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Hazel Thirst School, 1910

HAZEL THIRST SCHOOL IN 1910: These pupils, bottom row, left to right, are Verdie Creekmur, Wylie Brown, Marjorie Hatle(hard to read) Obad Pidcock,Arnold Lane, Florence Rogers, Teddy Barnes, Hershell Creekmur,Sybil Morse, Otha Barnes,Vera Baker and Birchie Lamb. Second row, left to right, are Fred Stallins, Lillian Clayton, Mae Daker (Baker?) Everett Ward, Aubrey Pidcock, Justis Crowe,Dewey Baker, Johnny (Can't read, article cut off), Alpha B akmer, Fred Ray, Vada Lane, Homer Creekmur, Beckham Haile (or Halle). Back row, left to right are Garrett_____ (Can't read), Stella Lane, Ocie Crow, Anna Stallins, Jessie_____, Raymond Dearing, Ella Barnes, Mrs. Mary Thomas, AlvinCreekmur and Glen Dearling.

This school is apparently in Caldwell County.

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