Gant, Granville 40 Black Laborer/Farmer Kentucky
Garrison, Robert 32 Sawyer West Co., Kentucky
Gayles, James 26 Yellow Cook Maysville, Kentucky
Gibson, Ludd 25 Louisville, Kentucky
Gifford, William 18 Black Waiter Maysville, Kentucky
Gill, Henry 21 Yellow Laborer Logan Co., Kentucky
Graham, John 18 Black Fieldhand Oldham Co., Kentucky
Graham, William 38 Black Horseller New Port, Kentucky
Green, Henry 18 Black Hostler Kentucky
Green, Patterson 32 Mulatto Fireman Kentucky
Green, William 22 Black None Kentucky
Greenwood, Elijah 20 Black Farmer Kentucky
Griffin, James 29 Negro House Servant Franklin Co., Kentucky
Griffin, Tillman 37 Colored Slave Scott Co., Kentucky
Guies, August 20 Dark Laborer Madisonville, Kentucky
Hall, Albert 23 Black Cook Nicholas Co., Kentucky
Hall, William 27 Black Laborer Meade Co., Kentucky
Hamilton, Benjamin 38 Negro Laborer Covington, Kentucky
Hamilton, James 33 Negro Blacksmith Mason, Kentucky
Handy, Squire 26 Negro Fieldhand/Laborer Frankfort, Kentucky
Hardin, Benjamin 23 Black Farmer Meade Co., Kentucky
Hardin, Warren 24 Negro Cook Louisville, Kentucky
Harding, Henry 23 Negro None Kentucky
Harries, Samuel 26 Negro Servant Kentucky
Harris, Charles 35 Kentucky
Harris, Edward 31 Negro Tinsmith Louisville, Kentucky
Harris, William 22 Black Laborer Kentucky