Salem Baptist Church Home Page

Church Roll of Salem Baptist Church 1841 - 1891

Organized 18 Sep 1841, located 2 miles
East of Mortons Gap, Hopkins County, Ky
by Elder John Bourland, Kinchen G Hay,
M R and William McClain, Clerk.

The ground for this church was donated by R P Loving.

Charter Members

Davis, Sarah
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Rubin
Kennedy, Angeline
Kennedy, Alice
Loving, Rubin P
Loving, William M
Loving, Tabitha
Loving, Mariah
Lundy, Mary
Robertson, Edwin
Taliaferro, Lawrence
Taliaferro, Lettice
Kennedy, Nancy

Hulett, Eliza M
Littlepage, Henry
Littlepage, Harriet
Loving, Pryor
Sisk, Gabriel
Sallie (a black woman of Benjamin Davis


London, Linchfield
London, Louisa
Loving, John G & wife

1843 - January

Fox, Allen
Harris, R
Harris, Lydia
Hewlett, Elizabeth
London, Mary Ann
Loving, Pryor S
Loving, Eliza Ann
Littlepage, Julia Ann
Morton, Matilda
Sisk, Louisa


Bradley, Elizabeth
Davis, William Jr
Davis, Elizabeth
Fox, Elizabeth
Lacy, Pheld
Loving, Daniel
Loving, Amanda
Morton, William C


Fealix, Jude
Loving, John G & wife
Littlepage, Lulinda


Campbell, Archibald
Ezell, J M
Ezell, Bailem
Fox, A & wife
Graddy, Sarah
Hankins, Houston
Hulett, Betsy
Felix, Sallie
Littlepage, James
Morton, W C
Woodward, Brother & wife
Whitfield, Hester

1848 - March

Davis, W M
Fox, Allen
Fox, Temperance
Loving, O F
O'Bryan, Thomas L
Perkins, Willis
Perkins, Martha
Taliaferro, Marshall


Graddy, Hester
Hunt, James M


Browning, Sarah
Davis, Richard


Browning, William
Cunningham, Delpha
Davis, Dixon
Fugate, George
Moore, Morris
Moore, Alfred
Pritchett, Thomas
Robertson, Orlander
Woodward, E and wife


Givens, Emily
Littlepage, High
Morrison, John D


Lewis, Julia Ann


Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Nancy C
O'Bryan, Martha F
Vincent, Catherine


Sister Rodie (a colored woman)


Davis, Mary M


Cavanaugh, Charles
Fugate, William
Kennett, J V
Kinnett, Vicie
Kinnett, Roday
Loving, Louisa B
O'Bryan, Florella
O'Bryan, Susan
Vincent, Eliza Walker, Amos


O'Bryan, Thomas A
O'Bryan, Lucy A


Cavanaugh, William


Davis, Thomas
Gatlin, J W
Hankins, Elvy J
Lewis, Josephine
Littlepage, Angeline
Littlepage, Elizabeth J
Littlepage, Morris
Loving, J P
Loving, Angeline
Loving, Elenor
Loving, W
Loving, W B and wife
Loving, Elizabeth
Loving, J W
Loving, Andrew B
McGuyer, W D
Walker, Martha J
O'Bryan, P L
(all were baptized third sabbath in November)


Cavanaugh, Martha E
Hankins, Martha
Hankins, Linn B
Loving, Sylvanus
Medlock, Eliza J
O'Bryan, William H
O'Bryan, Louisa
Oldham, Sarah
Randolph, Jessie
Randolph, Frances
Tap, Analiza


Elizabeth (a colored sister belonging to sister Marthy Cavanaugh)
Kinnett, Nancy
Loving, P S
Loving, Eliza A
Loving, John W
Loving, Bailum K
Loving, W S
Fox, Flora
Medlock, Margaret
Morton, Mary W
McGuyer, Kellita P
Oglesby, Susan E
Penley, M
Randolph, Nancy A
Randolph, Harriett
Sisk, R B
Thomason, Mary
Woodward, William C


Baldock, William E
Cavanaugh, Hopson
Davis, F M
Fox, Adanella
Gatlin, William
Hogan, Sarah
Loving, W W
Loving, Marthy
Loving, Viola
Morton, O P
Woodward, George D


Davis, Ophelia P
Gatlin, Louisa C
Littlepage, Nancy M


Sisk, John B


Bailey, Sister C I
Bone, T A
Braswell, Lucindy A
Braswell, S H
Braswell, Mary E
Fugate, Zachariah
Davis, L H
Davis, Margaret
Graddy, Floricey M
Loving, Talitha
Loving, Armazinda
Loving, A B
Loving, Sister M C
Loving, Sister J F
Loving, Sister M J
Littlepage, Eliza D
Littlepage, L M
Medlock, William A
Morgan, William K
Morton, Inez
Morgan, Sary
Slaton, J.O.P.
Whitfield, J M
Whitfield, A M
Whitfield, Charity
Whitfield, Lucy A


Bourland, Owen
Browning, F S (sister)
Fugate, George
Fugate, Emma
Fugate, Mollie
Loving, Silvanus
Slaton, S E (sister)
Stull, Leander
Stull, Mollie


Allen, Sarah
Adcox, Anderson
Adcock, Terissce
Hall, William
Mencer, W E
Mencer, William L
Mencer, Samuel
Nicholas, Ann
Sisk, Sally


Smith, James G
Smith, Gertrude
Walker, Amanda


Gatlin, Florella
Woodward, James
Woodward, Sarah


Loving, Lannah
Smith, Thadius
Suthard, Nancy
Walker, A R


Bone, Leak A
Coleman, James H
Culin, Mollie F
Herron, Mary
Furlow, Cordy
Kington, Martha K
Loving, J C B
Loving, T E
Loving, Emma L
Loving, Ellen J
Loving, Ella
Loving, W S
Pidcock, Bell
Phillips, John and wife
Slaton, J.O.P.
Wood, R W


Stokes, Sarena E
Tatum, J S


Alley, M E (sister)
Fox, B A
Fugate, Mary E
Fugate, Ellen
Gatlin, M A (sister)
Gatlin, W E
Littlepage, Nancy
Littlepage, Lucien
Littlepage, James
Whitfield, A M (sister)
Loving, Rubin


Gatlin, Mary
Gatlin, Docie
Loving, Amy
O'Bryan, R
Sisk, Mary E
Taliaferro, Samuel


Almon, E T
Davis, Ellen
Fugate, Elizabeth
Dodge, Samuel E
Loving, J M
Loving, L V
Loving, John C B
Loving, Lannah A
Loving, Florellen
Loving, Rubin H
Loving, Mary R
Loving, Jemima B
Loving, Matty
Loving, Tilena A
Russell, G H
Sisk, Martha A
Whitfield, Mollie
Sisk, Cordie C


Agan, W H and wife
Agan, Nancy C
Kile, Nelson
O'Bryan, Ella
O'Bryan, Thomas C
Russell, M S
Sisk, Ebenezer W
Sisk, Cordelia
Sisk, A L (sister)
Smith, Lillian G
Walker, Lemizen


Loving, Liznora
Lynn, Rebecca
Page, Susan


Agan, Mattie
Agan, Julia
Barnes, W A J
Bishop, Cora
Brown, Lucy C
Browning, Lee
Brand, Laura
Gatlin, Will
Downey, J O
Frances, Richard and wife
Hall, Annie D
Hall, Rose L
Horsefield, Bell
Horsefield, Jane
Kington, James
Kington, Wash (sister)
Kington, W P
Loving, Arrie E
Loving, Sallie A
Loving, Henry B
Loving, C
Loyd, Sarah A
Owen, Sallie
Tinsley, Lillian M
Woodall, Martha
Weldon, Lois
Woodall, Mary
Oldons (?) Esquire


Coleman, J H and wife
Kitcherson, Brother & wife
O'Bryan, Martha


Bran, George
Brigham, George
Cullen, J W
Cullen, Lena
Edwards, J L
Edwards, Ches
Franklin, Salloy
Ezell, Lena
Jennings, Beadie
Kington, W W
Page, L H
Swope, Julia
Swope, Bertha
Smith, Mollie


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