Audrey Ann McCulley Collection


Audrey Ann McCulley Days Gone By Collection of school children

This collection contains about 200 photos of school children who were in the classes of Mrs Audrey Ann McCulley who taught in the Hopkins County Public School District during the following years:

  • 1924-1925 Hanson
  • 1925-1929 Leech
  • 1930-1932 Huckleberry [Charleston area]
  • 1933-1940 Munns [Hwy 70 about a mile or so west of Main St toward Richland]
  • 1940-1943 Suthards [west of Earlington a couple of miles]
  • 1943-1957 Anton [Hwy 80-85, east of Madisonville, couple miles west of McLean Co.line]

The photos were sent to me by her granddaughter, Kerry McCulley.

If you can identify the year or school for any of these photos, please share with me so I can update the file.

The first group I'm putting up are of some of those who are identified on the back of the photo. I'll add the unidentified children, and the class group photos, to the collection online as I have time over the next couple of weeks. Once they are all scanned and placed online, the collection will be donated to the Historical Society of Hopkins County. All identified photos will be found in the surname directory for that surname:

Identified Photos
Unidentified Photos