Appointment of Estate Administrators
Hopkins County, KY 1826 - 1829

From Western Kentucky Journal, Vol IX, No. 2, Spring 2002
Used with permission of Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS, Editor

Date Decedent Administrators
9 Jan 1826 Herring, John, dec'd Elena Herring, widow of John Herring dec'd and Jethro Oates appointed administrators of the estate of the decedent.
8 May 1826 Carnahan, William, dec'd James Wilson appointed administrator of William Carnahan with will annexed. Keziah Carnahan, widow and relict, consenting. Keziah Carnahan absolutely renounced the provisions made for her in sd. will
09 Oct 1826 Brown, Robert, dec'd Administration granted to Absalom Ashby Jr.
11 Dec 1826 Gunter[?], Saml., dec'd John Christian appointed administrator of "the state" of Saml. Gunter[?], dec'd, with the will annexed.
14 May 1827 Payne, Sarah, dec'd Administration granted to Thomas Redmon.
27 Nov 1827 Farley, Sally, dec'd Samuel Groves granted letters of administration.
12 Nov 1827 Carlisle, Thomas, dec'd Samuel Groves granted letters of administration.
14 Apr 1828 Clark, Nathan, dec'd Administration granted to Richard V Bagley
14 Jul 1828 Barr, George W, dec'd Administration granted to Alfred Barr and John Ashby Jr (Phebe Barr, widow of sd. decedent, having in writing renounced the right to administer upon sd. estate.
11 Aug 1828 Stubblefield, Henry, dec'd Administration granted to Kitty Stubblefield, widow and relict of sd. Henry.
13 Oct 1828 Pedcock, Horatio, dec'd Ann Pedcock, widow of Horatio Pedcock, dec'd, relinquished her right to Letters of Administration on her husban'd estate and Amos B Pedcock granted right to administer.
10 Nov 1828 McGary, James dec'd Administration granted to Joseph Robertson.
08 Dec 1828 Craig, Patrick Henry dec'd Letters of Administration granted to Thomas Pollard.
13 Apr 1829 Weir, Asel, dec'd Letters of Administration granted to Lewis R Richards.
13 Jul 1829 Ashby, Stephen Jr, dec'd Permelia Ashby, widow of Stephen Ashby Jr, dec'd, and Nathaniel Ashby appointed administrators.
13 Jul 1829 Duncan, Jesse, dec'd Administration granted to James Duncan.
10 Aug 1829 Cates, John, dec'd Administration granted to Richard Cates.
10 Aug 1829 Hanks, Thomas, dec'd Whereas Thomas Hanks, late of this county, departed this life intestate and more than three months having elapsed since the death and no person having applied for letters of administration ... Henry Ashby Esq., Sheriff, to take the estate into his possession and make sale of so much thereof by public auction ... as may be necessary for payment of the decedent's debts.
12 Oct 1829 Adams, Thomas, dec'd Administration granted to Elizabeth Adams, widow of sd. decedent, and to Samuel Adams.
12 Oct 1829 Tomlinson, Hamilton, Sr, dec'd Administration granted to Hamilton Tomlinson, Jr.
12 Oct 1829 Davis, John, dec'd Administration granted to Thomas Davis.
10 Nov 1829 Noble, Alexander, dec'd Administration granted to William Bradley
15 Dec 1829 Morray, Samuel M, dec'd Administration granted to Henry Bishop who was also appointed guardian to decedent's children, Susanah, Martha, William, Thimat[?] and James Morray.