Kentucky: A History of the State
Perrin, Battle & Kniffin 2nd ed., 1885, Hopkins Co.
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W. C. JENKINS, salesman for the St. Bernard Coal Company, St. Charles, was born March 3, 1844, in Monongahela County, W.Va. He is son of Bartholomew and Nancy (Baker) Jenkins, both of whom were born in the same county and State. His father died in 1863, at the age of sixty-six. His mother still lives in her native State. Mr. Jenkins came to Kentucky, October, 1873, and has since been in the employ of the St. Bernard Coal Company at this point. He received a good literary education in youth, and has been connected with the various town offices the greater part of the time since coming here.
GEORGE W. JENNINGS was born in Hopkins County, Ky., May 26, 1843, and is a son of Gabriel W. and Martha H.(Mathews) Jennings, natives of the " Old Dominion." Gabriel W. Jennings was educated and married in his native State, where he learned the tanner's trade, which he followed in connection with farming several years. In 1826 he came to Hopkins County, Ky., where he bought a farm, on which he resided until his death in January, 1862, in his sixty-seventh year. He was a soldier of the war of 1812, having served in Virginia in the latter part of that struggle. George W. Jennings was employed on his father's farm until he attained his majority. He then bought a farm in the Silent Run neighborhood, where he remained for eight years. He then sold the farm and engaged in the drug and grocery trade at Beulah City, continuing the same for some eighteen months. He was then engaged in the same business in Cairo, Henderson Co., Ky., for eleven months. After this he moved his store to Charleston, Hopkins County, where he remained for eighteen months. In 1880 he moved to Dalton, where he has since been engaged in the same business. He was married in November, 1864, to Miss Nancy S. Kirkwood, a native of Hopkins County. Two sons and one daughter have been left them. Mr. Jennings belongs to no church, but is a member of the Masonic fraternity. In politics he is a Democrat.
ALEXANDER T. JOHNSON was born in Louisa County, Va., May 12, 1822, and is a son of Louie W. and Nancy (Graven) Johnson, natives of Virginia and of Irish descent. Louis W. Johnson learned the brick-mason's and plasterer's trades in early life in his native State, where he was married and followed his trades for several years. In March, 1837, he came to Hopkins County, Ky., and bought a farm near Nebo, where he resided and farmed in connection with his trades until his death, in 1858 or 1859. He was a veteran in the war of 1812, and was at the burning of Fredericksburgh, Va. Alexander T. was employed on his father's farm until he attained his majority. He then attended school in Tennessee for about three years.; then returned to Hopkins County, Ky, where he taught for a time and made one trip to New Orleans with a flat-boat. In 1847 he bought wild land near the old homestead in Hopkins County, Ky. where he improved the farm upon which he still resides, and to which he has added the old home farm and several other places, now owning well improved farms amounting to some 600 acres. He also owns some valuable property in the town of Nebo. He has for many years been extensively engaged in farming and the live-stock business. In the early part of the war with Mexico he enlisted, but was rejected ,on account of the quota being complete. He was married October 14, 1847, to Miss Mary Lamson, a native of Hopkins County and a daughter of John Lamson, a native of Massachusetts, who was among the early pioneers of Hopkins County. To Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were born six children, three of whom are living. Mrs. Mary Johnson died in 1863. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Mr. Johnson's second marriage was in 1866 to Miss Bettie E. Smith, a native of Hopkins County. Seven children blessed their union, four of whom are living - one son and three daughters. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church; he is a member of the Masonic fraternity and in politics a Democrat.
BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON, Hopkins County, was born in Christian County, Ky., October 20, 1832, and is a son of David and Elizabeth D. P. (Bradley) Johnson, natives of Christian County and of English descent. David Johnson engaged in agricultural pursuits all his life, and for many years was a major in the State militia of Kentucky. He died May 20, 1848. Benjamin F. Johnson, after his father's death, commenced to learn the carpenter's trade, but did not complete the same, serving only two years. He was then employed as a salesman in a general store at Hopkinsville and Stuartís Mills for some two years, after which he engaged in business on his own account in company with John A. Louis, under the firm name of Johnson & Louis, in the northeastern part of Christian County, on the Hopkinsville and Greenville road, now known as Johnson's store. After four years Mr. Johnson's brother, Louis H., bought the interest of Mr. Louis in the business, which was conducted for another year under the firm name of Johnson Bros. In 1873 they moved their store to White Plains, where they bought an interest in another store, and for a time were associated with other parties. Ultimately, however, our subject bought out the interest of the others, and conducted the business alone for some six or seven years. In January, 1883, he sold the store and has since been engaged in agricultural pursuits, and also in the lumber and live stock business: He was married December 20, 1876, to Miss Maria L. Atkinson, a native of Christian County, Ky. Four children - three sons and one daughter - have blessed their union. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Universalist Church, and also of the Masonic fraternity, having advanced to the R. A. degree; he is also a member of the L O. O. F.; in politics he is a Republican.
DR. WILLIAM L. JOHNSON was born in Simpson County, Ky., October 25, 1825. He is a son of Luther and Sarah (Harris) Johnson, daughter of Rev. William Harris, one of the founders of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church; of this family six sons were preachers. Our subject was reared on his fatherís farm, and received a good common school education; at the age of twenty-one he engaged in teaching school; this he continued for about five years and during this time he also studied medicine and taught classical studies; he then went to Louisville and attended medical lectures. In 1855 he commenced the practice of medicine in Hopkins County, and this profession he has since followed; he graduated from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1857. The Doctor owns upward of 2,000 acres of land in this county, and has been engaged in merchandising and handling tobacco about twenty years. In 1882 he removed to Dawson; he owns and occupies one of the most attractive and comfortable residences at this point; be is a strong advocate of prohibition, and has delivered temperance lectures from time to time for many years. Dr. Johnson was married In 1865 to Miss N. J. Lamb, of Hopkins County; this union is blessed with one son and one daughter. The Doctor is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and Mrs. Johnson is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
ALEXANDER. R. JONES was born in Hopkins County, Ky., August 13, 1848, and is the fifth child of the Rev. Solomon W. and Mary B. (Gooch) Jones. A. R. received a good common school and academic education in youth, and was employed on the home farm until he was twenty-five years old. He then engaged in the manufacture of wagons and carriages, at Madisonville in company with two of his brothers, under the firm name of Jones Bros. After three years he withdrew from the firm and opened a large dry goods store at the same place, where he has since been doing an extensive and thriving business. He carries a well selected stock line, valued at $7,000, his annual sales amounting to about $12,000. Mr. Jones was married November 15, 1877 to Miss Linna L. Murphy, a native of Hopkins county, Ky. They have one daughter - Ruby. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and he is a Democrat.
JOHN. F. JONES was born in Hopkins County Ky., March 12, 1853, and is the youngest of seven children of Rev. Solomon .W. and Mary B. (Gooch) Jones, a sketch of whom will be found above. John F., upon attaining his majority, learned the wagon and carriage-maker's trade with his brother, T. B. Jones, of Madisonville, and followed the same for about six years. He was then engaged in the dry goods business at the same place in company with another brother, A. R. Jones, for two years. In October 1883, he removed to Nebo, where be engaged in the tobacco stemming business in company with J. W. Cox, under the firm name of Cox & Jones. They are doing an extensive business, having shipped to the European markets during the last season 337 hogsheads of strips;. Mr. Jones was married December 13 , 1882, to Miss Cora M. Cox, a native of Hopkins County, Ky., and a daughter of J. W. Cox, a sketch of whom will be found elsewhere. In politics Mr. Jones is a Democrat.
REV. SOLOMON W. JONES was born in Granville County, N.C., and is the eldest of five living children born to Henry W. and Sarah (Parker) Jones, both natives of Granville County, N.C., and of English descent, Henry W. Jones was educated and married in his native county, where he was all his life extensively engaged in planting. He enlisted near the close of the war of 1812, and was taken to Norfolk, Va., but saw no active service. He was for many years a magistrate in his native county. He died in the early part of 1874, in his seventy-sixth year. Solomon W. was employed on his father's farm until he was twenty-one years old. His father then deeded him a small farm near the old homestead, where he engaged in farming until the fall of 1840, when be came to Hopkins County, Ky., and bought wild land four miles west of Madisonville. Here he commenced to improve a farm; after one year he sold the place and bought a partially improved farm near Hanson in the same county, where he engaged in farming and stock raising until 1877. He then sold the farm and moved to Madisonville, where he owns a handsome residence in the suburbs of the city, where he has since lived a retired life. He was married December 19, 1838, to Miss Mary B. Gooch, a native of Granville County, N.C. Seven children blessed their union; five sons and one daughter are yet living. M. Jones and wife are devoted members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, he having been a member of that church for more than forty years, and a minister in the same for some thirty-five years. In politics he is a Democrat.