Volume 1, Issue 3, 1969


(The following book has at one time been water soaked and in such

condition that pages are matted together, however will attempt to 

obtain some information from what is readable.  This is the only book

in the Courthouse in the clerks office known to be in this condition.

Pages aren't numbered in book).

I have used the following abbreviations for this record:

appt. = Appointed 

Admin. = Administrator

Sur: = Surety or Sureties

ABNR= Amount of bond not readable.

Ambrose Mitchell appt. Admin. of Samuel Mitchell, dec'd.

Sur: Geo. W Noel & E G Stevens. ABNR. Dec 14, 1846.

John Wilson appt. Admin. of John Montgomery, dec'd. 

Sur: Jos. Hunter. ABNR. Dec 14, 1846.

James Bassett appt. Admin. of estate of Thomas Williams.

Sur: John Bassett. ABNR. Dec 14, 1846.

George W Bailey appt. Admin. of Henry W Snodgrass, dec'd.

Sur: David Chandler. ABNR. Dec 14, 1846.

S W Graddy appt. Admin. of Amos Lacy, dec'd.

Sur: John Donnaly, Thomas Morton & B W (?) Whitfield. ABNR. Feb 8, 1847.

Horace Pritchett, Admin. of William L Todd, dec'd.

Sur: Charles R Todd. ABNR. May 10, 1847.

P S Loving, Admin. to Jane Elizabeth Loving, dec'd.

Sur: Moses Adkins, Henry W Littlepage and Thomas S Obryan. Bond: $1500.

June 14, 1847.

Thos. E Young, Admin. of John Harvey, dec'd.

Sur: W A Young & Huston S Harvey. Bond: $100. June 14, 1847

John Mooney, Admin. of David Mooney, dec'd.

Sur: Archibald Mooney. Bond $200. June 14, 1847.

James McKnight, Admin. of Josiah McKnight, dec'd.

Sur: Larkin Beshears & Anderson White. ABNR.  June 14, 1847

E Ruby, Admin. of William Long, dec'd. 

Sur: Dabney W Brown. Bond: $600. Aug 9, 1847.

Thomas P E Rhea, Admin. of Robert Rhea, dec'd.

Sur: George W Noel, Robt. B Speed & Orlean Bishop. ABNR. Oct 11, 1847.

Daniel S White, Admin. of James S White, dec'd.

Sur: H W McNary & Wm C McNary. Bond: $2500. Dec 13, 1847.

Lamberton Ashmore, Admin. of Waller Ashmore, dec'd.

Sur: George Tiery. Bond: $200. Dec 13, 1847.

James O Todd, Admin. to Benjamin Todd, dec'd.

Sur: John W Rash, Charles P Todd, Thos. B Todd & Addison Pritchett.

Bond: $200. Dec 13, 1847.

Newton Headley, Admin. of David Kennedy, dec'd.

Sur: Elijah Swope, James B Barnhill & James Martin. Bond: $8000.

Dec 13, 1847.

James Bassett, Admin. of Lewis Williams, dec'd.

Sur: John Bassett. Bond: $200.  Apr 12, 1847.

Daniel A Brooks, Admin. of William Brooks, dec'd.

Sur: James B Barnhill, A B Harrell & Royal Utley. Bond: ABNR

Dec 14, 1847.

John Tapp, Admin. of Elizabeth Lunsford, dec'd.

Sur: Eli Tapp & Alexander Lunsford. Bond: $20,000.

Feb 14, 1848.

Dixon G Dixon & Isaac W Bishop, Admin. of William Davis, dec'd.

Sur: John G Morton, W R Baker, Reuben T Oldham & Orlando E Eaves.

Bond: ABNR. Feb 14, 1848.

Wilkerson Wiley, Admin. of Wilson Wiley, dec'd.

Sur: Parmenus Williams.  Bond: $300. Feb 14, 1848.

Terry W Witt, Admin. of George Wetzel, dec'd.

Sur: Preston N Bradley & John B Frost. Bond: $6000. ___ 4, 1848.

Abraham H Headley, Admin. of James Wilson, dec'd.

Sur: John Wilson, Miles B Holloman & Nathaniel Givens. Bond: ABNR.

Apr 3, 1848.

Joseph (Cullen ?), dec'd, John Wilson, Admin.

Sur: Abraham H Headley & Daniel A Brooks. Bond: $600. Apr 3, 1848.

Samuel Morton, Admin. of Samuel Y Mitchell, dec'd.

Sur: William Tompkim and John G Morton. Bond: ABNR. May 1, 1848.

Thomas J Branson, dec'd. Wm. L Brown, Admin. 

Sur: Absoleum Coffman.  Bond: $200. Jun 5, 1848.

David H S Jones, Admin. to Johnson Cook, dec'd.

Sur: Johnson Cook, Washington Cook & John L Wicks. Bond: $250.

Jun 5, 1848.

Orlean Bishop, Admin. of John Kelly, dec'd.

Sur: Frederick Kelly.  Bond: $2000. Jun 3, 1848.

Davis, Myrtle 1983 130 Davis, Myrtle 1983 132 Dawson, Lee Estil 1983 063 Dawson, Ruth W