Mack Sisk Collection


Identified Froglegs; Probaby for hotel market. Left Unknown, Garnett Sisk, Julian Schwab.
Identified A Fine Catch
Identified Arcadia Hotel Located on the Arcardia Grill site
Identified Hamby Hotel and Hamby's Well
Identified Costumed for photograph at the bluffs
Identified Production area for Hamby High Ball and Salts
Identified Main St, Dawson Springs, early 1900s
Identified Toledo Baseball Club Assn.
Identified Phillips' Hotel and Bath House, Poplar Street
Identified Excursion boat on Tradewater, photographed at the conjunction of Hopkins, Caldwell and Christian counties
Identified Interior of Hamby's well
Identified Original Hendrix House located on what is now Hwy 62 West, north side.
Identified View of boarding house looking toward center of town, Hwy 62 west, I.C. Depot on Redden's Chevron site.
Identified Early visitors to Dawson Springs, Main Street
Identified Early picture of the New Century Hotel and Hamby Hotel
Identified Main Street, Dawson Springs
Identified Interior of old Commercial Bank, now Dawson Springs Museum and Art Center.
Identified Visitors to Dawson Springs arriving via Illinois Central Railroad, located on what is now hwy 62.
Identified Full view of Illinois Central Railroad Depot
Identified Dedication Day of Outwood Veterans Administration Hospital, 22 Feb 1922.
Identified Dawson Springs baseball team [no date given]
Identified Summit House, owned by the Ramsey family, on Railroad Ave.
Identified Main Street looking north from Hamby's well.
Identified Main Street looking north.
Identified 'The White City' excursion boat on Tradewater.
Columbus Senators Baseball Club.
Identified Summit House, Railroad Ave.
Identified Summer visitors, Hamby Hotel
Identified Clarksville 'Kitty' League, 1916
Identified 'Before and after' testimonials for the healthgiving Dawson Springs Mineral Water.
Identified Hamby Well, exterior entryway.
Identified Potter Boarding House and Hotel on Ramsey Street
Identified Hotel Niles, South Main Street
Identified View of Dawson Springs, North, from the tower of the New Century
Identified The Lisanby House
Identified Arcadia Hotel, later expansion.
Identified The Scott residence, corner of Munn and South Main Street.
Identified Untold gallons of mineral water concentrate were shipped in this manner for many years.
Identified Pittsburg Pirates, 1915 - 1917 spring training.


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