Yesterday's Tuckaways

Vol. 1 Issue 1, January, February, March, 1969

Dr. R L Hardwick

	Robert Lee Hardwick, a practicing physician, is the son of Col.

C C Hardwick and Addie M (Henson)  Hardwick.  His father whose military

title was secured in the Militia Services, is a dry goods merchant in 

Dixon, Webster County, Kentucky.  His mother was born in Crittenden 

County.  His paternal grandfather, Col. John D Hardwick entered the 

War of 1812 at the age of twelve years. He served as a drummer boy.  

His maternal grandmother was Catherine E Henson. Dr Hardwick was born 

in Hopkins County on February 16, 1863.  His father moved to Dixon, 

Webster County in 1865 and he attended the Dixon School for twelve 

years.  He was salesman for the firm of Hardwick and Brooks and also 

taught in the Webster County School until 1883, when he attended a 

course of lectures in Missouri Medical College, St Louis, Missouri.  He 

has not yet received his diploma but will attend the second course of 

lectures in 1885 and 1886.  He removed to Bordley in 1884 and commenced 

the practive of his profession when only twenty-one years old.  He has 

suceeded in building up a reputation for success in all he has undertaken.  

He seems well suited to it.  He has traveled in several of the note-

worthy cities.  In politics he is a Democrat.  He is a member of the 

I.G.T. and holds the office of Chaplin in that order.  He has been a 

member of the United Baptish Church for eight years.

Biographical sketch copied from the History of Union County Ky 1886

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