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Part of Church Minutes - Lick Creek Church

 The following was found in the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, Kentucky, on 31 Jul 2002. It was apparently transcribed by a Mrs Ora B Locker who was shown as c/o Mrs Audrey Peck in Benton Kentucky, date unknown.

 Lick Creek Church, on Lick Creek Road between Charleston and Beulah, burned down a number of years ago. I understand the church had not been used in quite some time prior to the fire but there is no way to tell for sure exactly when from this record since it says it is "part" of the minutes. All comments found in this file were in the paper I found with the exception of the one where I have put my initials.

The photo, top left, is the site where the church building stood prior to the fire, and the other is Lick Creek Road looking up the road toward the cemetery just east of hwy 109, taken by me in summer of 2000. It will be recognized as the photo used on the Lore pages. Today [2002] this area wouldn't be rocognized from this photo as the property on the left of Lick Creek Road has been developed. . . trees cut down, ground somewhat leveled, etc.

In deeds in Hopkins Co Ky, William (Sr maybe) McGregor and Samuel McGregor deeded the land for Old Lick Church

Was organized 1805

3 Jun 1828 Archibal Logan came from Sandy Creek, Va
27 Aug 1831 Restored William McGregor (maybe Sr?)
25 Feb 1832 Received John and Elizabeth McGregor
26 Feb 1832 Received Mary McGregor and Mary Williams
Received by experience William McGregor and Margaret Chappel
23 Jun 1832 Preston Fox and Mary Fox
24 Jul 1832 Mericha Jackson, Isiah Jackson by experience, Washington Fox's wife Mary
14 Oct 1844 Jabes White, died 18 Oct 1844
Jemima Dunn died Aug 1855
Preston Fox became moderator
Winston and wife Parthenia joined ?
Deacon Preston Fox joined New Hope 23 Jun 1832, was ordained deacon Apr 1855, served 24 years, died 3 Aug 1878.
14 Nov 1861 Elizabeth McGregor deceased
26 Jun 1862 Jane Chappel died
17 Jul 1862 Nellie Jane Jackson died
15 Jan 1863 Mary MdGregor died
27 Dec 1863 John McGregor died
20 Aug 1865 James McGregror died
7 Aug 1865 Mary Fox died
11 Jan 1867 John Malin
didn't have down but looked like Fox died
Wiley and Martha Angeline McGregor
11 Nov 1867 Thomas Franklin died
5 Jan 1870 Balis Phelps died
12 Jan 1871 Dabney Terry died
16 Jun 1878 Wiley McGregor died
2 Mar 1887 Margaret Goodaker
Jun 1891 John Mitchell McGregor joined the church
(On a paper I thought died but maybe joined the church)
1893 Nancy Jackson
1896 Jane Jennings
1890 Louine McGregor
1897 G H Sisk
1897 W D McGregor
1897 Elizabeth McGregor
13 Dec 1892 Wm R Blakely died
18 Feb 1892 Talbert Hibbs died
3 Jun 1893 Martha McGregor died
Gemima Menser
George Washington Beshears
4 Dec 1898 Rebecca Howton died
12 Dec 1902 Rebecca J Ridley died
23 Apr 1905 A J Ridley d age 83yrs 3mos 28 days
26 Jul 1905 Madison Beshears died age 83 yrs 11 mo 14 days
8 Dec 1907 Rosha L Fox Morgan died with TB
18 Nov 1910 Mary, wife of Pinkney Brown died age 68 yrs
28 Jun 1912 Wilford Morgan died, dropsey
17 Aug 1912 James Franklin died St Charles Ky buried Lick Creek
20 Mar 1913 G W Dockery died age 86 yrs buried Lick Creek
1913 David R Turner's wife was paralized and he could not attend April meeting.
29 Jul 1914 Benjamin Winstin Franklin died
8 Jan 1915 Martha Rodgers died
1915 John Franklin died at daughters in Earlington Ky
22 Feb 1916 Rebecca wife of Martin Young died
Jul 1918 Sam and Frank McGregor were baptised
Winter near spring 1920 Tead Franklin died
15 Nov 1927 Deacon G T Fox died. Buried at Lick Creek
13 Aug 1945 Wm. Frank McGregor died
Sep 1946 Bunyan McGregor joined the church
17 Jan 1947 Cordelia Clark died age 88 yrs
May 1947 George Clark attended meeting died at Providence on the way home in Ill.
31 Mar 1952 G D Clark died age 84 yrs
The next three were at the end of the paper but dated 1876 and 1877. nt
11 Oct 1876 Martin Young died
6 Mar 1877 Ezias Earle died ?
29 Aug 1877 M Wilson died ?

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