Kentucky: A History of the State
Perrin, Battle & Kniffin 2nd ed., 1885, Hopkins Co.
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Surnames Biography
JOHN T. ADAMS, county clerk, was born December 18, 1852, in Robinson County, Tenn. He is a son of T. J. and Martha (Gardner) Adams, also natives of the same county and State, and now residing in Madisonville, Ky. Our subject at the age of sixteen entered a store as clerk, where he remained two years, after which he engaged in railroading, and again returned to merchandising, continuing in this business and railroading until August, 1882, when be was elected to his present position. Mr. Adams was married in February, 1878, to Miss Mollie Robb of Webster County, Ky.; this union has been blessed with three children-two sons and one daughter. He is a member of the I.0.0.F., K. of H. and U.0.U.C. Mr. and Mrs. Adams are devoted members of the Baptist Church.
DR. E. T. ALMON was born May 18, 1850, in Hopkins County, Ky. He is a son of John L. and Mary (Sneed) Almon. The father was born in Hopkins County, and is now living in White County, Ill. The mother was born in Tennessee; she died in 1856. Our subject was reared on a farm, and received a good education in youth. At the age of twenty-one he engaged in school teaching, which he continued several years. During this time he also studied medicine, and later attended two courses of lectures at the Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., from which he graduated in February, 1880. He then commenced practicing his profession at a point five miles east of Madisonville, and there remained one year; he then moved to Sacramento, McLean County, where he practiced about one year. His wife having died, he went to Louisville, and there attended a course of lectures at the University. In March, 1882, he came to Morton's Gap, where be has since been actively engaged in the practice of his profession, and where he is meeting with marked success.
BENJAMIN F. ARMSTRONG was born in Hopkins County, Ky., February 9, 1846; he is a son of Benjamin and Zelotus E. (Sugg) Armstrong, the former a native of South Carolina and the latter of Kentucky. They were of Irish and German descent respectively. At the age of seven years, Benjamin Armstrong, removed with his parents from South Carolina to east Tennessee. At the age of eighteen, in 1814, he removed with his parents to Union County, Ky. In this county he married his first wife. After attaining his majority he bought a farm in Union County where be was engaged in agricultural pursuits for several years. He then removed to Henderson County, Ky., where he bought a farm and resided for about thirteen years. In that county he lost his first wife, and married his second wife, the mother of our subject. From Henderson he removed to Hopkins County, and bought a farm two and a half miles south of Providence, upon which he resided until his death. He taught school several terms during his life, and was for many years a captain in the State militia. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, having gone into the service at an early age, and participated in the battle of New Orleans; his death occurred January 8, 1873 (the anniversary of that battle) in his seventy-seventh year. He and wife were from early life devoted members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in which church he was for many years a ruling elder; during the latter years of his life, especially, he took a great interest in church matters. Benjamin F. Armstrong was employed on his father's farm until he attained his majority, after which be taught school two terms. He then bought a farm in the neighborhood of Dalton, where he was engaged in agricultural pursuits for several years. In the spring of 1870 he sold out and bought the farm of 150 acres, two and a half miles south of Providence, upon which be now resides. Mrs. Zelotus E. Armstrong made her home with our subject after her husband's death, until her own death, September 20, 1867. Mr. Armstrong was married January 17, 1867, to Miss Virginia A. Dubyns, a native of Hopkins County Ky. Five children - two sons and three daughters - gladden their home. Mr. Armstrong and wife have from childhood been devoted members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in which church he has been ruling elder for the past three years. He is a Democrat.
MRS. ELIZABETH J. ARNOLD was born in Williamson County, Tenn., December 24, 1815, and is a daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Wade) Carlton, natives of North Carolina and of English descent. Thomas Carlton was educated and married in his native State, where he was for several years engaged in farming. Afterward he removed to Williamson County, Tenn., where he remained until about 1820. He then removed to Bedford County same State, where he resided until his death, in 1862. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and served in several campaigns against the Indians during that struggle. He and wife were devoted members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. At the age of sixteen, July 5, 1831, our subject was married to Noah Putman, who was born in North Carolina, November 25, 1809. He was a son of Jabel and Nancy Putman, natives of North Carolina, and of English descent. In about 1815, Jabel Putman removed with his family to Tennessee, where he was engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death. He and wife were members of the Baptist Church. Noah Putman received an ordinary education in youth, mainly in Tennessee, where he was married, and where he was engaged principally in agricultural pursuits for several years. He also followed the carpenter's trade to some extent in connection with farming. In 1851 he removed to Christian County, Ky., and in the following year removed to Missouri. During the same year, 1852, he returned to Christian County, Ky., and in the fall of 1853 came to Hopkins County, where be resided until his death, June 28, 1855. To Mr. and Mrs. Putman were born ten children, seven of whom - two sons and five daughters - are living. In 1873 Mrs. Putman sold her farm in Hopkins County, and in August of the following year removed to Christian County, where she bought another farm. Our subject was next married in October, 1874, to James E. Arnold, a native of the "Old Dominion." He was engaged in farming in Christian County, Ky., until his death in October, 1875; he was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In 1877 Mrs. Arnold sold her farm in Christian County, and in the fall of the following year returned to Hopkins County, where she bought a farm near White Plains, where she still resides. She is and has been for many years a devoted and consistent member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
WILEY ASHLEY was born in Granville County N. C., May 29, 1824, and is a son of David and Polly (Ashley) Ashley. His father, who was also a native of North Carolina, was engaged in agricultural pursuits, and also followed the trade of chimney builder. After his father's death, the family came to Kentucky, and settled in Hopkins County in 1859, where our subject has since been engaged in farming. In 1872 he moved to his present farm, which consists of 198 acres, and is considered one of the best north of Madisonville for a distance of twenty miles. This valuable farm Mr. Ashley has acquired through constant attention to business and good management. He was married, in the fall of 1858, to Naomi Bowles; this union has been blessed with two sons and six daughters. They are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Ashley has been a member of the Masonic fraternity since he was twenty-one years of age.