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Cleanup of Flat Creek Cemetery:
On Saturday, November 4, 2000, a few people met at the Flat Creek Cemetery near Mortons Gap about 9:00AM to work on cleaning up the cemetery. As I walked thru this historic cemetery that morning I wanted to cry. These photos show how overgrown with weeds the cemetery had become. In most of the cemetery the weeds are at least 3 feet tall and in some cases higher. It was difficult and slow going using the weed eaters and even the riding mower. These photos show how the cemetery looked early in the clean-up. Most of the stones can't even be seen, and many were found knocked over and broken, including the marker for William Davis and Joseph Young, Revolutionary War Soldiers.


I returned to the cemetery Sunday. What a difference a day makes. The volunteers did a wonderful job. David says that they finished up about 5:00 pm. [David... I didn't think that 3 or 4 hours would be enough time <g>.] I took a lot of 'after' photos but haven't had time to download all of them from the camera, resize, and upload to the website yet. I'll get that done asap. Meanwhile, I thought everyone would like to see the dragon the volunteers faced on Saturday and some of the 'after' shots!

David tells me that one of the local 4H clubs has agreed to mow the cemetery twice a year. That is certainly wonderful news David.

11-29-2000 -- Visit the updated cemetery

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