Cox to Curtis
Deed Book 29 Page 353

16 March 1865 [or possibly 9]

M.F. Cox and Agness J. Cox, his wife, to R.D. Curtis 

Hopkins Co., KY Deeds Book 29 Page 353 

This Conveyance made and entered into between M. F. Cox of the first 

part and R. D. Curtis of the second part Witnesseth that the Said 

M. F. Cox for and in consideration of the sum of Twelve hundred 

dollars five hundred and seventy five dollars in hand paid the receipt 

of which is hereby acknowledged _ three hundred and twenty five dollars 

to be paid the 25th Dir [Decr?] 1866, three hundred to be paid Decr 1867 

Hath bargained and Sold to the said R. D. Curtis the following described 

tracts or parcels of land (towit)

Two tracts of land lying in Hopkins County Ky on the waters of Brattons 

Creek and is divided into two parcels or boundaries the first of which 

is bounded as follows (towit) Beginning at Charles Murpheys South East 

Corner in James Hichlins(?) lines running South direction to Smiths 

Military Survey thence ____ west direction to Charles Murphys corner

 _____ thence with Said line to two white oaks Murpheys corner Thence 

 to the Beginning containing 50 acres the Second tract is bounded as 

 follows towit Beginning at a forked Black oak corner to Henry Parker(?) 

 thence Couth 75 East 19 poles to a dogwood white oak and hickory bush 

 thence thence [sic] South 15 West 102 poles to a dogwood and two black 

 oaks thence North 75 West 19 poles to a Stake thence North 15 East to 

 the Beginning containing twelve acres with their and each of their 

 appurtenances To have and to hold Said tract or parcels of land with 

 their appurtenances unto the Said R. D. Curtis his heirs and assigns 

 forever the claim or claims of the Said M. F. Cox his heirs and assigns 

 forever and the Said party of the first part for himself his heirs &c. 

 covenant to and with the party of the Second part his heirs &c. that 

 the title to the land hereby surveyed is and indefeasible inheritance 

 in fee Simple and against the lawful claim or claims of any _ all 

 persons whatever will forever warrant and defend by these presents.

In Testimony Whereof the Said M. F. Cox and Agness Cox his wife who 

hereby relinquishes her dower in and to the land hereby conveyed have 

hereunto Subscribed their names this 11th day of October 1865.  A lien 

upon the aforesaid land is retained until the whole of the purchase 

money is paid.

M. F. Cox 

Agness J. Cox 


Hopkins County } Sct 

I W. W. Cook Clerk of the County Court for Said County do certify that 

the foregoing deed from M. F. Cox to R. D. Curtis was produced to me 

Stamped as the law directs and acknowledged by M. F. Cox Oct 11th 1865 

as appears from the endorsement thereon of ? James D.C. for Dick 

Littlepage Clk.  Also acknowledged by his wife Angess J. Cox before me 

in uniform(?) of Law to be their act and deed and the Same together 

with this certificate hath been duly recorded in my office.

Given under my hand this 16th day of March 1865 [or possibly 9] 

W. W. Cook clk. 

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