Yesterday's Tuckaways

Volume 1, Issue 1,  3, 1969

               GUARDIAN BONDS - HOPKINS COUNTY 1846-1852

(There are no Guardian Bond Books prior to 1846.  There may have been 

at one time but many records of this type were also recorded in the 

Minute and Order books before 1846.)

Hezekiah Puryear, Charles T Winstead and Hiram Bauldin are bound for

$1000. Sept 14, 1846. Hezekiah Puryear as Gdn. to Abner Cates and 

Elizabeth Cates orphans of Abner Cates, dec'd, shall deliver to his 

wards any estate due them when of lawful age. [pg 1]

Greenville C Williams appointed Gdn. to Mary Bryant.

Surety: John Ashby, Jr. Bond: $2000. October 12, 1846. [pg 2]

Hezekiah Puryear appointed Gdn. to Agnes Cates.

Surety: B L Porter. Bond: $1000. Oct 12, 1846.  [pg 3]

Letitia S H Bailey appointed Gdn. to Martin H., Josiah Y., Elizabeth 

E., Quentina, Mary Pernetta, Hiram E., Harry (C?) and Mary Jane Bailey 

orphans of Richard Bailey.  

Sureties: David Chandler, William Harralson and Thomas C Summers.  

Bond: $3000. Oct 12, 1846. [pg 4]

Wm. W Oates was appointed Gdn. to Margaret E Stanley, orphan of James

Stanley, dec'd. Surety: R W Williams. Bond: $600. Oct 12, 1846. [pg 5]

Newton B Reddick appointed Gdn. to Elizabeth M Parrish, Mary W Parrish 

and Louisa E Parrish orphans of George W Parrish, dec'd. 

Sureties: David Clark and Moses Stanley, Jr. Bond: $200. Dec 14, 1846. 

[pg 6]

Joseph Fuquay appointed Gdn. to Alexander and James S Mitchell, orphans 

of Matthew Mitchell, dec'd. Surety: Geo. W Noel. Bond: $2400.

Dec 14, 1846. [pg 8]

John E Arnold appointed Gdn. to Elijah G and Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell, 

orphans of Matthew Mitchell, dec'd.  

Surety: John S Eaves. Bond: $2400 bond. Dec 14, 1846. [pg 9]

Reuben T Oldham appointed Gdn. to Sally F Hamton, Martha Ann Hamton, 

Charles C Hamton and Wilson S Hamton, orphans of Elisha C Hamton, dec'd.

Sureties: Tho. W Davis, S J Bradley and Jno. G Morton.

Bond: $3000. Feb 8, 1847.   [pg 10]

Nathan A Hibbs appointed Gdn. to William B Utley and Sarah Utley.

Sureties: Tolbert Hibbs and Abraham Goad. Bond: $1000.

Apr 12, 1847.  [pg 11 & 12]

John W Stull appointed Gdn. to Thomas C Stull. 

Surety: Ebenezer B Sisk.  Bond: $800.  May 10, 1847. [pg 13]

John T Crouch appointed Gdn. to Nancy S Swailes.

Surety: Robert N Poindexter. Bond: $500. May 10, 1847. [pg 14]

John Creekmur appointed Gdn. to Jesse C Sweeney and Moses J Sweeney.

Bond: $100. May 10, 1847. [pg 15]

Enos G Ashby appointed Gdn. to Emezetta Harding orphan of Eleaner

Harding, dec'd.

Sureties: John Ashby and Amos B Pidcock. Bond: $1500. June 14, 1847.

[pg 16]

Jesse Brown appointed Gdn. to Catherine Loftus and Anna Loftus, 

orphans of William Loftus, dec'd.

Surety: Edwin Ruby. Bond: $500. Sept 13, 1847. [pg 17]

Tolbert Hibbs appointed Gdn. to James R Hibbs.

Sureties: John B Frost, Dixon Hall and John Metcalf. Bond: $2000.

Oct 11, 1847. [pg 18]

George E Timmons appointed Gdn. to Zarilda Timmons.

Surety: Williamson Crowe. Bond: $100. Oct 11, 1847. [pg 19]

Orlean Bishop appointed Gdn. to James Bishop.

Surety: Josiah Bishop. Bond: $100. Dec 13, 1847. [pg 20]

Addison Mitchell appointed Gdn. to Mary Porter.

Surety: Samuel B Nisbet. Bond: $100. Dec 13, 1847. [pg 21]

Daniel M White appointed Gdn. to John H Ashley.

Sureties: Wm. C McNary and Hugh W McNary. Bond: $2000. Dec 13, 1847. [pg 22]

James D Couch, Jr appointed Gdn. to his son.

Sureties: Nicholas M Couch, Onell G Couch & Nathaniel Laird. Bond: $2500.

Dec 13, 1847. [pg 23]

Hampton Brasher appointed Gdn. to Mahala Duncan orphan of William Duncan, 


Sureties: Josiah Bishop & Pinckney S Woodruff. Bond: $1000.

Dec 13, 1847. [pg 24]

R L Moore appointed Gdn. to James C Harrald.

Surety: Andrew Bone. Bond: $300. Dec 13, 1847. [pg 25]

Allen Bruce appointed Gdn. to James Price orphan of James Price, dec'd.

Surety: Miles B Holloman. Bond: $150. Dec 15, 1847. [pg 26]

Wiley M Cox appointed Gdn. to Joseph F Eads "Whereas Wiley M Cox was

appointed Gdn. for Joseph F Eads and with Daniel A Brooks and Edwin Ruby 

his security in the penalty of $1000 in Jan 9, 1843 in the Hopkins County 


Other Sureties: A B Harrelson, David Chandler, Philip D Clayton and

Nathaniel Laird. [pg 27]

Catherine Wiley, Wilkerson Wiley and Parmenas Williams make bond

for $300.00 that the above bound Catherine Wiley be appointed guardian

to Willis Wiley, orphan of Patrick Wiley, dec'd. Oct 3, 1848. [pg 48]

Peyton Cox was appointed guardian, with Jesse Brown as surety.

Benjamin F Cox, Mary Virginia Cox and John P Cox, minors and his

children. Witness: Orlean Baker. May 14, 1855. [pg 86]

Thomas W Alexander appointed guardian to Elizabeth Herring, a

minor.  James J Parsons, surety. August 23, 1855. [pg 92]

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